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Mason Adams Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: February 26, 1919 in New York City, New York
Died: April 26, 2005 in New York City, New York
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Mason Adams (1919-2005) was born in New York City, New York. He appeared in over 65 films and television series between 1947 and 2003, and was nominated for three consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards (1979, 1980 & 1981) for his work on the television series Lou Grant. Adams also had a distinguished stage career, appearing in over ten Broadway shows between 1943 and 2002 and earning a 1988 Drama Desk Award nomination for his performance in The Day Room.   
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1995-Not-of-This-Earth (Performer), 1995-Houseguest (Performer), 1990-WIOU (Performer), 1989-A-Quiet-Conspiracy (Performer), 1989-Murder,-She-Wrote (Performer), 1986-Rage-of-Angels:-The-Story-Continues (Performer), 1986-Morningstar/Eveningstar (Performer), 1982-The-Kid-with-the-Broken-Halo (Performer), 1982-Freedom-to-Speak (Performer), 1981-The-Love-Boat (Performer), 1980-Revenge-of-the-Stepford-Wives (Performer), 1980-The-Last-Resort (Performer), 1977-The-Deadliest-Season (Performer), 1975-The-Happy-Hooker (Performer), 1947-Mr.-Bell (Performer), 1992-Frontiers-of-Flight (in person), 1964-Another-World (Performer), 1981-Omen-III:-The-Final-Conflict (Performer), 2003-Oz (Performer), 1999-The-West-Wing (Performer), 1999-Life-Among-the-Cannibals (Performer), 1998-Beyond-Belief:-Fact-or-Fiction (Performer), 1997-Murder-One (Performer), 1994-Assault-at-West-Point:-The-Court-Martial-of-Johnson-Whittaker (Performer), 1993-Class-of-'96 (Performer), 1992-Screenplay (Performer), 1992-Civil-Wars (Performer), 1991-Family-Matters (Performer), 1989-Knight-&-Daye (Performer), 1984-Passions (Performer), 1982-The-Grinch-Grinches-the-Cat-in-the-Hat (Performer), 1981-Peking-Encounter (Performer), 1979-A-Shining-Season (Performer), 1979-And-Baby-Makes-Six (Performer), 1955-Robert-Montgomery-Presents (Performer), 1954-The-Man-Behind-the-Badge (Performer), 1950-Dream-No-More (Other), 1950-Dream-No-More (Sound), 1987-Norman-Rockwell:-An-American-Portrait (in person), 1986-Walt-Disney-World:-A-Dream-Come-True (in person), 1985-The-Whimsical-World-of-Oz (in person), 1998-The-Lesser-Evil (Performer), 1997-Hudson-River-Blues (Performer), 1992-Jonathan:-The-Boy-Nobody-Wanted (Performer), 1991-Toy-Soldiers (Performer), 1991-Perry-Mason:-The-Case-of-the-Maligned-Mobster (Performer), 1990-Monsters (Performer), 1988-Matlock (Performer), 1987-The-Hope-Division (Performer), 1986-Family-Ties (Performer), 1986-Who-Is-Julia (Performer), 1986-Northstar (Performer), 1986-You-Are-the-Jury (Performer), 1986-Under-Siege (Performer), 1986-F/X (Performer), 1984-The-Night-They-Saved-Christmas (Performer), 1984-American-Playhouse (Performer), 1983-Adam (Performer), 1980-Murder-Can-Hurt-You! (Performer), 1980-Flamingo-Road (Performer), 1977-Raggedy-Ann-&-Andy:-A-Musical-Adventure (Performer), 1969-Where-the-Heart-Is (Performer), 1957-Decoy (Performer), 1956-The-Phil-Silvers-Show (Performer), 1999-American-Eats (Other), 1977-Raggedy-Ann-&-Andy:-A-Musical-Adventure (Sound), 1979-The-31st-Annual-Emmy-Awards (in person), 1951-Love-of-Life (Performer), 1998-From-the-Earth-to-the-Moon (Performer), 1997-Murder-One:-Diary-of-a-Serial-Killer (Performer), 1997-Touch (Performer), 1993-Son-in-Law (Performer), 1989-It-All-Started-with-a-Mouse:-The-Disney-Story (Performer), 1985-CBS-Storybreak (Performer), 1983-Great-Day (Performer), 1977-1982-Lou-Grant (Performer), 1976-God-Told-Me-To (Performer), 1999-American-Drinks:-History-in-a-Glass (in person), 1981-The-33rd-Annual-Emmy-Awards (in person)
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The-Man-Who-Had-All-the-Luck - Performer (May 1, 2002 - June 30, 2002), Checking-Out - Performer (September 14, 1976 - September 25, 1976), The-Sign-in-Sidney-Brustein's-Window - Performer (January 26, 1972 - January 29, 1972), The-Trial-of-the-Catonsville-Nine - Performer (June 2, 1971 - June 26, 1971), Inquest - Performer (April 23, 1970 - May 16, 1970), Tall-Story - Performer (January 29, 1959 - May 2, 1959), A-Shadow-of-My-Enemy - Performer (December 11, 1957 - December 14, 1957), Violet - Performer (October 24, 1944 - November 11, 1944), Career-Angel - Performer (May 23, 1944 - June 10, 1944), Public-Relations - Performer (April 6, 1944 - April 29, 1944), Get-Away-Old-Man - Performer (November 24, 1943 - December 4, 1943)

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