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Born: March 4, 1895 in New York City, New York
Died: November 29, 1953 in the Pacific Ocean aboard the SS Lurline
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Milt Gross (1895-1953), known for his largely incomprehensible use of Yinglish, worked primarily through the 1920's and 1930's. Publishing most of his comics in book form, Gross' masterpiece was released in 1930: a 300 page long book of comics titled He Done Her Wrong: The Great American Novel and Not a Word in It - No Music, Too. Gross later cartooned for Hearst chain newspapers, having to adapt his Yinglish to be more legible, though his Yiddish tones were present in all his cartoons throughout his career. The cartoonist sometimes crossed over to film in animation, writing and animating a number of shorts in the 1910's and 1920's.  The cartoonist semi-retired in 1945 after suffering from a heart-attack. He published his last book in 1946 before suffering a fatal heart attack in 1953. Louis Sobol (d. 1986) was an entertainment columnist ("New York Cavalcade") for the Hearst Newspapers.
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-1919-Tumult-in-Toy-Town (Writer), -1939-Jitterbug-Follies (Director), -1919-Tumult-in-Toy-Town (Director), -1944-Ghost-Catchers (Writer), -1941-Puddin'-Head (Writer), -1923-If-We-Reversed (Writer), -1922-Taxes (Writer), -1922-Scrap-Hangers (Writer), -1920/I-Ginger-Snaps (Writer), -1919-We'll-Say-They-Do (Writer), -1923-If-We-Reversed (Director), -1922-Taxes (Director), -1922-Scrap-Hangers (Director), -1920/I-Ginger-Snaps (Director), -1919-We'll-Say-They-Do (Director), -1923-If-We-Reversed (Animation Department), -1922-Taxes (Animation Department), -1922-Scrap-Hangers (Animation Department), -1919-We'll-Say-They-Do (Animation Department), -1943-He-Can't-Make-It-Stick (Writer), -1937-Thin-Ice (Writer), -1921-Othello-Sap's-Wonderful-Invention (Writer), -1920-How-My-Vacation-Spent-Me (Writer), -1919-Useless-Hints-by-Fuller-Prunes (Writer), -1921-Othello-Sap's-Wonderful-Invention (Director), -1920-How-My-Vacation-Spent-Me (Director), -1919-Useless-Hints-by-Fuller-Prunes (Director), -1942-Roxie-Hart (Other), -1943-The-Ghost-and-the-Guest (Writer), -1941-Rookies-on-Parade (Writer), -1941-Sis-Hopkins (Writer), -1921-Izzy-Able-the-Detective (Writer), -1920/II-Ginger-Snaps (Writer), -1920-Frenchy-Discovers-America (Writer), -1917-The-Ups-and-Down-of-Mr.-Phool-Phan (Writer), -1939-Wanted:-No-Master (Director), -1921-Izzy-Able-the-Detective (Director), -1920/II-Ginger-Snaps (Director), -1920-Frenchy-Discovers-America (Director), -1917-The-Ups-and-Down-of-Mr.-Phool-Phan (Director), -1944-Here-Come-the-Waves (Art)
  • MILT GROSS The cartoonist and author writes a letter to columnist Louis Sobol in his signature Yinglish, telling him he's "a tremp" for shrugging him off. Extremely rare! Autograph letter signed: "Milt", in black felt tip, 5x8.

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