Michel Serrault Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: January 24, 1928 in Brunoy, France
Died: July 29, 2007 in Equemauville, France
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2003 Le furet (Performer), 2002/I The Butterfly (Performer), 2001 Vajont - La diga del disonore (Performer), 2000 Actors (Performer), 1997 The Swindle (Performer), 1989 Love Comedy (Performer), 1987 Ennemis intimes (Performer), 1985 He Died with His Eyes Open (Performer), 1985 Les rois du gag (Performer), 1984 À mort l'arbitre (Performer), 1983 Deadly Circuit (Performer), 1982 The Hatter's Ghost (Performer), 1982 Nestor Burma, Shock Detective (Performer), 1981 Garde à vue (Performer), 1981 Malevil (Performer), 1980 Pile ou face (Performer), 1979 L'esprit de famille (Performer), 1978 La Cage aux Folles (Performer), 1978 Other People's Money (Performer), 1977 Le roi des bricoleurs (Performer), 1975 The Red Ibis (Performer), 1975 C'est pas parce qu'on a rien à dire qu'il faut fermer sa (Performer), 1973 La belle affaire (Performer), 1973 Me, I Want to Have Dough (Performer), 1972 Murder Is a Murder (Performer), 1972 The Annuity (Performer), 1971 Qu'est-ce qui fait courir les crocodiles (Performer), 1969 Call Me Mathilde (Performer), 1965 The Double Bed (Performer), 1965 Les baratineurs (Performer), 1964 Jaloux comme un tigre (Performer), 1964 Clémentine chérie (Performer), 1963 Bebert and the Train (Performer), 1962 Three Fables of Love (Performer), 1961 The American Beauty (Performer), 1961 On purge bébé (Performer), 1960 Candide (Performer), 1959 Vous n'avez rien à déclarer (Performer), 1957 The Innocent with Forty Children (Performer), 1957 L'habit vert (Performer), 1956 Naughty Girl (Performer), 1955 Diabolique (Performer), 1954 Peek-a-boo (Performer), 2002/I The Butterfly (Sound), 2003 93 Faubourg Saint-Honoré (in person), 1997 Assassins: No Comment (in person), 1995 Ex Libris (in person), 1995 Joyeux anniversaire Monsieur Trenet (in person), 1995 Matin Bonheur (in person), 1980 Les nouveaux rendez-vous (in person), 1963 Cinq colonnes à la une (in person), 2014 Les grosses têtes: Nos 37 ans de bonheur (Other), 2004 Les 40 ans de la 2 (Other), 1969-1978 Monsieur Cinéma (in person), 1973 La vie du bon côté (in person), 1972 Vive le cinéma (in person), 1971 Poiret & Serrault (in person), 2009 Vivement dimanche (Other), 2004 À la recherche de la folle perdue (Other), 2004 Words in Progress (Other), 2002 Michel Audiard et le mystère du triangle des Bermudes (Other), 2007 L'avare (Performer), 2006 Monsieur Léon (Performer), 2004 Albert est méchant (Performer), 2001 Un coeur oublié (Performer), 1997 The Comedian (Performer), 1992 Le secret du petit milliard (Performer), 1991 The Old Lady Who Walked in the Sea (Performer), 1991 Héloïse (Performer), 1990 Docteur Petiot (Performer), 1989 Merry Christmas... Happy New Year (Performer), 1987 Le miraculé (Performer), 1986 My Brother-in-law Killed My Sister (Performer), 1984 Good King Dagobert (Performer), 1982 Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ (Performer), 1982 The Roaring Forties (Performer), 1980 Il lupo e l'agnello (Performer), 1979 The Other One's Mug (Performer), 1979 L'associé (Performer), 1977-1978 Les folies Offenbach (Performer), 1978 Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (Performer), 1977 Le passe-muraille (Performer), 1975 Operation Lady Marlene (Performer), 1974 Bloody Murder (Performer), 1974 Chinese in Paris (Performer), 1972 Aujourd'hui à Paris (Performer), 1968 Ces messieurs de la famille (Performer), 1967 Au théâtre ce soir (Performer), 1966 Les fables de La Fontaine (Performer), 1966 The Boss of Champignol (Performer), 1965 How Not to Rob a Department Store (Performer), 1964 Les durs à cuire ou Comment supprimer son prochain sans perdre (Performer), 1963 La revue des feuilletons (Performer), 1963 Carom Shots (Performer), 1962 We Will Go to Deauville (Performer), 1962 How to Succeed in Love (Performer), 1962 The Dance (Performer), 1959 The Bureaucrats (Performer), 1959 Nina (Performer), 1958 Musée Grévin (Performer), 1957 Lovers and Thieves (Performer), 1956 The Terror with Women (Performer), 1990 Docteur Petiot (Producer), 2006 L'avare et moi (in person), 2003 Rive droite - rive gauche (in person), 2002 On a tout essayé (in person), 1999 Comme au cinéma (in person), 1982-1990 Champs-Elysées (in person), 1982 Le journal de 13 heures (in person), 2007 Have