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Marc Mcclure Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: March 31, 1957 in San Mateo, California
Marc McClure, born on March 31, 1957, in San Mateo, California, is an American actor best known for his roles in some of the most iconic films of the late 20th century. McClure's career, spanning several decades, has been marked by a variety of character roles that showcased his versatile acting abilities.

One of McClure's most memorable roles came early in his career when he portrayed Jimmy Olsen, the enthusiastic young photographer of the Daily Planet, in the "Superman" film series starting in 1978. His portrayal of Olsen was part of the ensemble cast that included Christopher Reeve as Superman, and he reprised this role in all four of the original "Superman" movies, as well as in the 1984 spin-off "Supergirl," solidifying his place in the Superman legacy.

In addition to his work in the "Superman" series, McClure appeared in the 1985 hit film "Back to the Future" as Dave McFly, the older brother of Michael J. Fox's character, Marty McFly.
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2006-You-Will-Believe:-The-Cinematic-Saga-of-Superman (in person), 2012-Imaginary-Friend (Performer), 2006-Driftwood (Performer), 2005-Coach-Carter (Performer), 2002-The-Shield (Performer), 2002-Gale-Force (Performer), 1997-Menno's-Mind (Performer), 1995-Apollo-13 (Performer), 1992-The-Vagrant (Performer), 1978-Coming-Home (Performer), 1977-The-Fitzpatricks (Performer), 1976-1977-Happy-Days (Performer), 1976-Freaky-Friday (Performer), 1976-The-Cop-and-the-Kid (Performer), 2006-Looking-Back-at-the-Future (in person), 1983-The-Making-of-'Superman-III' (in person), 2008-Frost/Nixon (Performer), 2003-Freaky-Friday (Performer), 2002-ER (Performer), 2002-Little-John (Performer), 2000-Deep-Core (Performer), 1996-1997-Goode-Behavior (Performer), 1996-That-Thing-You-Do! (Performer), 1995-Sister,-Sister (Performer), 1995-Sleepstalker (Performer), 1995-The-Commish (Performer), 1990-Back-to-the-Future-Part-III (Performer), 1989-After-Midnight (Performer), 1987-Amazon-Women-on-the-Moon (Performer), 1985-Back-to-the-Future (Performer), 1979-California-Fever (Performer), 1978-Superman (Performer), 1978-I-Wanna-Hold-Your-Hand (Performer), 1977-The-Phone-Call (Performer), 1976-Visions (Performer), 1975-Emergency! (Performer), 2008-Jimmy-on-Jimmy (in person), 2001-Making-'Superman':-Filming-the-Legend (in person), 1980-The-Making-of-'Superman:-The-Movie' (in person), 1979-Walt-Disney's-Wonderful-World-of-Color (Performer), 2006-Superman-II (Other), 1977-James-at-16 (Performer), 2001-Taking-Flight:-The-Development-of-'Superman' (in person), 2012-Hercules-Saves-Christmas (Performer), 1989-White-Lies (Performer), 1982-Walt-Disney's-Wonderful-World-of-Color (Other), 2008-Proud-American (Performer), 2004-Cold-Case (Performer), 2002-Landspeed (Performer), 2001-The-Division (Performer), 1999-Storm (Performer), 1998-Nash-Bridges (Performer), 1990-Grim-Prairie-Tales:-Hit-the-Trail...-to-Terror (Performer), 1987-Rags-to-Riches (Performer), 1987-Superman-IV:-The-Quest-for-Peace (Performer), 1986-Hunter (Performer), 1983-Superman-III (Performer), 1980-Used-Cars (Performer), 1977-Once-an-Eagle (Performer), 2001-The-Magic-Behind-the-Cape (in person), 2012-Just-an-American (Performer), 2008-Smallville (Performer), 2001-Venomous (Performer), 2001-Epoch (Performer), 2000-Python (Performer), 1994-1995-Beverly-Hills,-90210 (Performer), 1989-Monsters (Performer), 1989-Chances-Are (Performer), 1988-The-Perfect-Match (Performer), 1984-Trapper-John,-M.D. (Performer), 1984-Supergirl (Performer), 1982-Pandemonium (Performer), 1981-Strange-Behavior (Performer), 1981-Thirsty-Workers (Performer), 1980-Superman-II (Performer), 1977-Mulligan's-Stew (Performer), 1977-Eight-Is-Enough (Performer), 2009-Looking-Back-to-the-Future (in person), 2006-Heart-of-a-Hero:-A-Tribute-to-Christopher-Reeve (in person), 1982-The-Making-of-'Superman-II' (in person), 2010-Heroic-Ambition (Other)

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