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Marian Marsh Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: October 17, 1913 in Trinidad, West Indies
Died: November 09, 2006 in Palm Desert, California
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Marian Marsh (1913-2006), born Violet Ethelred Krauth in Trinidad, is best known for her role as Trilby O'Farrell in the 1931 classic, Svengali, opposite John Barrymore. Marsh, who was first signed by Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. in 1928, made her early films as Marilyn Morgan. When the 16-year-old actress was signed by Warner Bros. in 1929, she was renamed Marian Marsh. Known for her doll-like features and wide-eyed innocence, Marsh was a "natural" for damsel-in-distress roles. Her film credits include Five Star Final (1931), The Mad Genius (1931), The Road to Singapore (1931), Beauty and the Boss (1932), Sport Parade (1932), Over the Garden Wall (1934), A Girl of Limberlost (1934), The Black Room (1935), Crime and Punishment (1935), Counterfeit (1936), Come Closer Folks (1936) and House of Errors (1942, her last film). In 1957, Marsh came out of retirement to guest star on an episode of the TV anthology series, Schlitz Playhouse of Stars. The youngest sister of actress Jean Fenwick, Marsh spent her retirement years involved in beautification and charity work in Palm Springs, California.
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1939-Missing-Daughters (Performer), 1938-Prison-Nurse (Performer), 1937-Youth-on-Parole (Performer), 1937-The-Great-Gambini (Performer), 1935-Unknown-Woman (Performer), 1935-In-Spite-of-Danger (Performer), 1934-A-Girl-of-the-Limberlost (Performer), 1934-The-Girl-Thief (Performer), 1934-I-Like-It-That-Way (Performer), 1933-Daring-Daughters (Performer), 1932-Strange-Justice (Performer), 1932-Alias-the-Doctor (Performer), 1931-Under-18 (Performer), 1931-The-Mad-Genius (Performer), 1931-Five-Star-Final (Performer), 1931-The-Naughty-Flirt (Performer), 1930-Don't-Believe-It (Performer), 1941-Picture-People-No.-1:-Stars-in-Defense (in person), 1958-Bachelor-Father (Performer), 1942-House-of-Errors (Performer), 1941-Gentleman-from-Dixie (Performer), 1937-When's-Your-Birthday (Performer), 1936-Counterfeit (Performer), 1936-Lady-of-Secrets (Performer), 1934-Der-verlorene-Sohn (Performer), 1933-A-Man-of-Sentiment (Performer), 1932-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-A-5 (in person), 1955-When-the-Talkies-Were-Young (Sound), 1955-When-the-Talkies-Were-Young (Other), 2005-Filmmakers-vs.-Tycoons (Other), 1957-Schlitz-Playhouse (Performer), 1940-Fugitive-from-a-Prison-Camp (Performer), 1938-A-Desperate-Adventure (Performer), 1937-Saturday's-Heroes (Performer), 1936-Come-Closer,-Folks (Performer), 1936-The-Man-Who-Lived-Twice (Performer), 1935-Crime-and-Punishment (Performer), 1935-The-Black-Room (Performer), 1932-Beauty-and-the-Boss (Performer), 1931-The-Road-to-Singapore (Performer), 1931-Svengali (Performer), 1930-Whoopee! (Performer), 1936-Screen-Snapshots-Series-16,-No.-1 (in person), 1941-Murder-by-Invitation (Performer), 1934-Over-the-Garden-Wall (Performer), 1933-Notorious-But-Nice (Performer), 1933-The-Eleventh-Commandment (Performer), 1932-The-Sport-Parade (Performer), 1930-Hell's-Angels (Performer), 1929-The-Sophomore (Performer), 1941-Picture-People-No.-4:-Stars-Day-Off (in person)

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