Mercy on Us All (Performer), 2006 Antonio Vivaldi, un prince à Venise (Performer), 2006 Le bénévole (Performer), 2006 Les enfants du pays (Performer), 2005 Joyeux Noel (Performer), 2004 Ne quittez pas! (Performer), 2001 Belphégor - Le fantôme du Louvre (Performer), 1997 Artemisia (Performer), 1997 Assassins (Performer), 1996 Beaumarchais the Scoundrel (Performer), 1994 Bonsoir (Performer), 1992 Vieille canaille (Performer), 1992 Ville à vendre (Performer), 1988 Let Sleeping Cops Lie (Performer), 1988 En toute innocence (Performer), 1985 La Cage aux Folles 3: The Wedding (Performer), 1985 Liberté, égalité, choucroute (Performer), 1979 Buffet Froid (Performer), 1974 La gueule de l'emploi (Performer), 1974 The Down-in-the-Hole Gang (Performer), 1973 The Big Store (Performer), 1972 Everybody He Is Nice, Everybody He Is Beautiful (Performer), 1971 Cry of the Cormoran (Performer), 1970 La liberté en croupe (Performer), 1970 Ces messieurs de la gâchette (Performer), 1969 Un merveilleux parfum d'oseille (Performer), 1968 Le bourgeois gentilhomme (Performer), 1968 The Great Chase (Performer), 1967 Le fou du labo IV (Performer), 1966 L'anglais tel qu'on le parle (Performer), 1966 Les combinards (Performer), 1965 Le petit monstre (Performer), 1965 Les enquiquineurs (Performer), 1965 When the Peasants Pass (Performer), 1964 Male Hunt (Performer), 1962 Moonlight in Maubeuge (Performer), 1962 Love on a Pillow (Performer), 1961 Ma femme est une panthère (Performer), 1957 Ça aussi c'est Paris (Performer), 2005 Joyeux Noel (in person), 2004 Les nouveaux refus (in person), 1993-2002 20 heures le journal (in person), 1999-2002 Vivement dimanche (in person), 2001 + de cinéma (in person), 2000 Vivement dimanche prochain (in person), 1997 Lignes de mire (in person), 1995 Nulle part ailleurs (in person), 1995 Tel est Serrault (in person), 1984-1986 Cinéma cinémas (in person), 1979 30 millions d'amis (in person), 1973-1974 Midi Trente (in person), 2013 Un jour, un destin (Other), 2013 La troupe d'un soir (Other), 2007 Pour le meilleur et pour le rire: La croisière du rire (Other), 2006 Les grands du rire (Other), 1988 Champs-Elysées (Other), 2005 Grabuge! (Performer), 2003 The Dominici Case (Performer), 2002 24 Hours in the Life of a Woman (Performer), 2001 The Girl from Paris (Performer), 2000 The Libertine (Performer), 2000 Marty's World (Performer), 1999 The Children of the Marshland (Performer), 1995 Happiness Is in the Field (Performer), 1995 Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud (Performer), 1992 Room Service (Performer), 1991 L'huissier (Performer), 1988 Bonjour l'angoisse (Performer), 1984 Le bon plaisir (Performer), 1982 Le voyageur imprudent (Performer), 1980 La cage aux folles II (Performer), 1979 La grâce (Performer), 1976 La situation est grave... mais pas désespérée (Performer), 1974 No Pockets in a Shroud (Performer), 1967 Du mou dans la gâchette (Performer), 1967 Le grand bidule (Performer), 1967 Order of the Daisy (Performer), 1966 Quand épousez-vous ma femme (Performer), 1966 King of Hearts (Performer), 1965 La tête du client (Performer), 1965 Me and the Forty Year Old Man (Performer), 1965 The Real Bargain (Performer), 1964 Dandelions by the Roots (Performer), 1964 How Do You Like My Sister (Performer), 1960 Love and the Frenchwoman (Performer), 1959 Oh! Qué mambo (Performer), 1958 Clara et les méchants (Performer), 1957 Adorables démons (Performer), 1956 La vie est belle (Performer), 1955 Knock ou Le triomphe de la médecine (Performer), 1954 Ce qu'a vu le vent d'est (Performer), 1965 La tête du client (Sound), 2007 Michel Serrault, le portrait (in person), 2006 Mocky circus (in person), 2003-2005 20h10 pétantes (in person), 2004 Vos Français de coeur (in person), 2001-2004 Tout le monde en parle (in person), 1997-2003 Les enfants de la télé (in person), 1980-2002 La nuit des Césars (in person), 2002 Le plus grand cabaret du monde (in person), 2001 Belphegor: Making of (in person), 1995 La marche du siècle (in person), 1995 Coucou c'est nous! (in person), 1992 Le journal de 20 heures (in person), 1983-1987 Mardi cinéma (in person), 1980-1981 Jeudi cinéma (in person), 1979 Palmarès (in person), 1969-1974 Gala de l'union (in person), 1956 Trente-Six Chandelles (in person), 2008 The Orange British Academy Film Awards (Other), 2005 Cinema mil (Other), 2002 Bleu, blanc, rose (Other)

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