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Born: October 10, 1941 in New York City, New York
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2014/I The Light (in person), 2013 The Intrepid: Discovering Lincoln's Balloon Corps (in person), 2013 Angel Azul (in person), 2009 The Making of Anton AKA Trapped (in person), Here Is Something Beautiful Etc. (in person), 2014 La rançon de la gloire (Performer), 2014 Intelligence (Performer), The Reality of Truth (in person), 2007 Cámara negra. Teatro Victoria Eugenia (Other), 1990 Flashing on the Sixties: A Tribal Document (in person), 2011/I Here (Performer), 2009 The Harimaya Bridge (Performer), 2008 $5 a Day (Performer), 2007 Resurrecting the Champ (Performer), 2006 The Gospel of Judas (Performer), 2005 Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave (Performer), 2005 Law & Order: Trial by Jury (Performer), 2005 Independent Lens (Performer), 2003 The Hebrew Hammer (Performer), 2002 Purpose (Performer), 2001 Jack the Dog (Performer), 2000 Red Letters (Performer), 1999 Random Hearts (Performer), 1998 Sphere (Performer), 1998 Two for Texas (Performer), 1997 Road Ends (Performer), 1997 Murder in My Mind (Performer), 1995 Moonlight and Valentino (Performer), 1991 Living a Lie (Performer), 1989 Act of Will (Performer), 1989 Unconquered (Performer), 1987 Echoes in the Darkness (Performer), 1987 Outrageous Fortune (Performer), 1984 Heartbreakers (Performer), 1983 Strangers Kiss (Performer), 1981 Isabel's Choice (Performer), 1981 Southern Comfort (Performer), 1980 Die Laughing (Performer), 2013 The Ghost Army (in person), 2012 For the Love of the Music: The Club 47 Folk Revival (in person), 1999-2011 National Geographic Explorer (in person), 2011 Green Fire (in person), 2010 El hormiguero (in person), 2009 With One Voice (in person), 2009 Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators (in person), 2009 Every War Has Two Losers (in person), 2008 Jose Canseco: Last Shot (in person), 2008 Imagine a School... Summerhill (in person), 2008 Nature Untamed (in person), 2006 Gonzo Utopia (in person), 2005 About Face: The Story of the Jewish Refugee Soldiers of World War (in person), 2004 Kursk: A Submarine in Troubled Waters (in person), 2004 Oil on Ice (in person), 2004 Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a Sorcerer (in person), 2003 Dreaming of Tibet (in person), 2003 Hollywood's Magical Island: Catalina (in person), 2002 Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election (in person), 1997-2001 The Living Edens (in person), 2000 Future Shark (in person), 1999 Rome: Power & Glory (in person), 1998 African Odyssey (in person), 1997 The Secrets of 007: The James Bond Files (in person), 1997 Still Missing (in person), 1996 The Making of 'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' (in person), 1994 The Peyote Road (in person), 1992 Cinema 3 (in person), 1992 Orson Welles: What Went Wrong (in person), 2013 Ahh... San Francisco (in person), 1991 A Grande Arte (Performer), 2013 Paolo Soleri: Beyond Form (in person), 2007 Save the American Wild Horse (in person), 2012 30 for 30 (Performer), 2011 The Gundown (Performer), 2011 Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl' (Performer), 2010 Di Di Hollywood (Performer), 2008 Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief (Performer), 2008 All Roads Lead Home (Performer), 2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Performer), 2007 Speak Out (Performer), 2006 Apparent Horizon (Performer), 2005-2006 Commander in Chief (Performer), 2006 Lost: Reckoning (Performer), 2006 Lost: Revelation (Performer), 2003 Written in Blood (Performer), 2002 Femme Fatale (Performer), 2002 A Walk to Remember (Performer), 2001 Midwives (Performer), 2000 More Dogs Than Bones (Performer), 1999 Emperor of Hemp (Performer), 1999 The Basket (Performer), 1998 Patch Adams (Performer), 1998 Avalanche: The White Death (Performer), 1997 Cybill (Performer), 1996 Terminal Justice (Performer), 1990 The Man Inside (Performer), 1982 Breach of Contract (Performer), 2012 Cages of Shame (in person), 2012 Be Home Soon: Letters from My Grandfather (in person), 2010 What If Cannabis Cured Cancer (in person), 2010 The People's Nepal (in person), 2008 Stealing America: Vote by Vote (in person), 2008 Alaska Far Away: The New Deal Pioneers of the Matanuska Colony (in person), 2006 Darryl Henriques Is in Show Business (in person), 2005 Destination Lost (in person), 2002 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: 20th Anniversary Celebration (in person), 2002 Empty Oceans, Empty Nets (in person), 2001 Voices of the Sierra Tarahumara (in person), 2001 The Shape of Life (in person), 2001 Sex in the 20th Century (in person), 2000 The 72nd Annual Academy Awards (in person), 1999 Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco - The Fillmore (in person), 1998 A Dreamer and the Dreamtribe (in person), 1995 The First 100 Years: A Celebration of American Movies (in person), 1995 American Cinema (in person), 1995 The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 6 (in person), 1993 The Roots of Roe (in person), 1992 The Pacific Century (in person), 1991 Wildlife Wars USA: Bears Under Siege (in person), 1985 Contrary Warriors: A Film of the Crow Tribe (in person), 2010 FlashForward (Other), 2005 Cinema mil (Other), 2010-2011 Law & Order: LA (Performer), 2013 The Invisible Peak (Writer), 2013 The Invisible Peak (in person), 2008 NCIS (Performer), 2011 Valparaiso (Performer), 2011 This Is Not a Movie (Performer), 2004-2006 The 4400 (Performer), 1992-2006 American Masters (Performer), 2005 Berkeley (Performer), 2005 Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (Performer), 2003 Phenomenon II (Performer), 2003 Bon voyage (Performer), 2002 A Time for Dancing (Performer), 2001 Suddenly Naked (Performer), 2000 Erin Brockovich (Performer), 1995-1999 The American Experience (Performer), 1998 Seeds of Doubt (Performer), 1997/II Top of the World (Performer), 1995 Fallen Angels (Performer), 1995 Buffalo Girls (Performer), 1994 Breach of Conduct (Performer), 1991 Keeper of the City (Performer), 1987 Sworn to Silence (Performer), 1986 The Twilight Zone (Performer), 1986 Child's Cry (Performer), 1985 The Blue Yonder (Performer), 1985 Jagged Edge (Performer), 1985 Kerouac, the Movie (Performer), 1984 Scorned and Swindled (Performer), 1983 Slayground (Performer), 1982 Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann (Performer), 1981 The People vs. Jean Harris (Performer), 1980 Tell Me a Riddle (Performer), 1980 Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (Performer), 2007 Hippies (Other), 1997 Close Calls 2: Cheating Death (Other), 2005 Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America's POWs (Producer), 2012 Haight Ashbury: The Beat of a Generation (in person), 2012 The Dust Bowl (in person), 2012 Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal (in person), 2011 Prohibition (in person), 2010 Great Migrations (in person), 2010 Bag It (in person), 2010 Don't Get Sick After June: American Indian Healthcare: (in person), 2009 Independent Lens (in person), 2009 The National Parks: America's Best Idea (in person), 2008 P.O.V. (in person), 2007 One Man, One Cow, One Planet (in person), 2007 Hippies (in person), 2007 Soldiers of Conscience (in person), 2007 Jukebox: From Edison to Ipod (in person), 2007 Strange Culture (in person), 2006 The Drug Years (in person), 2005 The Tribe (in person), 2005 The Sacramento: River of Life (in person), 2005 The Sixties: The Years That Shaped a Generation (in person), 2005 The Green Bus v. the White House (in person), 2004 There's Something About W (in person), 2002 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial 20th Anniversary Special (in person), 1999 When Buffalo Roam (in person), 1999 Still Missing (in