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Mai Elisabeth Zetterling Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: May 24, 1925 in Vasteras, Vastmanlands lan, Sweden
Died: March 17, 1994 in London, England, United Kingdom
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Mai Elisabeth Zetterling, born on May 24, 1925, in Västerås, Sweden, was a distinguished Swedish actress and director. Her multifaceted career, spanning several decades, established her as a prominent figure in both European and international cinema.

Zetterling began her acting career in the 1940s, making her debut in the Swedish film "Flickan och djävulen" (1944). Her talent was soon recognized beyond Swedish borders, leading her to roles in British films. One of her early significant roles in British cinema was in "Frieda" (1947), where she portrayed the eponymous character. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Zetterling continued to solidify her reputation with performances in films like "Only Two Can Play" (1962) and "The Witches" (1966). The latter, produced by Hammer Films, showcased her versatility as she ventured into the horror genre.

In addition to her acting career, Zetterling's passion for storytelling extended behind the camera. Transitioning to direction in the 1960s, she made a series of short films, with her directorial feature debut being "Älskande par" (1964). The film, exploring the lives of three women from different generations, was selected as the Swedish entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 37th Academy Awards.
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1987-William-Tell (Director), 1982-Scrubbers (Director), 1982-Scrubbers (Writer), 1993-Morfars-resa (Performer), 1990-Hidden-Agenda (Performer), 1976-Mon-coeur-est-rouge (Performer), 1965-The-Vine-Bridge (Performer), 1962-The-Main-Attraction (Performer), 1961-The-Devil-Inside (Performer), 1960-Faces-in-the-Dark (Performer), 1959-The-Third-Man (Performer), 1958-My-Wife-and-I (Performer), 1957-The-Truth-About-Women (Performer), 1954-Dance-Little-Lady (Performer), 1946-Iris-and-the-Lieutenant (Performer), 1944-Torment (Performer), 1966-Nattlek (Director), 1966-Nattlek (Writer), 1985-1990-Cinema-3 (in person), 1972-Omnibus (Director), 1977-Manen-ar-en-gron-ost (Director), 1977-Manen-ar-en-gron-ost (Writer), 1990-Entertainment-Tonight (Other), 1962-Only-Two-Can-Play (Performer), 1959-The-Four-Just-Men (Performer), 1958-Playing-on-the-Rainbow (Performer), 1956-BBC-Sunday-Night-Theatre (Performer), 1951-Blackmailed (Performer), 1949-Naughty-Arlette (Performer), 1948-Life-Starts-Now (Performer), 1948-Music-in-Darkness (Performer), 1947-Frieda (Performer), 1944-Prince-Gustaf (Performer), 1990-Sunday-Pursuit (Director), 1973-Visions-of-Eight (Director), 1968-Doctor-Glas (Director), 1964-Loving-Couples (Director), 1968-Doctor-Glas (Writer), 1964-Loving-Couples (Writer), 1979-Revista-de-cine (in person), 1979-Cities (in person), 1990-Mistress-of-Suspense (Director), 1990-Mistress-of-Suspense (Writer), 1985-Deadly-Nightmares (Director), 1959-H.G.Wells'-Invisible-Man (Performer), 1990-The-Witches (Performer), 1968-A-Touch-of-Venus (Performer), 1966-ITV-Play-of-the-Week (Performer), 1963-The-Man-Who-Finally-Died (Performer), 1963-Operation-Mermaid (Performer), 1960-Piccadilly-Third-Stop (Performer), 1959-Interpol-Calling (Performer), 1959-Jet-Storm (Performer), 1956-1959-Armchair-Theatre (Performer), 1957-Abandon-Ship (Performer), 1956-Ett-dockhem (Performer), 1956-Afternoon-Film-Festival (Performer), 1952-The-Ringer (Performer), 1951-Hell-Is-Sold-Out (Performer), 1948-Lost-Daughter (Performer), 1986-Amorosa (Director), 1986-Amorosa (Writer), 1971-Film-Night (in person), 1943-Jag-drapte (Performer), 1963-The-War-Game (Director), 1963-The-War-Game (Writer), 1982-Love (Writer), 1968-The-Girls (Writer), 1963-The-War-Game (Producer), 1963-The-War-Game (in person), 1984-Cinematon (in person), 1966-Jackanory (Performer), 1962-The-Eleventh-Hour (Performer), 1960-Danger-Man (Performer), 1959-The-Traitor (Performer), 1958-ITV-Television-Playhouse (Performer), 1956-1957-The-Errol-Flynn-Theatre (Performer), 1957-Chelsea-at-Nine (Performer), 1955-A-Prize-of-Gold (Performer), 1955-Studio-One-in-Hollywood (Performer), 1954-Knock-on-Wood (Performer), 1953-Desperate-Moment (Performer), 1952-The-Frightened-Bride (Performer), 1949-The-Lost-People (Performer), 1949-The-Bad-Lord-Byron (Performer), 1948-Quartet (Performer), 1946-Sunshine-Follows-Rain (Performer), 1941-Lasse-Maja (Performer), 1982-Love (Director), 1968-The-Girls (Director)

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