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Lucie Arnaz Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: July 17, 1951 in Hollywood, California
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Born on July 17, 1951, Lucie Désirée Arnaz is an accomplished American actress, singer, and producer known for her versatile contributions to the entertainment industry. She hails from a lineage of acclaimed artists, being the daughter of television icons Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Arnaz was born in Los Angeles, California, and initiated her acting career on her mother's television series, "The Lucy Show." However, she gained wider recognition for her role as Kim Carter in the series "Here's Lucy" (1968-1974), acting alongside her parents and brother, Desi Arnaz Jr. Her work in theatre is particularly noteworthy. In 1979, Arnaz earned critical acclaim for her Broadway debut in the musical "They're Playing Our Song," which led to her winning the Theatre World Award and a nomination for a Tony Award. Other notable theatre performances include "Lost in Yonkers" and "Master Class." Apart from acting, Arnaz has showcased her singing talents with several successful cabaret shows and two studio albums, "Just in Time" (1993) and "Latin Roots" (2010). "Latin Roots" is a tribute to her father's legacy in Latin music.

Arnaz has also made significant strides in film and television production. Notably, she was the executive producer of the Emmy-winning documentary, "Lucy and Desi: A Home Movie" (1993), offering an intimate look at her parents' lives. Additionally, she has served on the board of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center in Jamestown, New York, which aims to preserve her parents' legacy and promote comedy as an art form.
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2000-Down-to-You (Performer), 1988-Murder,-She-Wrote (Performer), 1985-The-Lucie-Arnaz-Show (Performer), 1980-The-Mating-Season (Performer), 1980-The-Jazz-Singer (Performer), 1975-Death-Scream (Performer), 1968-1974-Here's-Lucy (Performer), 2003-The-Desilu-Story (Producer), 2009-Let's-Talk-to-Lucie (in person), 2003-CBS-at-75 (in person), 2003-The-Desilu-Story (in person), 2002-TV-Road-Trip (in person), 2000-Ruby (in person), 1997-Howard-Stern (in person), 1993-Bob-Hope:-The-First-90-Years (in person), 1993-The-Tonight-Show-with-Jay-Leno (in person), 1990-I-Love-Lucy:-The-Very-First-Show (in person), 1973-1988-The-New-$25,000-Pyramid (in person), 1981-The-38th-Annual-Golden-Globe-Awards (in person), 1972-1978-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1978-A-Different-Approach (in person), 1977-Circus-of-the-Stars-#2 (in person), 1969-1970-The-Kraft-Music-Hall (in person), 1964-Password-All-Stars (in person), 1981-Clapper-Board (Other), 2014-Broadway:-Beyond-the-Golden-Age (in person), 2010-Smoking/Non-Smoking (Performer), 1975-1977-Dinah! (in person), 2003-Law-&-Order (Performer), 1988-Who-Gets-the-Friends (Performer), 1983-Second-Thoughts (Performer), 1977-Billy-Jack-Goes-to-Washington (Performer), 1975-Marcus-Welby,-M.D. (Performer), 2001-I-Love-Lucy's-50th-Anniversary-Special (Producer), 1993-Lucy-and-Desi:-A-Home-Movie (Producer), 2012-The-Thought-Exchange (in person), 2011-The-2011-Annual-American-Theatre-Wing-Gala (in person), 2007-The-5th-Annual-TV-Land-Awards (in person), 2007-Entertainment-Tonight (in person), 2006-The-Mark-Twain-Prize:-Neil-Simon (in person), 2002-West-End-Story (in person), 2001-I-Love-Lucy's-50th-Anniversary-Special (in person), 