person), 1998 Titanic: Breaking New Ground (in person), 1998 Beneath the Surface: The Making of 'Sphere' (in person), 1996 The West (in person), 1992 Earth and the American Dream (in person), 1989 Lunettes noires pour nuits blanches (in person), 1987 It Was 20 Years Ago Today (in person), 1985 Troupers (in person), 2008 Banda sonora (Other), 2006 The 4400 (Other), 2008 Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story (Performer), 1999 e_xecution of Justice (Performer), 1999 A Murder on Shadow Mountain (Performer), 2012 Journey of Hanuman (in person), 2011 Last Will (Performer), 1991 Avonlea (Performer), 1987 A Man in Love (Performer), 2002 Live at the Shrine! John Williams and the World Premiere of 'E.T.: (in person), 1986 Deadly Nightmares (Performer), 2010 Brain Fitness (in person), 2005 Texas Gold (in person), 1995 Secrets of the Wild Panda (Performer), 1994 That Eye, the Sky (Performer), 1993 Kika (Performer), 1992 Bitter Moon (Performer), 1991 Crooked Hearts (Performer), 1991 A Seduction in Travis County (Performer), 1988 Heart of Midnight (Performer), 1988 Baja Oklahoma (Performer), 1987 American Playhouse (Performer), 1986 A Question of Power (Performer), 1985 The Legend of Billie Jean (Performer), 1984 Best Kept Secrets (Performer), 1983 Cross Creek (Performer), 1982 Endangered Species (Performer), 1982 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Performer), 1982 Out (Performer), 1999 World's Scariest Explosions: Caught on Tape (Other), 2008/II Race (Director), 2008/II Race (Producer), 1988 Baja Oklahoma (in person), 2012 Democracy Now! (in person), 2012 Village Music: Last of the Great Record Stores (in person), 2011 Stage Left: A Story of Theater in San Francisco (in person), 2011 These Amazing Shadows (in person), 2011 Connected: An Autoblogography About Love, Death & Technology (in person), 2010 Call of Life (in person), 2009 Huxley on Huxley (in person), 2008 Healing Words: Poetry and Medicine (in person), 2007 Fog City Mavericks (in person), 1999-2007 The American Experience (in person), 2006 A/k/a Tommy Chong (in person), 1998-2006 Nature (in person), 2006 The Damnedest, Finest Ruins (in person), 2005 Commune (in person), 2005 Farming the Seas (in person), 2002 Seth Eastman: Painting the Dakota (in person), 2002 Out of the Blue (in person), 2002 Stay Tuned (in person), 2002 Founding Brothers (in person), 2002 Polanski y los ojos del mal (in person), 2002 The E.T. Reunion (in person), 2001 Quartzite's Fall: A Wilderness Tale (in person), 1999 Kontum Diary: The Journey Home (in person), 1998 Karmapa - Two Ways of Divinity (in person), 1998 HBO First Look (in person), 1996 21st Century Jet: The Building of the 777 (in person), 1995 Cyclone! (in person), 1993 Primer plano (in person), 1993 National Geographic Specials (in person), 1991 The New Range Wars (in person), 1989 Downwind/Downstream (in person), 1983 The Four Corners: A National Sacrifice Area (in person), 2012 Hemingway & Gellhorn (Performer), 2009-2010 FlashForward (Performer), 2008 Adopt a Sailor (Performer), 2008 A Single Woman (Performer), 2007 Brothers & Sisters (Performer), 2007 The Sunday Man (Performer), 2006 Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil (Performer), 2005 A Little Trip to Heaven (Performer), 2005 The Inside (Performer), 2005 Deepwater (Performer), 2005 Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (Performer), 2004 Shadow of Fear (Performer), 2000-2004 Understanding (Performer), 2004 Deadwood (Performer), 2004 The Great Role (Performer), 2003 Northfork (Performer), 2002 The Division (Performer), 2001-2002 The Color of War (Performer), 2000 The Wednesday Woman (Performer), 1999/II Last Call (Performer), 1998 Route 9 (Performer), 1998 Indiscreet (Performer), 1996 Dalva (Performer), 1996 Seduced by Madness: The Diane Borchardt Story (Performer), 1996 Unforgett_able (Performer)

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