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Born: July 7, 1940 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
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2003 Muppets Magic from 'The Ed Sullivan Show' (Sound), 2010 Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band Live at the Greek Theater (Producer), 2003 A Guy Thing (Sound), The Simpsons (Sound), 2012 South Today (in person), 2007 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin' Down a Dream (in person), 2006 Tory! Tory! Tory! (Other), 2003 Inside John Lennon (Other), 1995 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Playback (Other), 1978 I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Other), 2009 Strawberry Fields: Keeping the Spirit of John Lennon Alive (Other), 2005 Who Buried Paul McCartney (Other), 2001 The Beatles... Off the Record: Newsreel Footage 1964-1966 (Other), 1995 You Can't Do That! The Making of 'A Hard Day's Night' (Other), 1963 Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium (in person), 2013 Good Ol' Freda (Other), 2010 John Lennon: Love Is All You Need (Other), 2004 Broadway: The American Musical (Other), 2004 101 Most Unforgett_able SNL Moments (Other), 1997 Great Romances of the 20th Century: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard (Other), 1995 Rock & Roll (Other), 2010 Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band Live at the Greek Theater (in person), 1970 Schlag auf Schlager (in person), 2012 Elvis Found Alive (Other), 2007 Memòries de la tele (Other), 2003 Ed Sullivan Presents: The Beatles (Other), 1996 Beatles Diary (Other), 1967-1968 The Hollywood Palace (Other), 2007 Banda sonora (Other), 2002 Standing in the Shadows of Motown (Other), 1997 Brit Girls (in person), 1987 Rolling Stone Presents Twenty Years of Rock & Roll (in person), 2007 The Beatles in Help! (Other), 1997 The Fifties (Other), 1993 Fame in the Twentieth Century (Other), 1989 Paul McCartney (Other), 1964-1976 Top of the Pops (Other), 1976 The Bette Midler Show (Sound), 2008 Rare and Unseen: The Beatles (Other), 1991 Curly Sue (Sound), 2012 BB King: The Life of Riley (in person), 2011 Cinema Verite (Sound), 2004 50 First Dates (Sound), 1971 200 Motels (Performer), 1968 Candy (Performer), 1965 Help! (Performer), 1987 Adventure (Producer), 1995 The Beatles Anthology (Other), 1998-2010 Larry King Live (in person), 2010 Classic Albums: John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band (in person), 2010 The Jay Leno Show (in person), 2003-2010 The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (in person), 2010 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (in person), 2008 The Beatles: Destination Hamburg (in person), 2000-2008 Late Show with David Letterman (in person), 2004-2008 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (in person), 2008 Biography (in person), 2007 Gomorron (in person), 1998-2006 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (in person), 2006 Canada A.M. (in person), 1964-2006 Top of the Pops (in person), 2004 George Harrison: The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 (in person), 2003 The Greatest (in person), 1998-2001 Howard Stern (in person), 1998 Gute Nacht, Gottschalk (in person), 1995 The Beatles Anthology (in person), 1995 Queen: Champions of the World (in person), 1993 Cilla's Celebration (in person), 1992 One on One with John Tesh (in person), 1992 ABC in Concert (in person), 1990 Hotels (in person), 1988 The True Story of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels (in person), 1987 The Return of Bruno (in person), 1985 Blue Suede Shoes (in person), 1984 D.C. Beach Party (in person), 1981 Tomorrow Coast to Coast (in person), 1978 The Mike Douglas Show (in person), 1977 Sympathy for the Devil (in person), 1977 All You Need Is Love (in person), 1977 The 19th Annual Grammy Awards (in person), 1973 Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (in person), 1973 The 15th Annual Grammy Awards (in person), 1972 Monty Python's Flying Circus (in person), 1971 V.I.P.