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Born: January 29, 1843 in Niles, Ohio
Died: September 14, 1901 in Buffalo, New York
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William McKinley (1843-1901) represented Ohio as a Republican in the U.S. Congress from 1877-1883 and 1885-1891, and he served as Governor of Ohio from 1892-1896. Elected 25th U.S. President in 1896, McKinley was reelected to a second term in 1900 with a larger plurality of votes than any other Chief Executive before him. The U.S. became a world power during his Presidency, winning a war with Spain (1898) and acquiring overseas colonies (Puerto Rico and the Philippines). On September 6, 1901, at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York, President McKinley was shot by Leon Czolgosz, an anarchist. He died on September 14, 1901, the third President to be assassinated.

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2013 America's Book of Secrets (in person), 1899 Unveiling of Grant Monument (in person), 1898 President McKinley's Inspection of Camp Wikoff (in person), 1943 Forgotten Treasure (Other), 1897 Washington, le président Mac Kinley adressant son message (in person), 1990 Babe Ruth: The Man, the Myth, the Legend (Other), 1899 President McKinley and Wife, Members of His Cabinet and Their (in person), 1899 President and Mrs. McKinley (in person), 1901 Launching of the New Battleship 'Ohio' at San Francisco, Cal. When (in person), 1897 McKinley Leaving Church (in person), 1897 Return of McKinley from the Capitol (in person), 1897 McKinley and Others in Carriage (in person), 1901 The Second Inauguration (in person), 1901 President McKinley Taking the Oath (in person), 1951 The Littlest Expert on My Favorite President (Other), 1950 Fifty Years Before Your Eyes (Other), 1898 President McKinley and Cabinet at Camp Alger, May 28, 1898 (in person), 1896 William McKinley at Canton, Ohio (in person), 1897 President McKinley's Inauguration (in person), 1896 Parade at Canton O. Showing Major McKinley in Carriage (in person), 2005 The Presidents (Other), 1901 President McKinley Leaving the White House for the Capitol (in person), 1900 President McKinley Laying Corner Stone (in person), 1952 Days of McKinley, Bryan, and Teddy Roosevelt (Other), 1899 Capt. Coghlan, One of the Manila Heroes, and Crew of the Raleigh, (in person), 1899 McKinley Leaving State House, Boston (in person), 1899 Mrs. U.S. Grant and President McKinley (in person), 2012 America's Book of Secrets (Other), 1901 President McKinley's Speech at the Pan-American Exposition (in person), 1897 President Cleveland and President McKinley (in person), 1896 Wm. McKinley Receiving Telegram Announcing His Election (in person), 1903 President McKinley and His Cabinet on the Reviewing Stand, at (Other), 1897 President McKinley's Address (in person), 1901 President McKinley Inauguration (in person), 1899 First City Troop of Philadelphia (in person), 1899 President McKinley Reviewing the Troops (in person), 1999 The Century: America's Time (Other), 1901 President McKinley Reviewing the Troops at the Pan-American (in person), 1901 President McKinley and Escort Going to the Capitol (in person), 1897 General Porter's Oration (in person), 1901 President McKinley at the Buffalo Exposition (in person), 1897 McKinley and Cleveland Going to the Capitol (in person), 1992 Stalking the President: A History of American Assassins (Other), 1899 Sev. Regiments Passing the Monument (in person), 1899 Presentation of Nation's Sword to Admiral Dewey (in person), 1899 President McKinley (in person), 1897 McKinley Taking the Oath (in person), 1899 President McKinley and Mayor Ashbridge of Philadelphia (in person)

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