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Born: September 12, 1888 in Paris, France
Died: January 1, 1972 in Paris, France
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Maurice Chevalier (1888-1972, born Maurice Auguste Chevalier in Paris, France), was nominated for Best Actor Academy Awards in 1929 and 1930 for The Big Pond and The Love Parade. He won an Honorary Oscar in 1958 "for his contributions to the world of entertainment for more than half a century". Over his long career, Chevalier appeared in a number of feature films, including The Merry Widow (1934), Folies Bergère de Paris (1935), Gigi (1958), Pepe (1960), Can-Can (1960), Fanny (1961), In Search of the Castaways (1962) and I'd Rather Be Rich (1964). Chevalier was also a singer. Known as "the French Al Jolson", he often sang in his movies. Classic Chevalier songs include movie songs You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me from Big Pond (1930), Mimi and Isn't It Romantic from Love Me Tonight (1932) and Thank Heaven for Little Girls and I Remember It Well from Gigi (1958).   
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2006 Veronica Mars (Sound), 1992 MGM: When the Lion Roars (Sound), 1974 That's Entertainment! (Sound), 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years (Other), 1974 That's Entertainment! (Other), 1960 The Twentieth Century (Other), 1973 The Last Train (Sound), 2006 Line Renaud: une histoire de France (Other), 2011 An Intimate History (Other), 2010 Memòries de la tele (Other), 2009 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1930s: (Sound), 2004 EuroTrip (Sound), 1976 That's Entertainment, Part II (Sound), 1984 Going Hollywood: The '30s (Other), 1976 That's Entertainment, Part II (Other), 2001 Gilmore Girls (Sound), 1974 Vive la France (Sound), 1953 Champs Élysées (in person), 1969 The Sorrow and the Pity (Other), 1964 Highlight: The Singing Cinema (Other), 1935 L'homme des Folies Bergère (Performer), 1984 The Blood of Others (Sound), 1932 Stopping the Show (Sound), 1968 Treffpunkt Airport (in person), 1964 I'd Rather Be Rich (Performer), 1958 Gigi (Performer), 1954 100 Years of Love (Performer), 1950 Just Me (Performer), 1949 A Royal Affair (Performer), 1938 Break the News (Performer), 1934 The Merry Widow (Performer), 1933 A Bedtime Story (Performer), 1933 L'amour guide (Performer), 1932 Love Me Tonight (Performer), 1931 Monkey Business (Performer), 1923 L'affaire de la rue de Lourcine (Performer), 1922 Le match Criqui-Ledoux (Performer), 1911 Une mariée qui se fait attendre (Performer), 1908 Susceptible Youth (Performer), 1970 The Irv Kupcinet Show (in person), 1970 The Dick Cavett Show (in person), 1969 Cinéastes de notre temps (in person), 1968 Sammy Davis Jr. in Europa (in person), 1963 The April in Paris Ball (in person), 1959 The 31st Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1958 The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour (in person), 1957 Playhouse 90 (in person), 1955 Trente-Six Chandelles (in person), 1953 Hit Parade (in person), 1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 22 (in person), 2011 Au revoir mon amour (Sound), 1988 Story of Women (Sound), 1932 Une heure près de toi (Performer), 2012 Mad Men (Sound), 1975 Hooray for Hollywood (Sound), 2001 I Love Lucy's 50th Anniversary Special (Other), 1975 Hooray for Hollywood (Other), 1965 The Love Goddesses (Other), 1997 Wag the Dog (Sound), 1975 The Benny Hill Show (Sound), 2007 To Each His Own Cinema (Other), 1977 All You Need Is Love (Other), 2008 The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics (Sound), 2001 Confession d'un dragueur (Sound), 2008 The Age of Believing: The Disney Live Action Classics (Other), 1980 Les nouveaux rendez-vous (Other), 1947 Man About Town (Performer), 1947 Man About Town (Sound), 1947 Paris 1900 (Other), 1990 American Masters (Other), 1960 A Breath of Scandal (Performer), 1960 Can-Can (Performer), 1954 My Seven Little Sins (Performer), 1936 The Beloved Vagabond (Performer), 1935 La veuve joyeuse (Performer), 1933 The Way to Love (Performer), 1931 The Stolen Jools (Performer), 1930 Playboy of Paris (Performer), 1930 The Big Pond (Performer), 1929 The Love Parade (Performer), 1923 Bad Boy (Performer), 1912 Une bougie récalcitrante (Performer), 1912 La valse renversante (Performer), 1957 Maurice Chevalier's Paris (Writer), 1957 Maurice Chevalier's Paris (in person), 1969 Paris aktuell (in person), 1963-1969 Gala de l'union (in person), 1967 A Visit with Maurice Chevalier (in person), 1967 ABC Stage 67 (in person), 1957-1965 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1963-1965 What's