-Schaukel (in person), 1970 4-3-2-1 Hot and Sweet (in person), 1970 NBC Experiment in Television (in person), 1965 The Best on Record (in person), 1964 Two of a Kind (in person), 1962 Tuesday Rendezvous (in person), 2010 Huckabee (Sound), 2009 Funny People (Sound), 2010 Thomas & Friends: The Best of Thomas (Performer), 2009 Peter Kay's Animated All Star Band: The Official BBC Children in (Performer), 1969 Sesame Street (Sound), 2012 Change b_egins Within (in person), 2000 Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The Early Years 1955-1970 (in person), 1975 The Hoyt Axton Country Western Boogie Woogie Gospel Rock and Roll (in person), 1972 Did Somebody d_rop His Mouse (in person), 2010 Paul McCartney Really Is Dead: The Last Testament of George (in person), 1995-2003 Late Night with Conan O'Brien (in person), 1978 All You Need Is Cash (Sound), 2005 Concert for Bangladesh Revisited with George Harrison and Friends (in person), 1975 The Smothers Brothers Show (in person), 2005 The Shot That Shook the World (Other), 1998 Omnibus (Other), 1998 A Really Big Show: Ed Sullivan's 50th Anniversary (Other), 1994 The Beatles, The Long and Winding Road: The Life and Times (Other), 2001 Death of a Beatle (Other), 1993 Murderers, Mobsters & Madmen Vol. 2: Assassination in the 20th (Other), 1990 The Beatles: On the Road (Other), 2013 Ringo at the Ryman (Producer), 2013 The One and Only Cilla Black (in person), 2013 Ringo at the Ryman (in person), 2012 Palme (Other), 2007 The Bare Necessities: The Making of 'The Jungle Book' (Other), 2007 Timewatch (Other), 2003 Ed Sullivan's Rock 'n' Roll Classics, Vol. 4: Elvis & Other Rock (Other), 2006 Be My Baby: The Girl Group Story (Other), 1992 Secrets (Other), 1975 David Frost Salutes the Beatles (Other), 1966-1967 Beat-Club (Other), 2012 Love Me Do: The Beatles '62 (Other), 2006 The Beatles: Era 60's - The True Story, Retold (Other), 1985 Ready Steady Go! The Beatles Live (Other), 2005 Stuart Sutcliffe: The Lost Beatle (Other), 1999 The Beatles: Celebration (Other), 1995 The Speeches of Robert F. Kennedy (Other), 1986 Rock 'N' Roll Goldmine: The Sixties (Other), 2011 The Corrie Years (Other), 2000 Hendrix (Other), 1989 Shining Time Station (Performer), 1985 Water (Performer), 1984 Give My Regards to Broad Street (Performer), 1983 Princess Daisy (Performer), 1982 The Cooler (Performer), 1978 Sextette (Performer), 1974 Son of Dracula (Performer), 1969 The Magic Christian (Performer), 2008 Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band Live 2006 (Producer), 2004 Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band 2003 (Producer), 1974 Son of Dracula (Producer), 1971 Come Together (Producer), 1987 Withnail & I (Other), 1986 Mona Lisa (Other), 2012 Great Performances (in person), 2011-2012 Arena (in person), 2004-2011 Later with Jools Holland (in person), 2010 David Wants to Fly (in person), 2010 All You Need Is Klaus (in person), 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Live (in person), 1997-2009 Leute heute (in person), 2008 Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band Live 2006 (in person), 2008 Ringo Starr: Off the Record (in person), 2008 All Together Now (in person), 2008 Live with Kelly and Michael (in person), 2008 JAM! The Best of Live Music (in person), 2007 The McCartney Years (in person), 2007 The Beatles Larry King Live (in person), 2006 Frankie Laine: An American Dreamer (in person), 2004 Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band 2003 (in person), 2003 Fake Movies (in person), 1995 The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Vol. 3 (in person), 1994 The 21st Annual American Music Awards (in person), 1993 Best Wishes with Ringo Starr (in person), 1992 The 34th Annual Grammy Awards (in person), 1992 MTV Video Music Awards 1992 (in person), 1988 One More Audience with Dame Edna Everage (in person), 1986 Sun City: Artists United Against Apartheid (in person), 1985 An Audience with Billy Connolly (in person), 1985 Video from Hell (in person), 1979 The Kids Are Alright (in person), 1978 The Last Waltz (in person), 1977 The Beatles and Beyond (in person), 1977 The Day the Music Died (in person), 1968 Omnibus (in person), 1967 Our World (in person), 1967 Damals in Hamburg - The Beatles (in person), 1966 The Beatles at Shea Stadium (in person), 1965 Blackpool Night Out (in person), 1963-1964 Juke Box Jury (in person), 1964 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 2012 London Calling (Sound), 2014 Ringo Starr: A Lifetime of Peace and Love (in person), 2010 Obscurus Lupa Presents (Sound), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Sound), 2012 Ringo Starr and the Roundheads Live (in person), 1984-1986 Thomas & Friends (Performer), 2009 Life on Mars (Sound), 1999 Power Vision - Pop Galerie (in person), 1991 The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit (in person), 1966 Die Beatles und Ausschnitte aus dem Rahmenprogramm ihrer (in person), 2010 The Day John Lennon Died (Other), 2009 Kult am Sonntag (Other), 2008 Have I Got News for You (Other), 2012 Saint Street (Performer), 2012 Thomas & Friends: The Best of James (Performer), 2013 Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed (Other), 2010 The Simpsons: Celebrity Friends (Other), 2004 El cuarteto de Liverpool en México (Other), 2003 The Beatles: A Long and Winding Road (Other), 2014 RockLand (Performer), 2012 Retail Therapy (Sound), 2008 Parashat Ha-Shavua (Sound), 2002 Paul McCartney: Back in the U.S. (Other), 1999 ABC 2000: The Millennium (Other), 1997 Happy Birthday to John (Other), 1973 La société du spectacle (Other), 2010 Who Is Harry Nilsson And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him (Other), 2009 Pop Galerie Reloaded (Other), 2007 Elvis: A Generous Heart (Other), 1993 Ein Leben als Extravaganza - Das Genie Frank Zappa (Other), 1988 Imagine: John Lennon (Other), 1983 A Good Turn Daily (Other), 1970 A.k.a. Cassius Clay (Other), 1965 Go Go Mania (Other), 2006 Protagonistas del recuerdo (Other), 2006 The U.S. vs. John Lennon (Other), 2004 The Truth About 60s TV (Other), 2003 Get Up, Stand Up (Other), 1964 What's Happening! The Beatles in the U.S.A. (in person), 1963-1964 Scene at 6:30 (in person), 2003-2010 Biography (Other), 2009 WWE: The Rise and Fall of WCW (Other), 2005-2006 20 to 1 (Other), 1998 Cold War (Other), 1987 Bye Bye Star-Club (Other), 1964-1970 The Ed Sullivan Show (Other), 2008 Desperately Seeking Paul McCartney (Other), 2007 When the Stranglers Met Roland Rat (Other), 2001 Wingspan (Other), 1986 Jimi Plays Monterey (Other), 2009 Thomas & Friends: James Learns a Lesson (Performer), 2005 The Beatles: Love Me Do (Performer), 1998 Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Performer), 1992 Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories (Performer), 1985 Alice in Wonderland (Performer), 1978 Ringo (Performer), 1973 That'll Be the Day (Performer), 1971 Blindman (Performer), 1964 A Hard Day's Night (Performer), 2003 Ringo Rama (Producer), 1972 Born to Boogie (Producer), 1967 Magical Mystery Tour (Producer), 1967 Magical Mystery Tour (Director), 2003 Ringo Rama (Director), 1972 Born to Boogie (Director), 2003 Ringo Rama (Cinematographer), 1972 Born to Boogie (Cinematographer), 1967 Magical Mystery Tour (Cinematographer), 1967 Magical Mystery Tour (Writer), 1967 Magical Mystery Tour (in person), 2012 Mr Blue Sky: The Story of Jeff Lynne & ELO (in person), 2012 Conan (in person), 2005-2012 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (in person), 2010-2012 Loose Women (in person), 2011 George Harrison: Living in the Material World (in person), 2011 Breakfast (in person), 2007-2010 Entertainment Tonight (in person), 2010 Live from the Artists Den (in person), 2008 Off the Record (in person), 2008 The CBS Morning News (in person), 2008 The 50th Annual Grammy Awards (in person), 2008 Private Sessions (in person), 2005-2007 Good Morning America (in person), 2005 Richard & Judy (in person), 2005 The Early Show (in person), 2004 The 46th Annual Grammy Awards (in person), 2003 Ringo Rama (in person), 2003 Today (in person), 2003 Pet Star (in person), 2002 Ringo and His All-starr Band (in person), 1999 100 Jahre - Der Countdown (in person), 1997 Fox After Breakfast (in person), 1991 The Simpsons (in person), 1990 CBS This Morning (in person), 1989 The Arsenio Hall Show (in person), 1988 Aspel & Company (in person), 1988 Walking After Midnight (in person), 1985 Ready Steady Go, Volume 2 (in person), 1976 Treffpunkte (in person), 1972 Born to Boogie (in person), 1972 The Concert for Bangladesh (in person), 1970 Get It Together (in person), 1969 With a Little Help from my Friends (in person), 1969 Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee (in person), 1966 The Beatles in Japan (in person), 1964 Around the Beatles (in person), 1964 New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert (in person), 1963 The Beatles Come to Town (in person), 1974 Harry and Ringo's Night Out (Performer), 2012 CollegeHumor Originals (Sound), 2012 Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away (Sound), 2007 Across the Universe (Sound), 1974 Harry and Ringo's Night Out (Producer), 1987 Queen: Magic Years, Volume Two - A Visual Anthology (in person), 1976 Voor de vuist weg (in person), 2006 La imagen de tu vida (Other), 2005 Corazón de... (Other), 2009 The Beatles on Record (Sound), 1978 The Muppet Show (Sound), 2012 Was wurde aus... (Other), 2011 I Was There: When the Beatles Played the Cavern (Other), 1997 Cronkite Remembers (Other), 2009 The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story (Sound), 2009 The Beatles: Rock Band (Music Department), 2014 The Beatles Live! (Other), 2009 Monty Python: Almost the Truth - Lawyers Cut (Other), 2009 The Beatles: Rock Band (Other), 2004 20th Century Greats (Other), 2001 George Harrison - Der sanfte Beatle (Other), 1989 X-Large (Other), 2010 Lennon Naked (Other), 2007 La tele de tu vida (Other), 2005 La tierra de las 1000 músicas (Other), 1999 E! True Hollywood Story (Other), 1965 Doctor Who (Other), 1981 Bitte umblättern (in person), 2012 Alexandra - Stimme der Sehnsucht: Der rätselhafte Tod eines Stars (Other), 2009 The Beatles on Record (Other), 2007 Video on Trial (Other), 2005 Cosmic Rock: When T.Rex Ruled the World (Other), 1982 The Compleat Beatles (Other), 1964 The Jack Paar Program (Other), 2011 Buddy Holly: Listen to Me - The Ultimate Buddy Party (in person), 2006 Imagine (in person), 1981 The Barbara Wa_lters Summer Special (in person), 2014 The Chris Montez Story (Other), 2006 Weltberühmt in Österreich - 50 Jahre Austropop (Other), 2003 Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll (Other), 2001 Top of the Pops: The True Story (Other), 1988 The 1960's: Music, Memories & Milestones (Other), 2012 Thomas & Friends: Engine Friends (Performer), 1964-1965 The Ed Sullivan Show (Sound), 2014 The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed (Performer), 2014 The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed (Music Department), 2010 Geschichten über die Beatles - Notizen zu einem Phänomen (in person), 2001 The Best of Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band So Far... (in person), 1992 The Beatles Budokan Concert (in person), 1979 Wings Over the World (in person), 1972 Weekend of a Champion (in person), 1990 Shining Time Station: 'Tis a Gift (Performer), 1986 To the North of Katmandu (Performer), 1985 Willie and the Poor Boys (Performer), 1981 Caveman (Performer), 1975 Lisztomania (Performer), 1971 The Point (Performer), 1993 Ringo Starr Going Home (Producer), 1970 Let It Be (Producer), 2012 The Beatles: The Lost Concert (in person), 2010 Bee Gees: In Our Own Time (in person), 2010 With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (in person), 2010 The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards (in person), 2009 Oh My God (in person), 2009 E3 Xbox Media Briefing (in person), 2008 2008 World Music Awards (in person), 2008 Jimmy Kimmel Live! (in person), 2008 Extra (in person), 2007 Rachael Ray (in person), 2007 TV Land: Myths and Legends (in person), 2006 Rock Legends: Platinum Weird (in person), 2003 Concert for George (in person), 2003 Top of the Pops 2 (in person), 2000 The Beatles Revolution (in person), 1998 Wetten, dass.. (in person), 1996 VH1 Storytellers (in person), 1993 Ringo Starr Going Home (in person), 1992 Dame Edna's Hollywood (in person), 1991 Golden Age of Rock'n'Roll (in person), 1984 Saturday Night Live (in person), 1983 Ready Steady Go, Volume 1 (in person), 1970 Let It Be (in person), 1968-1970 Frost on Sunday (in person), 1970 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (in person), 1968 The Beatles Mod Odyssey (in person), 1963-1966 Thank Your Lucky Stars (in person), 1966 Reflections on Love (in person), 1965 New Musical Express Poll Winners' Concert (in person), 1963-1964 Ready, Steady, Go! (in person), 1963 The Mersey Sound (in person)

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