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Ray Bolger Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: January 10, 1904 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
Died: January 15, 1987 in Los Angeles, California
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Dancer and actor Ray Bolger (1904-1987) began his dancing career on vaudeville and then moved to Broadway in 1930s musicals such as On Your Toes. His best-remembered stage role was a starring one in Where's Charley?(1948), a role he reprised in the film version (1952). Bolger will always be remembered and loved as the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz (1939). After hosting his own TV variety show in the early 1950s, he was a frequent and popular guest on TV shows through the 1970s. Byron Palmer (1920-2009) was an American film and stage actor and singer. After his performance as the second lead in Where's Charley? He began his film career in Tonight We Sing? (1953). Some of his other films include Man in the Attic (1953), Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki (1955) and Glory (1956). In 1955 he began a television career alongside Joan Weldon in This Is Your Music a syndicated musical program with the pair performing America's best loved songs.
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1958-The-Big-Record (in person), 1978-ABC's-Silver-Anniversary-Celebration (in person), 1962-Here's-Hollywood (in person), 1958-1959-General-Electric-Theater (Performer), 1955-MGM-Parade (Sound), 2009-Johnny-Mercer:-The-Dream's-on-Me (Other), 2009-To-Oz!-The-Making-of-a-Classic (Other), 1985-The-Walt-Disney-Comedy-and-Magic-Revue (Other), 1955-MGM-Parade (Other), 1949-Make-Mine-Laughs (Other), 1994-That's-Entertainment!-III (Other), 1969-Walt-Disney's-Wonderful-World-of-Color (Other), 1961-The-Bell-Telephone-Hour (Sound), 2008-The-O'Reilly-Factor (Other), 1978-1982-Fantasy-Island (Performer), 1981-Aloha-Paradise (Performer), 1979-Just-You-and-Me,-Kid (Performer), 1978-1979-Little-House-on-the-Prairie (Performer), 1978-Three-on-a-Date (Performer), 1970-1972-The-Partridge-Family (Performer), 1971-Nanny-and-the-Professor (Performer), 1953-1955-Where's-Raymond (Performer), 1949-Look-for-the-Silver-Lining (Performer), 1942-Four-Jacks-and-a-Jill (Performer), 1941-Sunny (Performer), 1939-The-Wizard-of-Oz (Performer), 1984-The-56th-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1979-Good-Morning-America (in person), 1979-The-51st-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1963-1967-Password-All-Stars (in person), 1959-Sunday-Showcase (in person), 1958-1959-The-Dinah-Shore-Chevy-Show (in person), 1954-A-Star-Is-Born-World-Premiere (in person), 1938-Electrical-Power (in person), 1984-Diff'rent-Strokes (Performer), 1979-Battlestar-Galactica (Performer), 1979-Heaven-Only-Knows (Performer), 1978-Baretta (Performer), 1966-The-Jean-Arthur-Show (Performer), 1962-The-Red-Skelton-Hour (Performer), 1952-Where's-Charley (Performer), 1946-The-Harvey-Girls (Performer), 1926-Carrie-of-the-Chorus:-The-Berth-Mark (Performer), 1985-That's-Dancing! (in person), 1985-The-Whimsical-World-of-Oz (in person), 1963-1976-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1975-The-29th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1975-At-Long-Last-Cole (in person), 1956-1961-What's-My-Line (in person), 1943-Stage-Door-Canteen (in person), 2009-The-Yellow-Brick-Road-and-Beyond (Other), 2001-Life-with-Judy-Garland:-Me-and-My-Shadows (Sound), 1992-Legends-of-the-West (Other), 2000-The-Legend-Floyd:-The-Dark-Side-of-the-Rainbow (Other), 2001-Hildegarde (Sound), 1956-Ford-Star-Jubilee (Other), 2008-Hollywood-Singing-and-Dancing:-A-Musical-Treasure (Other), 