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Born: May 5, 1927 in Shreveport, Louisiana
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2010 My Neighbor Totoro: Creating 'My Neighbor Totoro' (in person), 2001 Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse (Performer), 1961-1964 Make Room for Daddy (Performer), 1952-1957 Masquerade Party (in person), 1978 The Love Boat (Performer), 1974 Nakia (Performer), 1972 Second Chance (Performer), 1959 The DuPont Show with June Allyson (Performer), 1955 Kraft Theatre (Performer), 2010 My Neighbor Totoro: Behind the Microphone (in person), 1977 The Alan Hamel Show (in person), 1974 Celebrity Sweepstakes (in person), 1973 The New $25,000 Pyramid (in person), 1965 The Merv Griffin Show (in person), 1965 What's This Song (in person), 1961-1964 Password All-Stars (in person), 1964 Fractured Flickers (in person), 1963 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 1961 To Tell the Truth (in person), 1955 Max Liebman Presents: Variety (in person), 2007 Nancy Drew (Performer), 2007 Freedom Writers (Performer), 2005 Kingdom Hearts II (Performer), 1996 The Royale (Performer), 1995 A Goofy Movie (Performer), 1993 Designing Women (Performer), 1989 Garfield's Thanksgiving (Performer), 1959-1960 The Jack Paar Tonight Show (in person), 1998 Under the Sea: The Making of Disney's Masterpiece 'The Little (in person), 2014 BFFs (Performer), 1954-1957 Caesar's Hour (Performer), 1963 The Match Game (in person), 2008 Pioneers of Television (Other), 2007 Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (Other), 2011 Bridesmaids (Performer), 2007 Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ (Performer), 2006 Outside Sales (Performer), 2005 ER (Performer), 2002 Kingdom Hearts (Performer), 2000 Songcatcher (Performer), 1987 A Garfield Christmas Special (Performer), 1986-1987 Pound Puppies (Performer), 1986-1987 Too Close for Comfort (Performer), 1985 Rockhopper (Performer), 1979 Butterflies in Heat (Performer), 1977 CPO Sharkey (Performer), 1974 Police Story (Performer), 1973 The Brothers O'Toole (Performer), 1971 After the Honeymoon (Performer), 1969 The Good Friend (Performer), 1961 The Investigators (Performer), 1955 The Jimmy Durante Show (Performer), 1954 The Mickey Rooney Show (Performer), 1954 Studio 57 (Performer), 2010 My Neighbor Totoro: The Totoro Experience (in person), 2001 The 2001 IFP/West Independent Spirit Awards (in person), 1989 The Making of 'The Little Mermaid' (in person), 1980 Today (in person), 1970-1971 The Carol Burnett Show (in person), 1970 It's Your Bet (in person), 1963 Your First Impression (in person), 1958 The Pat Boone-Chevy Showroom (in person), 1956 The NBC Comedy Hour (in person), 1955 The Jimmy Durante Show (in person), 1954 The Saturday Night Revue (in person), 2012 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream d_rop Distance (Performer), 1959 General Electric Theater (Performer), 2013 Pioneers of Television (in person), 2010 My Neighbor Totoro: The Producer's Perspective: Creating Ghibli (in person), 2006 Treasures Untold: The Making of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' (in person), 2012 A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape from Paradise (Performer), 2004 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Other), 2010 A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures (Performer), 2002 House of Mouse (Performer), 2001 Mickey's House of Villains (Performer), 2000 The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea (Performer), 1993-1994 The Little Mermaid (Performer), 1989 The Little Mermaid (Performer), 1989 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo (Performer), 1987-1989 She's the Sheriff (Performer), 1988 Superman (Performer), 1988 My Neighbor Totoro (Performer), 1985 Trapper John, M.D. (Performer), 1978 Flying High (Performer), 1976 Laverne & Shirley (Performer), 1973 Calucci's Department (Performer), 1972 Oh, Nurse! (Performer), 1970-1971 Love, American Style (Performer), 1971 Mary Tyler Moore (Performer), 1962-1970 The Red Skelton Hour (Performer), 1965 Cinderella (Performer), 1964 The Danny Kaye Show (Performer), 1961 The United States Steel Hour (Performer), 1961 The Ann Sothern Show (Performer), 1955 Producers' Showcase (Performer), 1954 Best Foot Forward (Performer), 1954 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (Performer), 1951 Up Front (Performer), 2011 Troupers (in person), 2003 Bobby Darin: The Darin Invasion (in person), 1973 Match Game 73 (in person), 1970 The Darin Invasion (in person), 1969 Letters to Laugh-In (in person), 1964-1967 The Danny Kaye Show (in person), 1967 Girl Talk (in person), 1965 I'll Bet (in person), 1964 Get the Message (in person), 1961 The Jackie Gleason Show (in person), 1960 The Revlon Revue (in person), 1958 The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (in person), 1998 For a Few Lousy Dollars (Editing), 1968 My Mother Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World (Performer), 1993 The Little Mermaid (Sound), 2010 My Neighbor Totoro: Creating the Characters of 'My Neighbor (in person), 1961 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1992 Just My Imagination (Performer), 1990 Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers (Performer), 1986 Galaxy High School (Performer), 1986 Foofur (Performer), 1985 Crazy Like a Fox (Performer), 1977 Busting Loose (Performer), 1977 Police Woman (Performer), 1976 Good Heavens (Performer), 1971-1972 Getting Together (Performer), 1971 My Three Sons (Performer), 1971 The Interns (Performer), 1970 Arnie (Performer), 1968 With Six You Get Eggroll (Performer), 1966 Please Don't Eat the Daisies (Performer), 1957 The Steve Allen Plymouth Show (Performer), 1951 Goodyear Playhouse (Performer), 1948 Hometown Girl (Performer), 1991 American Masters (in person), 1989 Family Feud (in person), 1988 Super Password (in person), 1964-1968 You Don't Say (in person), 1964 The Object Is (in person), 1963 Missing Links (in person), 1963 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1959 Keep Talking (in person), 1954 Max Liebman Presents: Spotlight (in person)
Theater Credits
Electra - Performer (December 3, 1998 - March 21, 1999), The Show Off - Performer (November 5, 1992 - December 13, 1992), Dancing in the End Zone - Performer (January 3, 1985 - January 26, 1985), Catch a Star! - Performer (September 6, 1955 - September 24, 1955)
  • PAT CARROLL Envelope addressed by the Emmy Award-winning actress to The American Museum of Historical Documents Autograph Envelope signed: "Carroll", 8x5½. 20-cent USA stamp affixed at face. Postmarked Raleigh, North Carolina, 1984, July 30th. Addressed to: "Mr. Todd M. read more...