1996-1997-The-Rosie-O'Donnell-Show (in person), 1995-The-Wizard-of-Oz-in-Concert:-Dreams-Come-True (in person), 1993-Vicki! (in person), 1993-Lucy-and-Desi:-A-Home-Movie (in person), 1985-Night-of-100-Stars-II (in person), 1984-All-Star-Party-for-Lucille-Ball (in person), 1982-The-36th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1979-1981-Good-Morning-America (in person), 1981-The-35th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1981-The-53rd-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1975-Walt-Disney's-Wonderful-World-of-Color (in person), 1973-Match-Game-73 (in person), 1972-Rowan-&-Martin's-Laugh-In (in person), 1971-The-Glen-Campbell-Goodtime-Hour (in person), 1980-Billy-Baxter-Presents-Diary-of-the-Cannes-Film-Festival-with-Rex (in person), 1971-The-23rd-Annual-Primetime-Emmy-Awards (in person), 2000-American-Masters (Other), 1982-One-More-Try (Performer), 1982-One-More-Try (Sound), 2013-Marvin-Hamlisch:-What-He-Did-for-Love (in person), 1975-The-$25,000-Pyramid (in person), 1951-I-Love-Lucy (in person), 1960-The-Jack-Paar-Tonight-Show (in person), 2011-Making-the-Boys (in person), 1978-AFI-Life-Achievement-Award:-A-Tribute-to-Henry-Fonda (in person), 2006-Wild-Seven (Performer), 1991-Sons-and-Daughters (Performer), 1982-Washington-Mistress (Performer), 1978-Fantasy-Island (Performer), 1975-Who-Is-the-Black-Dahlia (Performer), 1971-The-Dean-Martin-Comedy-Hour (Performer), 1963-1967-The-Lucy-Show (Performer), 2009-Here's-Lucy:-On-Location (in person), 2009-Meet-the-Carters (in person), 2006-The-60th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1985-Circus-of-the-Stars-#10 (in person), 1985-Battle-of-the-Network-Stars-XVIII (in person), 1979-1980-Today (in person), 1979-The-33rd-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1979-V.I.P.-Night-on-Broadway-Benefit (in person), 1975-Tony-Orlando-and-Dawn (in person), 1975-Don-Adams'-Screen-Test (in person), 1971-1972-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1971-The-Virginia-Graham-Show (in person), 1971-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 2011-Here's-Harry:-Remembering-Gale-Gordon (in person), 1979-Bonkers! (in person), 1999-Bonne-Nuit (Performer), 1994-The-New-Dramatists-Lifetime-Achievement-Award-to-Neil-Simon (in person), 1973-The-Merv-Griffin-Show (in person), 2010-Lucy-Meets-the-Burtons:-A-Comedic-Gem (in person), 1990-The-7th-Annual-Television-Academy-Hall-of-Fame-Awards (in person), 1987-Kraft-Salutes-Super-Night-at-the-Super-Bowl (in person), 1996-Abduction-of-Innocence (Performer), 1972-The-Sixth-Sense (Performer), 2007-Alexis-Arquette:-She's-My-Brother (Other), 2012-20/20 (in person), 2009-The-63rd-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1989-The-6th-Annual-American-Cinema-Awards (in person), 1982-Night-of-100-Stars (in person), 1975-Welcome-to-the-World (in person), 1973-Living-Easy-with-Dr.-Joyce-Brothers (in person), 1971-1972-The-Hollywood-Squares (in person), 2014-Henry-&-Me (Performer), 2005-E!-True-Hollywood-Story (Other), 1989-The-Arsenio-Hall-Show (in person), 1979-The-Annual-Friars-Club-Tribute-Presents-a-Salute-to-Johnny-Carson (in person), 2012-Here's-Lucy-Spotlight:-Lucie-Arnaz (in person), 2012-Here's-Lucy-Spotlight:-Desi-Arnaz-Jr. (in person), 1973-Here's-Lucy (Other)
Theater Credits
Dirty-Rotten-Scoundrels - Performer (March 3, 2005 - September 3, 2006), Lost-in-Yonkers - Performer (February 21, 1991 - January 3, 1993), They're-Playing-Our-Song - Performer (February 11, 1979 - September 6, 1981)

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