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Pietro Mascagni Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: December 07, 1863 in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy
Died: August 02, 1945 in Rome, Lazio, Italy
Italian composer and conductor Pietro Mascagni (1863-1945) was thrust into fame by fate. His one act opera, Cavalleria rusticana, had been submitted to a local contest by his wife, without his knowledge. The opera, the fourth act of his ambitious Ratcliff, received thunderous applause, and the opera, which was staged in Rome in 1890, thrust him into the spotlight. Unfortunately, although Mascagni wrote a number of other operas, none achieved the success of Cavalleria rusticana, but the composer also enjoyed a following as a conductor of operas.
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1976-Italia-Kagekidan-Kouen:-Kageki-'Cavarelia-rusutikana'-zenkyoku (Music Department), 2013-Det-gra-guld (Sound), 2010-Boardwalk-Empire (Sound), 2008-Skins (Sound), 2003-A-Sicilian-Tale (Sound), 1999-Opera-Fanatic (Sound), 1997-Funny-Games (Sound), 1982-Domingo/Troyanos-Met-Gala-Concert (Sound), 1952-Because-You're-Mine (Sound), 1951-The-Great-Caruso (Sound), 1935-Here's-to-Romance (Sound), 2011-Cavalleria-rusticana---Pagliacci (Music Department), 1996-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1982-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1966-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1939-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1916-Amica (Music Department), 1999-Great-Performances (Sound), 2007-Funny-Games (Sound), 1989-Parasztbecsulet (Music Department), 1920-Satan's-Rhapsody (Sound), 1920-Satan's-Rhapsody (in person), 2008-Sarah-Brightman:-Symphony-in-Vienna (Sound), 2007-The-Sopranos (Sound), 2005-Unknown-White-Male (Sound), 2002-Death-to-Smoochy (Sound), 1999-A-Midsummer-Night's-Dream (Sound), 1992-I-Don't-Buy-Kisses-Anymore (Sound), 1980-Raging-Bull (Sound), 1949-That-Midnight-Kiss (Sound), 1935-Enter-Madame (Sound), 1996-Gold-and-Silver-Gala-with-Placido-Domingo (Music Department), 1910-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1909-Parisina (Music Department), 2007-Cavalleria-Rusticana (Sound), 1942-I-Live-as-I-Please (Sound), 2011-Cavalleria-Rusticana/I-pagliacci (Music Department), 1978-The-Metropolitan-Opera-Presents (Music Department), 2013-L'-ultimo-esploratore---vita-e-avventure-del-barone-Franchetti (Other), 2008-Filth-and-Wisdom (Sound), 1990-The-Godfather:-Part-III (Sound), 1935-Metropolitan (Sound), 1968-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1937-Queen-of-the-Scala (Music Department), 1915-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1909-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1909-Cavalleria-rusticana (Sound), 1955-Fatal-Desire (Sound), 1955-Fatal-Desire (Music Department), 1904-Visita-di-Mascagni-all'esposizione (in person), 2013-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1964-Tonio-Kroger (Sound), 1913-The-Last-Days-of-Pompeii (Sound), 1909-William-Ratcliff (Music Department), 2010-Cavalleria-rusticana (Sound), 2008-Two-Lovers (Sound), 1997-Four-Days-in-September (Sound), 2010-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 2001-Tuscan-Skies-~-Andrea-Bocelli-~ (Music Department), 1990-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1918-Iris (Music Department), 1916/II-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 1911-Cavalleria-rusticana (Music Department), 2004-The-Ninth (Other)
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Cavalleria-Rusticana - Music (April 14, 1948 - May 2, 1948), Cavalleria-Rusticana - Music (April 29, 1947 - April 29, 1947), Pagliacci - Music (April 29, 1947 - April 29, 1947), Cavalleria-Rusticana - Music (May 8, 1946 - May 8, 1946), Cavalleria-Rusticana - Music (September 28, 1945 - October 21, 1945), Cavalleria-Rusticana - Music (November 11, 1944 - November 25, 1944), Cavalleria-Rusticana - Music (May 1944 - emClosing date unknown/em), The-Eternal-City - Music (November 17, 1902 - February 1903)

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