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Born: January 26, 1925 in Shaker Heights, Ohio
Died: September 26, 2008 in Westport, Connecticut
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Nominated for eight Academy Awards for Best Actor, Paul Newman (1925-2008, born in Shaker Heights, Ohio) won the 1987 Oscar for portraying Fast Eddie Felson in The Color of Money, the same character he played in The Hustler 25 years earlier (also Oscar nominated). His other nominated roles were Brick Pollitt in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Hud Bannon in Hud, Lucas "Cool Hand" (Luke) Jackson in Cool Hand Luke, Michael Colin Gallagher in Absence of Malice, Frank Galvin in The Verdict and Donald "Sully" Sullivan in Nobody's Fool. He was nominated for a ninth Oscar, the 2003 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, for portraying John Rooney in Road to Perdition. In a survey of film experts for the January 16, 2001 edition of the British magazine, "Radio Times", Newman was voted the greatest movie actor of all time.
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2000 Blacklight Dreams: The 25 Years of the Famous People Players (in person), 1984 CBS Early Morning News (in person), 1978 Hollywood's Diamond Jubilee (in person), 2009 The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards (Other), 2009 The 81st Annual Academy Awards (Other), 2007 MythBusters (Other), 2005 Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool (Other), 2000 Twentieth Century Fox: The Blockbuster Years (Other), 2000 Omnibus (Other), 1984 TV's Funniest Game Show Moments (Other), 1967 Mondo Hollywood (Other), 1972 The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (Producer), 1972 The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (Director), 1974 The 1974 Annual Entertainment Hall of Fame Awards (in person), 2008 The O'Reilly Factor (Other), 2014 Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman (Other), 2011 The Being Frank Show (Other), 1990 American Tribute to Vaclav Havel and a Celebration of Democracy in (in person), 2012 Today (Other), 2006-2010 20 to 1 (Other), 2010 Live from Studio Five (Other), 2008 Qwerty (Other), 2006 Sweet Bird of Youth: Chasing Time (Other), 1992 Gunfighters of the Old West (Other), 1987 Especial Oscars 86 (Other), 1979 The War at Home (Other), 2006 All of What Follows Is True: The Making of 'Butch Cassidy and the (in person), 1992 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 2005 Cinema mil (Other), 1998 Magic Time for Piotr (in person), 1994 Baseball (in person), 1994 Inside the Actors Studio (in person), 1992 The 64th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1987 The Annual National Board of Review Awards (in person), 1986 Josh, the Logan Legend (in person), 1982 The Making of 'The Verdict' (in person), 1980 Live from Lincoln Center (in person), 1978 War Without Winners (in person), 1977 An All-Star Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (in person), 1976 Silent Movie (in person), 1972 Flowers of Darkness (in person), 1971 Once Upon a Wheel (in person), 1970 The David Frost Show (in person), 1953-1963 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1959 What's My Line (in person), 2003 Freedom: A History of Us (Performer), 1999 Message in a Bottle (Performer), 1981 Absence of Malice (Performer), 1973 The Sting (Performer), 1972 Pocket Money (Performer), 1970 WUSA (Performer), 1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Performer), 1967 Cool Hand Luke (Performer), 1967 Hombre (Performer), 1966 Harper (Performer), 1965 Lady L (Performer), 1963 The Prize (Performer), 1963 A New Kind of Love (Performer), 1963 Hud (Performer), 1962 Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man (Performer), 1962 Sweet Bird of Youth (Performer), 1957 Until They Sail (Performer), 1953 The Man Behind the Badge (Performer), 1970 WUSA (Producer), 1969 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Producer), 1968 Rachel, Rachel (Producer), 1968 Rachel, Rachel (Director), 1987 The Glass Menagerie (Director), 1968 Rachel, Rachel (Writer), 2008 2008 INDYCar Series Season Preview (in person), 2007 Character Studies (in person), 2007 Dale (in person), 2005 Costas Now (in person), 2002 Life and Times (in person), 2002 The Making of 'Road to Perdition' (in person), 2000 Super Speedway (in person), 2000 Altman on His Own Terms (in person), 2000 The Directors (in person), 2010 Gilles Jacob: CIitizen Cannes (Other), 2009 Hollywood on the Tiber (Other), 2004 Mickybo and Me (Other), 2002 Reel Radicals: The Sixties Revolution in Film (Other), 