2005-The-Art-of-Imagination:-A-Tribute-to-Oz (Other), 1970-The-Hollywood-Palace (Other), 1961-The-DuPont-Show-of-the-Week (Other), 2005-Because-of-the-Wonderful-Things-It-Does:-The-Legacy-of-Oz (Other), 1974-That's-Entertainment! (Sound), 1958-Val-Parnell's-Sunday-Night-at-the-London-Palladium (in person), 2005-Biography (Other), 1974-That's-Entertainment! (Other), 1970-The-Partridge-Family (Sound), 1983-Peter-and-the-Magic-Egg (Performer), 1976-Captains-and-the-Kings (Performer), 1976-The-Entertainer (Performer), 1966-The-Daydreamer (Performer), 1938-The-Girl-of-the-Golden-West (Performer), 1977-Tomorrow-Coast-to-Coast (in person), 1976-The-48th-Annual-Academy-Awards (in person), 1971-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1968-The-Joey-Bishop-Show (in person), 1965-1967-The-Hollywood-Palace (in person), 1966-The-Dean-Martin-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1966-The-Match-Game (in person), 1960-1966-The-Bell-Telephone-Hour (in person), 1963-The-Christophers (in person), 1961-Walt-Disney's-Wonderful-World-of-Color (in person), 1961-The-15th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1960-Celebrity-Golf (in person), 1957-The-George-Gobel-Show (in person), 2004-Broadway:-The-American-Musical (Other), 1997-American-Masters (Other), 2010-A-Star-Is-Born:-Special-Features (Other), 2009-The-Tonight-Show-with-Conan-O'Brien (Other), 1998-Quest-for-Camelot-Sing-Alongs (Sound), 1954-The-Milton-Berle-Show (in person), 1939-Houston-Post-Contest-Winners-Arrive-in-Los-Angeles (in person), 2008-The-Age-of-Believing:-The-Disney-Live-Action-Classics (Other), 2006-Boffo!-Tinseltown's-Bombs-and-Blockbusters (Other), 1953-1954-Where's-Raymond (Sound), 2004-Remembering-'Battlestar-Galactica' (Other), 1990-The-Wonderful-Wizard-of-Oz:-50-Years-of-Magic (Other), 1979-The-Runner-Stumbles (Performer), 1977-1979-The-Love-Boat (Performer), 1961-Babes-in-Toyland (Performer), 1952-April-in-Paris (Performer), 1943-Forever-and-a-Day (Performer), 1938-Sweethearts (Performer), 1937-Rosalie (Performer), 2004-American-Masters (in person), 1979-The-Making-of-'The-Wizard-of-Oz' (in person), 1972-Omnibus (in person), 1972-Dinah's-Place (in person), 1970-The-Bob-Hope-Show (in person), 1964-The-Judy-Garland-Show (in person), 1961-1962-I've-Got-a-Secret (in person), 1962-The-16th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1960-The-Revlon-Revue (in person), 1960-The-14th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1956-1958-Perry-Como's-Kraft-Music-Hall (in person), 1956-1957-Washington-Square (in person), 1955-Screen-Snapshots:-Hollywood-Plays-Golf (in person), 1955-Max-Liebman-Presents:-Big-Time (in person), 1952-The-Colgate-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1936-The-Great-Ziegfeld (in person)
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Come-Summer - Performer (March 18, 1969 - March 22, 1969), All-American - Performer (March 19, 1962 - May 26, 1962), Where's-Charley - Performer (January 29, 1951 - March 10, 1951), Where's-Charley - Performer (October 11, 1948 - September 9, 1950), Three-to-Make-Ready - Performer (March 7, 1946 - December 14, 1946), By-Jupiter - Performer (June 3, 1942 - June 12, 1943), Keep-Off-the-Grass - Performer (May 23, 1940 - June 29, 1940), On-Your-Toes - Performer (April 11, 1936 - January 23, 1937), George-White's-Scandals-[1931] - Performer (September 14, 1931 - March 5, 1932), Heads-Up - Performer (November 11, 1929 - March 15, 1930), A-Night-in-Paris - Performer (July 26, 1926 - October 30, 1926), The-Merry-World - Performer (June 8, 1926 - August 21, 1926), Life-b_egins-at-8:40 - Performer (August 27, 1934 - March 16, 1935)

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