    Sale Price $63.00


  • PAT CARROLL The Emmy Award-winning actress writes a letter to the American Museum of Historical Documents, wishing the recipient "sincere best wishes for your over-whelming success" Autograph Letter signed: read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL The Emmy Award-winning actress writes and signs a letter, wishing the recipient "best wishes for your success" Autograph Letter signed: "Pat Carroll", 1 page, 10½x8 unfolded, 5¼x8 folded card bearing a printed caricature of the actress as Gertrude Stein. Durnham, N.C. 1984 July 29. read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL Short note from the actress to a soldier, saying she is glad he has returned from Iraq safe, and to "stay that way" Autograph note signed: "To Chris Smith-/So happy you are back/from Iraq safe +/sound, stay that/way. Best wishes/Pat Carroll", in black ink, 5x3. Trained for musical comedy, Pat Carroll (b. read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL This black and white photograph from the show Make Room for Daddy is signed by actress, pictured with her costar Sid Melton Incribed photograph signed: "To Bill/Every/good/wish/Pat/Carroll" in black ink. 4x6. Trained for musical comedy, Pat Carroll (b. read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL The Emmy Award-winning actress and performer inscribes and signs this black and white photograph of herself shown smiling brightly Photograph inscribed and signed: "To Harry Margau/Enjoy every day/to the hilt. All/good wishes -/Pat Carroll". B/w, 8x10. Trained for musical comedy, Pat Carroll (b. read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL The Emmy Award-winning actress and performer inscribes and signs this black and white publicity photograph for 1980s television series She's the Sheriff Photograph inscribed and signed: "To Eric Martin -/Best energies to/you - Sincerely -/Pat Carroll". B/w, 8x10. read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL 4¼x5 black and white photograph of the Emmy Award-winning actress and performer, inscribed with "all good wishes" Photograph inscribed and signed: "To Jane/Mendoza/All good/wishes/Pat Carroll". B/w, 4¼x5. Captioned at lower margin. Trained for musical comedy, Pat Carroll (b. read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL. Check endorsed: "Pat Carroll/Pat Carroll Karsian", 3½x8½. Hollywood, California, 1968 September 24. Check No. 15354, drawn on the Los Angeles AFTRA Federal Credit Union account at the Bank of America, payable to Pat Carroll for $2,000. Signed: "Bertha Ziff" on front. read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL. First Day Cover signed: "Pat Carroll", 6½x3½. FDC honoring Christmas, 13-cent stamp affixed, postmarked Boston, Massachusetts, October 27, 1976, FIRST DAY OF ISSUE. Trained for musical comedy, Carroll appeared on stage from 1950 and starred in a Broadway revival of On the Town (1959). read more...

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  • PAT CARROLL 3½x5½ printed image of the Emmy-winning actress, inscribed with "Joy!" Inscribed Printed Art Signed: "To Jane -/Joy!/Pat Carroll." Color, 3½x5½ overall, image 3¼x3¼ (one surface). Captioned "Pat Carroll as Herself, Private Collection, 30x30". read more...

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