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Born: January 23, 1898 in Orange County, Virginia
Died: March 2, 1987 in Beverly Hills, California
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Randolph Scott (1898-1987), made his film debut in 1928's Sharp Shooters, the first of the many Westerns he would make over the course of his movie career. By the mid-1930s he was a romantic lead and co-star, and from 1950-1953 Scott was one of the top ten box office attractions. The virile, weathered Scott is best known for his cowboy roles; in the 1940s and 1950s, he starred in 39 big-budget Westerns, including Virginia City (1940). He also appeared in a number of B-Westerns at the end of his career.   
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1939 Land of Liberty (Other), 2005 Budd Boetticher: A Man Can Do That (Other), 2004 Sam Peckinpah's West: Legacy of a Hollywood Renegade (Other), 1993-2001 Biography (Other), 1975 Hooray for Hollywood (Other), 1987 The West That Never Was (Other), 1962 Ride the High Country (Performer), 1957 The Tall T (Performer), 1956 7th Cavalry (Performer), 1955 A Lawless Street (Performer), 1955 Tall Man Riding (Performer), 1955 Ten Wanted Men (Performer), 1954 The Bounty Hunter (Performer), 1953 The Stranger Wore a Gun (Performer), 1951 Fort Worth (Performer), 1951 Sugarfoot (Performer), 1947 Christmas Eve (Performer), 1946 Home, Sweet Homicide (Performer), 1943 Corvette K-225 (Performer), 1943 The Desperadoes (Performer), 1942 Pittsburgh (Performer), 1941 Western Union (Performer), 1939 Frontier Marshal (Performer), 1939 Susannah of the Mounties (Performer), 1938 The Road to Reno (Performer), 1934 The Last Round-Up (Performer), 1933 Man of the Forest (Performer), 1932 Sky Bride (Performer), 1931 Women Men Marry (Performer), 1930 Born Reckless (Performer), 1929 Dynamite (Performer), 1929 The Virginian (Performer), 1929 Weary River (Performer), 1957 The Tall T (Producer), 1956 7th Cavalry (Producer), 1955 A Lawless Street (Producer), 1955 Ten Wanted Men (Producer), 1953 The Stranger Wore a Gun (Producer), 1929 The Virginian (Other), 1929 The Virginian (in person), 1958 Bing Crosby and His Friends (in person), 1946 Rough But Hopeful (in person), 1934 Hollywood on Parade No. B-6 (in person), 1999-2004 American Masters (Other), 2006 Amérique, notre histoire (Other), 1976 America at the Movies (Other), 1993 La classe américaine (Other), 1953 Wagon Wheels (Other), 1959 Westbound (Performer), 1957 Decision at Sundown (Performer), 1956 Seven Men from Now (Performer), 1953 Three Lives (Performer), 1952 Hangman's Knot (Performer), 1951 Santa Fe (Performer), 1950 The Cariboo Trail (Performer), 1946 Abilene Town (Performer), 1945 Captain Kidd (Performer), 1942 To the Shores of Tripoli (Performer), 1941 Paris Calling (Performer), 1937 High, Wide, and Handsome (Performer), 1936 And Sudden Death (Performer), 1936 Follow the Fleet (Performer), 1935 Village Tale (Performer), 1935 So Red the Rose (Performer), 1933 Cocktail Hour (Performer), 1933 Sunset Pass (Performer), 1933 Murders in the Zoo (Performer), 1932 Hot Saturday (Performer), 1929 Sailor's Holiday (Performer), 1957 Decision at Sundown (Producer), 1952 Hangman's Knot (Producer), 1960 Celebrity Golf (in person), 1953 Screen Snapshots: Men of the West (in person), 1944 Follow the Boys (in person), 1992 Legends of the West (Other), 1965 Wayne and Shuster Take an Affectionate Look At... (Other), 1958 Buchanan Rides Alone (Performer), 1957 Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend (Performer), 1953 Thunder Over the Plains (Performer), 1953 The Man Behind the Gun (Performer), 1952 Carson City (Performer), 1949 Fighting Man of the Plains (Performer), 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma (Performer), 1949 Canadian Pacific (Performer), 1949 The Walking Hills (Performer), 1948 Coroner Creek (Performer), 1947 Gunfighters (Performer), 1945 China Sky (Performer), 1944 Belle of the Yukon (Performer), 1943 Bombardier (Performer), 1941 Belle Starr (Performer), 1939 Jesse James (Performer), 1938 The Texans (Performer), 1936 Go West Young Man (Performer), 1935 Rocky Mountain Mystery (Performer), 1933 Broken Dreams (Performer), 1933 Supernatural (Performer), 1933 The Thundering Herd (Performer), 1933 Hello, Everybody! (Performer), 1932 A Successful Calamity (Performer), 1929 Half Marriage (Performer), 1929 The Black Watch (Performer), 1929 The Far Call (Performer), 1958 Buchanan Rides Alone (Producer), 1949 The Doolins of Oklahoma (Producer), 1949 The Walking Hills (Producer), 1949 The Walking Hills (Other), 1941 Meet the Stars #6: Stars at Play (in person), 1962 Here's Hollywood (in person), 2005 Follow the Fleet: The Origins of Those Dancing Feet (Other), 2000 Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs (Other), 1992 Gunfighters of the Old West (Other), 1965 Hollywood My Home Town (Other), 1943 'Gung Ho!': The Story of Carlson's Makin Island Raiders (Performer), 2008 The Naked Archaeologist (Other), 1960 Comanche Station (Performer), 1959 Ride Lonesome (Performer), 1955 Rage at Dawn (Performer), 1954 Riding Shotgun (Performer), 1951 Man in the Saddle (Performer), 1951 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Goes Western (Performer), 1950 Colt .45 (Performer), 1950 The Nevadan (Performer), 1948 Return of the Bad Men (Performer), 1948 Albuquerque (Performer), 1947 Trail Street (Performer), 1946 Badman's Territory (Performer), 1942 The Spoilers (Performer), 1940 When the Daltons Rode (Performer), 1940 My Favorite Wife (Performer), 1940 Virginia City (Performer), 1939 20,000 Men a Year (Performer), 1939 Coast Guard (Performer), 1938 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Performer), 1936 The Last of the Mohicans (Performer), 1935 She (Performer), 1935 Roberta (Performer), 1935 Home on the Range (Performer), 1934 Wagon Wheels (Performer), 1933 To the Last Man (Performer), 1932 Wild Horse Mesa (Performer), 1932 Heritage of the Desert (Performer), 1928 Sharp Shooters (Performer), 1960 Comanche Station (Producer), 1959 Ride Lonesome (Producer), 1951 Man in the Saddle (Producer), 1950 The Nevadan (Producer), 1951 Starlift (in person), 1935 Pirate Party on Catalina Isle (in person)
Theater Credits
Carmen Jones - Performer (December 2, 1943 - February 10, 1945)

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