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Robert Mulligan Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: August 23, 1925 in New York City, New York
Died: December 20, 2008 in Lyme, Connecticut
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ROBERT MULLIGAN (1925-2008) was a director with credits on almost 30 movies and TV shows, though he'll probably be best remembered for directing To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), an effort that earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Director. Mulligan got his start as a copywriter with The New York Times before moving to television in 1951, with directing credits on Suspense (1952-1954), The Philco Television Playhouse (1955) and The DuPont Show of the Month (1958-59), among others. Mulligan moved to the silver screen in 1957 with Fear Strikes Out, his first movie with future partner Alan J. Pakula, who produced To Kill a Mockingbird. Mulligan was known for getting Oscar-caliber performances out of his actors. Gregory Peck, the lead in To Kill a Mockingbird, won an Oscar for his performance in that movie. He also got Oscar-nominated performances out of Mary Badham (To Kill a Mockingbird, 1962), Natalie Wood (Love with the Proper Stranger, 1963), Ruth Gordon (Inside Daisy Clover, 1965) and Ellen Burstyn (Same Time, Next Year, 1978). The Man in the Moon (1991) was his last film. Time magazine's obituary observed tha Mulligan's aura dimmed as "Hollywood jettisoned sentiment and subtlety for sharks and light sabers."
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1954-1955-The-Philco-Goodyear-Television-Playhouse (Director), 1956-1957-Studio-One-in-Hollywood (Director), 1978-Same-Time,-Next-Year (Director), 1961-The-Great-Impostor (Director), 1958-Rendezvous (Director), 1956-The-United-States-Steel-Hour (Director), 1955-1956-The-Alcoa-Hour (Director), 1971-Cinema (in person), 1955-1957-Goodyear-Playhouse (Director), 2009-The-81st-Annual-Academy-Awards (Other), 1971-Summer-of-'42 (Director), 1971-The-Pursuit-of-Happiness (Director), 1965-Inside-Daisy-Clover (Director), 1965-Baby-the-Rain-Must-Fall (Director), 1962-The-Spiral-Road (Director), 1959-Ah,-Wilderness! (Director), 1956-Victor-Borge:-Comedy-in-Music (Director), 1971-Summer-of-'42 (Performer), 1988-Clara's-Heart (Director), 1974-The-Nickel-Ride (Director), 1972-The-Other (Director), 1963-Love-with-the-Proper-Stranger (Director), 1961-Come-September (Director), 1960-The-Rat-Race (Director), 1958-1959-The-DuPont-Show-of-the-Month (Director), 1957-Fear-Strikes-Out (Director), 1974-The-Nickel-Ride (Producer), 1972-The-Other (Producer), 1972-The-Other (Performer), 1991-The-Man-in-the-Moon (Director), 1982-Kiss-Me-Goodbye (Director), 1978-Bloodbrothers (Director), 1968-The-Stalking-Moon (Director), 1967-Up-the-Down-Staircase (Director), 1962-To-Kill-a-Mockingbird (Director), 1957-1960-Playhouse-90 (Director), 1959-The-Moon-and-Sixpence (Director), 1955-Armstrong-Circle-Theatre (Director), 1952-1954-Suspense (Director), 1982-Kiss-Me-Goodbye (Producer), 1950-Suspense (Writer), 1998-Fearful-Symmetry (in person)
Theater Credits
Comes-a-Day - Staging (November 6, 1958 - November 29, 1958)

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