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Russell Hayden Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: June 12, 1912 in Chico, California
Died: June 9, 1981 in Palm Springs, California
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Russell Hayden (1912-1981) was an American actor with almost 80 films and TV shows, mostly Westerns, to his credit between 1937 and 1963. Hayden was a grip, sound man, film cutter and assistant cameraman before he took up acting. One of his first roles was as Lucky Jenkins, sidekick to William Boyd's Hopalong Cassidy, between 1937 and 1941. He later starred in, and sometimes produced, his own films from the 1940s onward. Hayden turned to TV in the 1950s, producing and directing Western series like Judge Roy Bean, in which he also starred. The Motion Picture Relief Fund was founded in 1921 to assist ill and needy film industry veterans, as expressed in its motto: "We take care of our own." The fund raised money through voluntary payroll deductions and celebrity events. As President of the Fund from 1939 until his death in 1956, film and radio star Jean Hersholt conceived Hollywood Star Stamps as a fundraising method. These stamps, 468 in all, were sold at dime stores after World War II in sheets of 6-12, at 10 cents per sheet, and were an immediate hit with collectors. Now called the Motion Picture and Television Fund, the non-profit organization funds its own hospital and retirement home. It confers the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award annually at the Academy Awards ceremony to "an individual in the motion picture industry whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry.
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Judge-Roy-Bean (Writer), 1946-'Neath-Canadian-Skies (Performer), 1944-The-Last-Horseman (Performer), 1944-Gambler's-Choice (Performer), 1944-Marshal-of-Gunsmoke (Performer), 1943-Frontier-Law (Performer), 1942-Lucky-Legs (Performer), 1942-Overland-to-Deadwood (Performer), 1941-The-Royal-Mounted-Patrol (Performer), 1940-The-Light-of-Western-Stars (Performer), 1940-Santa-Fe-Marshal (Performer), 1939-Renegade-Trail (Performer), 1938-The-Mysterious-Rider (Performer), 1937-Texas-Trail (Performer), 1962-When-the-Girls-Take-Over (Producer), 1962-When-the-Girls-Take-Over (Director), 1950-The-Gene-Autry-Show (Performer), 1950-Crooked-River (Performer), 1950-Marshal-of-Heldorado (Performer), 1950-Hostile-Country (Performer), 1948-Albuquerque (Performer), 1946-North-of-the-Border (Performer), 1947-Where-the-North-b_egins (Performer), 1976-Meanwhile,-Back-at-the-Ranch (Other), 26-Men (Producer), 1954-Stage-Coach-War (Other), 1956-Judge-Roy-Bean (Performer), 1952-1953-Cowboy-G-Men (Performer), 1951-Valley-of-Fire (Performer), 1950-Fast-on-the-Draw (Performer), 1949-Deputy-Marshal (Performer), 1947-Trail-of-the-Mounties (Performer), 1947-Seven-Were-Saved (Performer), 1944-Wyoming-Hurricane (Performer), 1943-Minesweeper (Performer), 1942-Down-Rio-Grande-Way (Performer), 1942-Lawless-Plainsmen (Performer), 1941-Riders-of-the-Badlands (Performer), 1940-Hidden-Gold (Performer), 1939-Law-of-the-Pampas (Performer), 1939-Silver-on-the-Sage (Performer), 1938-Pride-of-the-West (Performer), 1938-Heart-of-Arizona (Performer), 1938-Partners-of-the-Plains (Performer), 1956-Judge-Roy-Bean (Producer), 1952-1953-Cowboy-G-Men (Producer), 1956-Judge-Roy-Bean (Writer), 1940-Screen-Snapshots:-Seeing-Hollywood (in person), 1957-26-Men (Performer), 1951-Texans-Never-Cry (Performer), 1950-West-of-the-Brazos (Performer), 1950-Colorado-Ranger (Performer), 1949-Apache-Chief (Performer), 1946-Rolling-Home (Performer), 1946-Lost-City-of-the-Jungle (Performer), 1943-The-Vigilantes-Ride (Performer), 1943-Silver-City-Raiders (Performer), 1943-Saddles-and-Sagebrush (Performer), 1942-A-Tornado-in-the-Saddle (Performer), 1942-The-Lone-Prairie (Performer), 1942-Riders-of-the-Northland (Performer), 1942-West-of-Tombstone (Performer), 1941-Two-in-a-Taxi (Performer), 1941-Pirates-on-Horseback (Performer), 1940-Three-Men-from-Texas (Performer), 1940-Knights-of-the-Range (Performer), 1939-Sunset-Trail (Performer), 1938-The-Frontiersmen (Performer), 1937-Hopalong-Rides-Again (Performer), 1937-Rustlers'-Valley (Performer), 1937-North-of-the-Rio-Grande (Performer), 1937-Hills-of-Old-Wyoming (Performer), 1957-1959-26-Men (Producer), 1957-1959-26-Men (Director), 1957-26-Men (Other), 1953-Wide-Open-Town (Other), 1963-30-Minutes-at-Gunsight (Performer), 1950-The-Marshal-of-Gunsight-Pass (Performer), 1948-Sons-of-Adventure (Performer), 1943-Riders-of-the-Northwest-Mounted (Performer), 1942-Bad-Men-of-the-Hills (Performer), 1941-Wide-Open-Town (Performer), 1941-Border-Vigilantes (Performer), 1941-In-Old-Colorado (Performer), 1941-Doomed-Caravan (Performer), 1940-Stagecoach-War (Performer), 1940-The-Showdown (Performer), 1939-Range-War (Performer), 1939-Heritage-of-the-Desert (Performer), 1938-In-Old-Mexico (Performer), 1938-Bar-20-Justice (Performer), 1938-Cassidy-of-Bar-20 (Performer), 1963-30-Minutes-at-Gunsight (Producer), 1963-30-Minutes-at-Gunsight (Director), 1941-In-Old-Colorado (Writer), 1941-In-Old-Colorado (Other), 1953-Screen-Snapshots:-Out-West-in-Hollywood (in person), 1950-Everybody's-Dancin' (in person)

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