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Paulette Goddard Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: June 03, 1910 in Whitestone Landing, Long Island, New York
Died: April 23, 1990 in Ronco, Switzerland
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Goddard (1911-1990) was an American actress. A former teen Broadway chorus girl, she first attracted attention when she was featured reclining on a prop crescent moon in the 1928 Ziegfeld musical, Rio Rita. Goddard reportedly made several two-reel comedies for Hal Roach (in a blond wig) before being featured as a "Goldwyn Girl" in Eddie Cantor's film, Kid from Spain, in 1932. She shot to stardom when she was cast by Charlie Chaplin in his 1936 film, Modern Times. Goddard also won Chaplin's heart as well as the role, but there were questions as to whether the two were ever legally married, and her relationship with Chaplin cost her the one role that she truly coveted: Scarlett O'Hara in the 1939 epic, Gone With the Wind. Goddard, who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for So Proudly We Hail (1943), also appeared in such films as The Great Dictator (1940) and Reap the Wild Wind (1942) before making her final film, the French/Italian movie Gli Inderrenti (Time of Indifference), in 1964. She was coaxed out of retirement for a made-for-TV movie, The Snoop Sisters, in 1972.
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1961-The-DuPont-Show-of-the-Week (Other), 1988-South-of-Reno (Other), 1940-Screen-Snapshots-Series-19,-No.-9:-Sports-in-Hollywood (in person), 1964-Time-of-Indifference (Performer), 1976-America-at-the-Movies (Other), 1954-Sherlock-Holmes (Performer), 1951-All-Star-Revue (in person), 1987-American-Masters (Other), 1953-Paris-Model (Performer), 1949-Anna-Lucasta (Performer), 1948-On-Our-Merry-Way (Performer), 1946-The-Diary-of-a-Chambermaid (Performer), 1945-Kitty (Performer), 1943-So-Proudly-We-Hail! (Performer), 1941-Nothing-But-the-Truth (Performer), 1941-Hold-Back-the-Dawn (Performer), 1940-North-West-Mounted-Police (Performer), 1940-The-Ghost-Breakers (Performer), 1936-The-Bohemian-Girl (Performer), 1934-Kid-Millions (Performer), 1932-The-Kid-from-Spain (Performer), 1932-Girl-Grief (Performer), 1931-The-Girl-Habit (Performer), 1929-Berth-Marks (Performer), 1946-The-Diary-of-a-Chambermaid (Producer), 1952-The-Milton-Berle-Show (in person), 1947-Variety-Girl (in person), 1934-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-B-8 (in person), 1988-The-Making-of-a-Legend:-Gone-with-the-Wind (Other), 1953-Screen-Snapshots:-Spike-Jones-in-Hollywood (Other), 1992-Chaplin (Other), 1998-Biography (Other), 2009-Hollywood-Singing-and-Dancing:-A-Musical-History---The-1940s: (Sound), 1955-Producers'-Showcase (Performer), 1952-Babes-in-Bagdad (Performer), 1947-An-Ideal-Husband (Performer), 1944-I-Love-a-Soldier (Performer), 1942-The-Forest-Rangers (Performer), 1942-Reap-the-Wild-Wind (Performer), 1942-The-Lady-Has-Plans (Performer), 1940-Second-Chorus (Performer), 1940-The-Great-Dictator (Performer), 1939-The-Cat-and-the-Canary (Performer), 1938-The-Young-in-Heart (Performer), 1936-Modern-Times (Performer), 1930-Whoopee! (Performer), 1962-The-16th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1949-A-Yank-Comes-Back (in person), 1933/II-All-at-Sea (in person), 1957-The-Joseph-Cotten-Show:-On-Trial (Performer), 1952-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1969-Hollywood:-The-Selznick-Years (Other), 1961-The-Phantom (Performer), 1956-The-Errol-Flynn-Theatre (Performer), 1954-Charge-of-the-Lancers (Performer), 1953-Sins-of-Jezebel (Performer), 1950-The-Torch (Performer), 1949-Bride-of-Vengeance (Performer), 1948-Hazard (Performer), 1944-Standing-Room-Only (Performer), 1943-The-Crystal-Ball (Performer), 1941-Pot-o'-Gold (Performer), 1933-Roman-Scandals (Performer), 1932-Young-Ironsides (Performer), 1932-Show-Business (Performer), 1931-Ladies-of-the-Big-House (Performer), 1950-The-Torch (Producer), 1933-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-B-5 (in person), 1932-Broadway-Gossip-No.-2 (in person), 1995-The-Casting-Couch (Other), 1983-Hollywood-Out-takes-and-Rare-Footage (Other), 1994-That's-Entertainment!-III (Other), 1954-The-Unholy-Four (Performer), 1972-The-Snoop-Sisters (Performer), 1959-Adventures-in-Paradise (Performer), 1953-1957-The-Ford-Television-Theatre (Performer), 1953-Vice-Squad (Performer), 1947-Unconquered (Performer), 1947-Suddenly-It's-Spring (Performer), 1942-Star-Spangled-Rhythm (Performer), 1939-The-Women (Performer), 1938-Dramatic-School (Performer), 1933-The-Bowery (Performer), 1932-Pack-Up-Your-Troubles (Performer), 1932-The-Mouthpiece (Performer), 1931-City-Streets (Performer), 1929-The-Locked-Door (Performer), 1959-What's-My-Line (in person), 1948-Screen-Snapshots:-Smiles-and-Styles (in person), 1945-Duffy's-Tavern (in person)
Theater Credits
No-Foolin' - Performer (June 24, 1926 - September 25, 1926)

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