2005 2nd Annual Directors Guild of Great Britain DGGB Awards (in person), 1976 Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (Performer), 2008 Entertainment Tonight (Other), 2002 The Hustler: The Inside Story (Other), 2005 Going Through Splat: The Life and Work of Stewart Stern (in person), 2009 The Orange British Academy Film Awards (Other), 2000 Twister: A Musical Catastrophe (Other), 1994 American Masters (Other), 1983 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to John Huston (in person), 2011 Today Tonight (Other), 2005 James Dean: Forever Young (Other), 1995 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 1980 The Barbara Wa_lters Summer Special (in person), 2005 The American Experience (Other), 2000 Elizabeth Taylor: A Musical Celebration (Other), 1987 The 59th Annual Academy Awards (Other), 2002 Road to Perdition (Performer), 1994 The Hudsucker Proxy (Performer), 1990 Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (Performer), 1982 The Verdict (Performer), 1982 American Playhouse (Performer), 1981 Fort Apache the Bronx (Performer), 1979 Quintet (Performer), 1977 Slap Shot (Performer), 1973 The MacKintosh Man (Performer), 1972 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (Performer), 1964 The Outrage (Performer), 1961 The Hustler (Performer), 1959 The Young Philadelphians (Performer), 1958 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Performer), 1958 Playhouse 90 (Performer), 1954-1956 The United States Steel Hour (Performer), 1955 The Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse (Performer), 1955 Appointment with Adventure (Performer), 1954 The Silver Chalice (Performer), 1954 Danger (Performer), 1954 Armstrong Circle Theatre (Performer), 1954 The Joe Palooka Story (Performer), 1952 Tales of Tomorrow (Performer), 1972 The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (Producer), 1980 The Shadow Box (Director), 1993-2007 Late Show with David Letterman (in person), 2007 Milestones in Cinema History: The Verdict (in person), 2005 Iconoclasts (in person), 2005 The Jane Pauley Show (in person), 2003 The Life Between (in person), 2002 HBO First Look (in person), 2001 The Simpsons (in person), 2001 Backstory (in person), 1999 The Rosie O'Donnell Show (in person), 1978-1993 Today (in person), 1990 The Home Show (in person), 1987 Candid Camera: First 40 Years (in person), 1984 The 41st Annual Golden Globe Awards (in person), 1983 The 55th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1982 Night of 100 Stars (in person), 1982 The Making of 'Absence of Malice' (in person), 1981 New York, New York (in person), 1978 Good Morning America (in person), 1978 The Stars Salute Israel at 30 (in person), 1968 The 22nd Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1968 The 40th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1967 Luke (in person), 1956 I've Got a Secret (in person), 2009 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Other), 2008 Días de cine (Other), 2008 Miradas 2 (Other), 2006 E! True Hollywood Story (Other), 2002 The Kid Stays in the Picture (Other), 2000 Playboy: The Complete Anna Nicole Smith (Other), 1997 Great Romances of the 20th Century: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard (Other), 1995 Empire of the Censors (Other), 1958 Person to Person (in person), 2002 Slapshot 2: Behind the Glass (Other), 2001 Sladke sanje (Other), 1991 Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros. (Other), 2008 Cinema 3 (Other), 2005 The Sixties: The Years That Shaped a Generation (Other), 2006-2007 La rentadora (Other), 1995 The Universal Story (Other), 1988 Hollywood Sex Symbols (Other), 2008 Meerkats: The Movie (in person), 1993 Edward R. Murrow: The Best of 'Person to Person' (in person), 2008 Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence (Other), 1998 Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary: No Guts, No Glory (Other), 2011 Sing Your Song (Other), 2006 Mater and the Ghostlight (Performer), 2006 Cars (Performer), 2005 Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (Performer), 2005 Empire Falls (Performer), 2000 Where the Money Is (Performer), 1998 Twilight (Performer), 1994 Nobody's Fool (Performer), 1986 The Color of Money (Performer), 1975 The Drowning Pool (Performer), 1970 Sometimes a Great Notion (Performer), 1966 Torn Curtain (Performer), 1961 Paris Blues (Performer), 1958 The Left Handed Gun (Performer), 1958 The Long, Hot Summer (Performer), 1956 The Kaiser Aluminum Hour (Performer), 1955 Producers' Showcase (Performer), 1954 Goodyear Playhouse (Performer), 1952-1953 The Web (Performer), 