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Rick Nelson Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: May 8, 1940 in Teaneck, New Jersey
Died: December 31, 1985 in De Kalb, Texas
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Eric Hilliard "Rick" Nelson (1940-1985) became one of the biggest teen idols of the 1950s after a number of his songs were introduced on the family TV show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952-1966), a series starring his  real parents, Ozzie and Harriet Hilliard Nelson, and his older brother, David Nelson. After first singing on the show, he released his first record, "A Teenager's Romance"/"I'm Walkin'", in April 1957, launching his recording career. Other hits included "Hello, Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)", "Travelin' Man" and "Garden Party." In the 1960s, Ricky, who changed his name to a more grownup "Rick", found success on the nightclub circuit and remained a hard-working performer, playing up to 200 dates a year. In 1985, he was killed in an airplane crash on New Year's Eve. Nelson also appeared in several feature films, including Rio Bravo (1959) and The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1960), and made guest appearances on numerous TV series. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, Nelson was ranked #2 on TV Guide's list of "TV's 25 Teen Idols" in the January 23, 2005 issue.
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1997-U-Turn (Sound), 2005-Ricky-Nelson-Sings (Other), 2007-You-Kill-Me (Sound), 2008-Lymelife (Sound), 1998-Biography (Other), 1991-Idols (Other), Rock-Concert (Sound), The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Sound), 2012-Moeder,-ik-wil-bij-de-revue (Sound), 1994-Pulp-Fiction (Sound), 1965-1966-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1981-CBS-Library (Performer), 1977-Tales-of-the-Unexpected (Performer), 1967-Hondo (Performer), 1952-Here-Come-the-Nelsons (Performer), 1985-Our-Time (in person), 1981-Tomorrow-Coast-to-Coast (in person), 1979-Saturday-Night-Live (in person), 1979-Comeback (in person), 1978-The-5th-Annual-American-Music-Awards (in person), 1975-Dinah! (in person), 1973-Easy-to-Be-Free (in person), 1966-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1965-Shindig! (in person), 1959-Disneyland-'59 (in person), 2006-Arthur-and-the-Invisibles (Sound), 2005-The-Wendell-Baker-Story (Sound), 1961-General-Electric-Theater (Performer), 2003-Bad-Santa (Sound), 2001-61* (Sound), 1988-36-fillette (Sound), 1987-Prom-Night-II (Sound), 2009-2010-Fringe (Sound), 1994-Rebel-Highway (Sound), 2007-Because-I-Said-So (Sound), 2000-Hollywood-Rocks-the-Movies:-The-Early-Years-1955-1970 (Sound), 1993-La-classe-americaine (Other), 1973-The-Men-Who-Made-the-Movies:-Howard-Hawks (Other), 2005-Saturday-Night-Live:-The-Best-of-Gilda-Radner (Other), 1991-Technicolormies (Other), 2011-Voorhees-Born-on-a-Friday (Sound), Saturday-Night-Live (Sound), 2002-The-Sopranos (Sound), 1971-Dusty-and-Sweets-McGee (Sound), 1971-Dusty-and-Sweets-McGee (Producer), 1984-High-School-U.S.A. (Performer), 1977-The-Hardy-Boys/Nancy-Drew-Mysteries (Performer), 1974-Petrocelli (Performer), 1973-The-Streets-of-San-Francisco (Performer), 1972-Fol-de-Rol (Performer), 1952-1966-The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Performer), 1960-The-Wackiest-Ship-in-the-Army (Performer), 1969-Della (in person), 1967-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1959-The-Juke-Box-Jury (in person), 2009-Lokakuun-valoa (Sound), 2008-Garden-Party (Sound), 1989-Heavy-Petting (Sound), 1992-What-Happened (Other), 2004-Cold-Case (Sound), 2005-7th-Heaven (Sound), 2007-Jukebox-Rock-'n'-Roll-Vol.-1 (Sound), 2007-Jukebox-Rock-'n'-Roll-Vol.-1 (Other), 1992-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (Other), 2008-The-Wrecking-Crew (Other), 2001-Behind-the-Music (Other), 1969-The-Over-the-Hill-Gang (Performer), 1966-ABC-Stage-67 (Performer), 1965-Love-and-Kisses (Performer), 1953-The-Story-of-Three-Loves (Performer), 1985-Solid-Gold (in person), 1974-Rock-Concert (in person), 1972-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1970-Get-It-Together (in person), 1967-1969-The-Joey-Bishop-Show (in person), 1965-Hollywood-a-Go-Go (in person), 1974-Sonic-Boom (Performer), 1972-McCloud (Performer), 1970-Swing-Out,-Sweet-Land (Performer), 1978-Three-on-a-Date (Performer), 1978-The-Love-Boat (Performer), 1970-The-Resurrection-of-Broncho-Billy (Performer), 1959-Rio-Bravo (Performer), 1980-Men-Who-Rate-a-10 (in person), 1978-The-Midnight-Special (in person), 1978-ABC's-Silver-Anniversary-Celebration (in person), 1971-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 1970-The-Jim-Nabors-Hour (in person), 1970-The-Everly-Brothers-Show (in person), 1970-The-Johnny-Cash-Show (in person), 1967-Malibu-U. (in person), 1959-What's-My-Line (in person), 2013-Vegas (Sound), 1985-Ricky-Nelson-&-Fats-Domino:-Live-at-the-Universal-Amphitheatre (in person), 1972-1974-Owen-Marshall,-Counselor-at-Law (Performer), 1991-Dogfight (Sound), 2011-Rock-&-Chips (Sound), 2008-The-O'Reilly-Factor (Other), 1965-The-Adventures-of-Ozzie-&-Harriet (Other), 2000-Nurse-Betty (Sound), 1976-The-Shootist (Other), 1964-Scorpio-Rising (Sound)

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