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Ozzie Nelson Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: March 20, 1906 in Jersey City, New Jersey
Died: June 03, 1975 in Hollywood, California
Radio and television stars Ozzie and Harriet Nelson are best known for their TV show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952-1965), which also starred their two real-life sons, David and Ricky (later Rick) Nelson. Ozzie not only acted in the situation comedy, he was the show's producer, director and head writer. The couple had originated the show on CBS Radio, beginning in 1944, and there was also a feature film version, Here Come the Nelsons (1952), that helped to launch the successful TV show. In 1932, Harriet Hilliard (1909-1994), born Peggy Lou Snyder, began singing with the band formed by Ozzie Nelson (1907-1975) two years earlier. They married on October 6, 1935. The couple would later star in the short-lived syndicated sitcom, Ozzie's Girls (1973-1974), which Ozzie wrote, produced and directed as well as starred in.
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1973-Bridget-Loves-Bernie (Performer), 1968-The-Impossible-Years (Performer), 1944-Wave-a-Stick-Blues (Performer), 1944-Hi,-Good-Lookin'! (Performer), 1941-Sweetheart-of-the-Campus (Performer), 1973-Bridget-Loves-Bernie (Director), 1965-Love-and-Kisses (Director), 1965-Love-and-Kisses (Producer), 1965-Love-and-Kisses (Writer), 1944-Wave-a-Stick-Blues (Writer), 1944-Wave-a-Stick-Blues (in person), 1970-The-Merv-Griffin-Show (in person), 1969-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 1958-To-Tell-the-Truth (in person), 1940-Ozzie-Nelson-&-His-Orchestra (in person), 1973-The-Hollywood-Squares (in person), 1969-1973-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1969-The-Barbara-McNair-Show (in person), 1956-1957-What's-My-Line (in person), 1943-Ozzie-Nelson-and-His-Orchestra (in person), 1941-Doin'-the-Town (in person), 1931-The-High-School-Hoofer (Sound), 1957-Studio-57 (Performer), 1961-General-Electric-Theater (Director), 1957-Studio-57 (Director), 1955-Screen-Snapshots-Series-34,-No.-6:-Hollywood-Shower-of-Stars (in person), 1969-1973-Love,-American-Style (Performer), 1972-Rod-Serling's-Night-Gallery (Performer), 1952-1966-The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Performer), 1958-The-Bob-Cummings-Show (Performer), 1956-Jane-Wyman-Presents-The-Fireside-Theatre (Performer), 1946-People-Are-Funny (Performer), 1952-1966-The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Director), 1956-Jane-Wyman-Presents-The-Fireside-Theatre (Director), 1968-The-Joey-Bishop-Show (in person), The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Producer), The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Writer), The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Sound), 2005-Ricky-Nelson-Sings (Other), 1998-Biography (Other), 1971-Adam-12 (Performer), 1968-The-Mothers-In-Law (Performer), 1967-1968-The-Red-Skelton-Hour (Performer), 1952-Here-Come-the-Nelsons (Performer), 1944-Take-It-Big (Performer), 1943-Honeymoon-Lodge (Performer), 1942-Strictly-in-the-Groove (Performer), 1971-Adam-12 (Director), 1952-Here-Come-the-Nelsons (Writer), 1971-The-Andy-Williams-Show (in person), 1959-Disneyland-'59 (in person), 1953-This-Is-Your-Life (in person)

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