1952 Suspense (Performer), 2005 Empire Falls (Producer), 1971 They Might Be Giants (Producer), 1970 Sometimes a Great Notion (Producer), 1970 Sometimes a Great Notion (Director), 2007 Milestones in Cinema History: The Hustler (in person), 2007 Paul Newman: The Craft of Acting (in person), 1995-2005 Biography (in person), 2004 Tell Them Who You Are (in person), 2004 Larry King Live (in person), 1989-2003 American Masters (in person), 1995 The 67th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1990-1994 CBS This Morning (in person), 1994 The 66th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1990 Sinatra 75: The Best Is Yet to Come (in person), 1989 Ancient Forests: Rage Over Trees (in person), 1989 John Huston: The Man, the Movies, the Maverick (in person), 1988 The Racing Experience (in person), 1988 The 60th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1987 Good Morning Britain (in person), 1986 The 58th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1976-1979 ABC's Wide World of Sports (in person), 1974 The 46th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1970 King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis (in person), 1966 A Year Toward Tomorrow (in person), 1958 The 30th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 2002 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Outlaws Out of Time (in person), 2006 Corazón de... (in person), 1995 In Search of Peace: 50 Years of the United States in the United (in person), 2011 Special Collector's Edition (Other), 1994 The Best of the Don Lane Show (Other), 1976 America at the Movies (Other), 1963 Jackie Gleason: American Scene Magazine (Other), 1984-1987 De película (in person), 2008 Strictly Courtroom (Other), 1995 The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen (Other), 1970 The Making of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' (in person), 2008 Late Show with David Letterman (Other), 2008 Mike Douglas: Moments & Memories (Other), 2007 Life in the Fast Lane: Fast Eddie Felson and the Search for (in person), 2005 The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts (in person), 1974 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to James Cagney (in person), 1991 The 63rd Annual Academy Awards (Other), 1984 Bitte umblättern (in person), 1993 La classe américaine (Other), 2003 Our Town (Performer), 1989 Blaze (Performer), 1989 Fat Man and Little Boy (Performer), 1984 Harry & Son (Performer), 1980 When Time Ran Out... (Performer), 1976 Great Performances: Dance in America (Performer), 1974 The Towering Inferno (Performer), 1969 Winning (Performer), 1968 The Secret War of Harry Frigg (Performer), 1964 What a Way to Go! (Performer), 1960 Exodus (Performer), 1960 From the Terrace (Performer), 1958 Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! (Performer), 1957 The Helen Morgan Story (Performer), 1956 The Rack (Performer), 1956 Somebody Up There Likes Me (Performer), 1955 Playwrights '56 (Performer), 1954 The Mask (Performer), 1953 You Are There (Performer), 1984 Harry & Son (Producer), 1969 Winning (Producer), 1984 Harry & Son (Director), 1984 Harry & Son (Writer), 1984 Harry & Son (in person), 2008 Live to 150, Can You Do It (in person), 2007 The Price of Sugar (in person), 2006 3055 Jean Leon (in person), 2006 The Road to Cars (in person), 2006 HypaSpace (in person), 2006 Live with Kelly and Michael (in person), 2005-2006 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (in person), 2006 Roving Mars (in person), 2005 The Art of 'The Sting' (in person), 2004 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (in person), 2002 Charlie Rose (in person), 2001 Bravo Profiles (in person), 1988 Hello Actors Studio (in person), 1978 A Salute to American Imagination (in person), 1977 Jimmy Carter's Inaugural Gala (in person), 1975 McCarthy: Death of a Witch Hunter (in person), 1968 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 1967 The Joey Bishop Show (in person), 1964 Hollywood and the Stars (in person), 1962 The 34th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1962 At This Very Moment (in person), 1961 The 15th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1961 Here's Hollywood (in person)
Theater Credits
Our Town - Performer (December 4, 2002 - January 26, 2003), Baby Want a Kiss - Performer (April 19, 1964 - August 22, 1964), Sweet Bird of Youth - Performer (March 10, 1959 - January 30, 1960), The Desperate Hours - Performer (March 10, 1955 - August 13, 1955), Picnic - Performer (March 19, 1953 - April 10, 1954)

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