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Sam Wood Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: July 10, 1883 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Died: September 22, 1949 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
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Sam Wood (1883-1949), was hired as an assistant by Cecil B. DeMille in 1915 and directed his first film in 1919. During his long career as a director, Wood was three times nominated for an Oscar as Best Director: for Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939), Kitty Foyle (1940) and King's Row (1942). Other hugely successful films directed by Wood include the Marx Brothers comedies A Night at the Opera (1935) and A Day at the Races (1937), For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) and, of course, The Pride of the Yankees (1942), with Gary Cooper starring as the recently deceased Yankee superstar. Pride of the Yankees was nominated for 15 Oscars (although it only won one.). Wood was skilled at coaxing good performances from actors like Ronald Reagan, whose King's Row performance is widely considered the best of his career. William Cameron Menzies (1896-1957) one of Hollywood's most accomplished art directors, worked his magic in films like Gone with the Wind (1939), The Thief of Baghdad (1924 and 1940 versions) and Duel in the Sun (1946). He received an Oscar at the first Academy Awards ceremony (1929, jointly for his work on the silent films The Dove and Tempest) and received an honor award from the Academy (no statue this time) for his work on Gone with the Wind.
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1950-Ambush (Director), 1947-Ivy (Director), 1945-Guest-Wife (Director), 1944-Casanova-Brown (Director), 1940-Rangers-of-Fortune (Director), 1939-Gone-with-the-Wind (Director), 1937-The-Good-Earth (Director), 1934-Stamboul-Quest (Director), 1932-Prosperity (Director), 1930-Paid (Director), 1930-The-Sins-of-the-Children (Director), 1930-The-Girl-Said-No (Director), 1927-The-Fair-Co-Ed (Director), 1926-One-Minute-to-Play (Director), 1924-The-Mine-with-the-Iron-Door (Director), 1924-The-Female (Director), 1922-The-Impossible-Mrs.-Bellew (Director), 1922-Beyond-the-Rocks (Director), 1921-Under-the-Lash (Director), 1921-The-Great-Moment (Director), 1920-Her-First-Elopement (Director), 1920-A-City-Sparrow (Director), 1950-Ambush (Producer), 1947-Ivy (Producer), 1934-Stamboul-Quest (Producer), 1932-Prosperity (Producer), 1930-Paid (Producer), 1930-The-Sins-of-the-Children (Producer), 1930-The-Girl-Said-No (Producer), 1927-The-Fair-Co-Ed (Producer), 1927-The-Fair-Co-Ed (Performer), 1917-Who-Knows (Performer), 1946-Heartbeat (Director), 1943-For-Whom-the-Bell-Tolls (Director), 1941-The-Devil-and-Miss-Jones (Director), 1937-Navy-Blue-and-Gold (Director), 1937-A-Day-at-the-Races (Director), 1935-Rendezvous (Director), 1935-Let-'em-Have-It (Director), 1934-The-Girl-from-Missouri (Director), 1930-Way-for-a-Sailor (Director), 1930-They-Learned-About-Women (Director), 1929-It's-a-Great-Life (Director), 1929-So-This-Is-College (Director), 1929-Queen-Kelly (Director), 1928-Telling-the-World (Director), 1927-Rookies (Director), 1922-Her-Husband's-Trademark (Director), 1921-Don't-Tell-Everything (Director), 1920-Her-Beloved-Villain (Director), 1944-Address-Unknown (Producer), 1943-For-Whom-the-Bell-Tolls (Producer), 1937-Navy-Blue-and-Gold (Producer), 1937-A-Day-at-the-Races (Producer), 1930-Way-for-a-Sailor (Producer), 1929-So-This-Is-College (Producer), 1929-So-This-Is-College (Performer), 1933-Tugboat-Annie (Other), 1920-Why-Change-Your-Wife (Other), 1918-The-Squaw-Man (Other), 2004-On-Your-Marx,-Get-Set,-Go! (Other), 1919-For-Better,-for-Worse (Other), 1922-A-Trip-to-Paramountown (in person), 1945-Saratoga-Trunk (Director), 1942-The-Pride-of-the-Yankees (Director), 1942-Kings-Row (Director), 1940-Our-Town (Director), 1939-Goodbye,-Mr.-Chips (Director), 1937-Madame-X (Director), 1934-Hollywood-Party (Director), 1931-The-Man-in-Possession (Director), 1931-A-Tailor-Made-Man (Director), 1927-A-Racing-Romeo (Director), 1924-The-Next-Corner (Director), 1923-His-Children's-Children (Director), 1922-Her-Gilded-Cage (Director), 1920-What's-Your-Hurry (Director), 1920-Double-Speed (Director), 1920-Double-Speed (Producer), 1931-The-Man-in-Possession (Producer), 1931-A-Tailor-Made-Man (Producer), 1919-Don't-Change-Your-Husband (Performer), 1937-Hollywood-Party (Other), 1938-St_ablemates (Director), 1949-The-Stratton-Story (Director), 1948-Command-Decision (Director), 1940-Kitty-Foyle (Director), 1939-Raffles (Director), 1938-Lord-Jeff (Director), 1936-The-Unguarded-Hour (Director), 1935-Whipsaw (Director), 1935-A-Night-at-the-Opera (Director), 1934-The-Cat-and-the-Fiddle (Director), 1933-Christopher-Bean (Director), 1933-Hold-Your-Man (Director), 1933-The-Barbarian (Director), 1932-Huddle (Director), 1931-New-Adventures-of-Get-Rich-Quick-Wallingford (Director), 1928-The-Latest-from-Paris (Director), 1926-Fascinating-Youth (Director), 1925-The-Re-Creation-of-Brian-Kent (Director), 1924-Bluff (Director), 1923-Bluebeard's-Eighth-Wife (Director), 1923-Prodigal-Daughters (Director), 1922-My-American-Wife (Director), 1921-Peck's-Bad-Boy (Director), 1921-The-Snob (Director), 1920-Sick-Abed (Director), 1920-The-Dancin'-Fool (Director), 1920-Excuse-My-Dust (Director), 1938-Lord-Jeff (Producer), 1936-The-Unguarded-Hour (Producer), 1935-Whipsaw (Producer), 1933-Hold-Your-Man (Producer), 1933-The-Barbarian (Producer), 1932-Huddle (Producer), 1917-The-Little-American (Performer), 1938-Lord-Jeff (Writer), 1921-Peck's-Bad-Boy (Writer), 1921-Peck's-Bad-Boy (Other), 1934-The-Cat-and-the-Fiddle (Other), 1922-Screen-Snapshots,-Series-3,-No.-16 (in person)

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