Marvin Kaplan Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: January 24, 1927 in New York City, New York
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1958 The Lux Show (in person), 1982 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Other), 1950 Hollywood Theatre Time (Performer), 2005 McBride: The Chameleon Murder (Performer), 1999 ER (Performer), 1994 Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (Performer), 1993 Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway (Performer), 1991 Garfield and Friends (Performer), 1990 Wild at Heart (Performer), 1986 The Fall Guy (Performer), 1981-1984 ABC Weekend Specials (Performer), 1984 Don't Ask Me, Ask God (Performer), 1983 Deck the Halls with Wacky Walls (Performer), 1978 CHiPs (Performer), 1974 Snakes (Performer), 1972-1973 Love, American Style (Performer), 1970 I Dream of Jeannie (Performer), 1968 Gomer Pyle: USMC (Performer), 1966 Honey West (Performer), 1963 The Nutty Professor (Performer), 1960 Wake Me When It's Over (Performer), 1953 General Electric Theater (Performer), 1951 Behave Yourself! (Performer), 1951 Angels in the Outfield (Performer), 1951 The Fat Man (Performer), 1950 Francis (Performer), 1972 Maude (Writer), 1969 The Bill Cosby Show (Writer), 1999 Biography (in person), 1995 The Cartoon Cartoon Show (Performer), 2012 Autism and Cake (Performer), 2009 Dark and Stormy Night (Performer), 2002 Even Stevens (Performer), 1992 Monster in My Pocket: The Big Scream (Performer), 1991 They Came from Outer Space (Performer), 1989 Double Your Pleasure (Performer), 1988 Cagney & Lacey (Performer), 1986 Hollywood Vice Squad (Performer), 1980 Midnight Madness (Performer), 1979 Flying High (Performer), 1977 We've Got Each Other (Performer), 1973 The Severed Arm (Performer), 1972 Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (Performer), 1971 Julia (Performer), 1969 Petticoat Junction (Performer), 1968 My Three Sons (Performer), 1965 Hank (Performer), 1963 A New Kind of Love (Performer), 1963 Maggie Brown (Performer), 1961-1962 Top Cat (Performer), 1960 Tom, Dick and Harry (Performer), 1959 Alcoa Theatre (Performer), 1953 The Ford Television Theatre (Performer), 1952 Stars in the Eye (Performer), 1965 The Addams Family (Writer), 1991 Something a Little Less Serious: A Tribute to 'It's a Mad Mad Mad (in person), 1998-2004 Becker (Performer), 1997 Johnny Bravo (Performer), 1992 On the Air (Performer), 1991 Delirious (Performer), 1990 Monsters (Performer), 1987 Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats (Performer), 1977 Charlie's Angels (Performer), 1971 The Chicago Teddy Bears (Performer), 1968 Out of the Blue (Performer), 1966 Gidget (Performer), 1965 The Great Race (Performer), 1965 McHale's Navy (Performer), 1965 Valentine's Day (Performer), 1964 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (Performer), 1961 The Detectives (Performer), 1961 The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (Performer), 1960 M Squad (Performer), 1958 Make Room for Daddy (Performer), 1952 The Fabulous Senorita (Performer), 1951 Criminal Lawyer (Performer), 1950 Key to the City (Performer), 2011 Troupers (in person), 1996 Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (Performer), 1989 My Two Dads (Performer), 1986 MacGyver (Performer), 1983 Saturday Supercade (Performer), 1976 Freaky Friday (Performer), 1975 The Lost Saucer (Performer), 1974 Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Performer), 1969 My World and Welcome to It (Performer), 1964 The Baileys of Balboa (Performer), 1963-1964 Vacation Playhouse (Performer), 1952-1955 Meet Millie (Performer), 1954 Shower of Stars (Performer), 1951 I Can Get It for You Wholesale (Performer), 1950 The Reformer and the Redhead (Performer), 1949 Adam's Rib (Performer), 2010 Watch Out for Slick (Writer), 2010 Watch Out for Slick (Producer), 2010 Watch Out for Slick (in person), 2010 Stage 5 (in person), 2004 Cool Cats in Interview Alley (in person), 1963 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Performer), 1988 1st & Ten: The Championship (Performer), 1976-1985 Alice (Performer), 1956-1958 The Red Skelton Hour (Performer), 1969 Mod Squad (Performer)

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