My Line (in person), 1960 The Revlon Revue (in person), 1959 Startime (in person), 1958 The 30th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1957 The Heart of Show Business (in person), 1956 The 28th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1934 Hollywood on Parade No. B-6 (in person), 1930 Galas de la Paramount (in person), 1928 Hello New York! (in person), 1908 La valse à la mode (Performer), 1970 Probe im Folies Bergère (in person), 1935 Folies Bergère de Paris (Performer), 1965 Hollywood My Home Town (Other), 1935 Folies Bergère de Paris (Sound), 2003 Great Performances (Other), 1958-1963 The Ed Sullivan Show (Other), 2010 L'Occupation sans relâche - Les artistes pendant la guerre (Other), 1931 The House That Shadows Built (Other), 2009 The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story (Sound), 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-7 (Sound), 1931 Bimbo's Express (Music Department), 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-7 (Other), 1914 Le royaume nain de Lilliput contre Gigas le long, prince des (Performer), 1970 Show-Report (in person), 1977 Ciné Follies (Other), 1962 In Search of the Castaways (Performer), 1962 Jessica (Performer), 1957 Love in the Afternoon (Performer), 1939 Personal Column (Performer), 1937 The Man of the Hour (Performer), 1936 With a Smile (Performer), 1930 Paramount en parade (Performer), 1923 Gonzague (Performer), 1970 The David Frost Show (in person), 1966 Hollywood Deb Star Ball (in person), 1964 The Hollywood Palace (in person), 1963 A New Kind of Love (in person), 1962 The Broadway of Lerner and Loewe (in person), 1961 The Royal Variety Performance 1961 (in person), 1960 Pepe (in person), 1959 Cinépanorama (in person), 1959 Sunday Showcase (in person), 1957 A Private Little Party for a Few Chums (in person), 1957 This Is Your Life (in person), 1954 La joie de vivre (in person), 1929/I Marianne (Sound), 1968 The 22nd Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1956 Max Liebman Presents: The Maurice Chevalier Show (in person), 1936 Le vagabond bien-aimé (Performer), 1990 The Wonder Years (Sound), 1999 Eddie Constantine: Cet homme est un sentimental... (Other), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical Treasure (Sound), 1976 Singing During the Occupation (Other), 1978 The Cheap Detective (Sound), 1970-1978 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color (Other), 2009 Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie (Sound), 2008 Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History - The 1920s: The (Sound), 1955 Zu Gast bei Margot Hielscher (in person), 2003 Complicated Women (Other), 1970 The Hollywood Palace (Other), 1970 The AristoCats (Sound), 1958-1960 Person to Person (in person), 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-13 (in person), 2010 Nazi Collaborators (Other), 2003 Grock: King of Clowns (Other), 1974 Fred Astaire Salutes the Fox Musicals (Other), 1967 Monkeys, Go Home! (Performer), 1964 Panic Button (Performer), 1961 Fanny (Performer), 1961 Black Tights (Performer), 1959 Count Your Blessings (Performer), 1957 The Jack Benny Program (Performer), 1932 One Hour with You (Performer), 1931 The Smiling Lieutenant (Performer), 1931 Le petit café (Performer), 1930 La grande mare (Performer), 1929 Innocents of Paris (Performer), 1923 L'accordeur (Performer), 1923 Jim Bougne, boxeur (Performer), 1923 Par habitude (Performer), 1917 Une soirée mondaine (Performer), 1911 Par habitude (Performer), 1970 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 1963-1965 The Bell Telephone Hour (in person), 1965 Issues and Answers (in person), 1965 The Red Skelton Hour (in person), 1964 Chance at Love (in person), 1959 Premier Khrushchev in the USA (in person), 1958 The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (in person), 1950 La nuit des étoiles (in person), 1932 Make Me a Star (in person), 1930 Paramount on Parade (in person), 1930 Paramount op parade (in person)
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Maurice Chevalier at 77 - Performer (April 1, 1965 - May 1, 1965), An Evening with Maurice Chevalier - Performer (January 28, 1963 - February 23, 1963), Maurice Chevalier in an evening of Songs and Impre - Performer (September 28, 1955 - November 6, 1955), Maurice Chevalier in an evening of Songs and Impre - Performer (February 29, 1948 - March 28, 1948), Maurice Chevalier - Performer (March 10, 1947 - April 19, 1947), Maurice Chevalier - Performer (February 9, 1932 - February 22, 1932), Maurice Chevalier - Performer (March 30, 1930 - April 1930)

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