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Born: January 12, 1937 in Edgeware, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom
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Shirley Eaton (b. 1937) was best known in her native England as a comedy actress, in early films of the Carry On series, for example. But she achieved global fame as Jill Masterson, the "golden girl" of the James Bond film Goldfinger, murdered by skin suffocation with gold paint. Though Eaton's role in the film was minor, the visual of her gold-painted body was seen everywhere, even making the cover of Life magazine. The theme song shown here, sung by Shirley Bassey, also became a hit. Eaton appeared on an episode of Mythbusters in 2003 to refute the urban legend that she had actually died during the filming of Goldfinger.
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1968 The Blood of Fu Manchu (Performer), 1967 The Million Eyes of Su-Muru (Performer), 1962 Man of the World (Performer), 1960 Life Is a Circus (Performer), 1959 In the Wake of a Stranger (Performer), 1957 Date with Disaster (Performer), 1954 The Belles of St. Trinian's (Performer), 1954 You Know What Sailors Are (Performer), 1953 A Day to Remember (Performer), 2013 Bond's Greatest Moments (in person), 2012 This Morning (in person), 2002 Best Ever Bond (in person), 2001 Can We Carry On, Girls (in person), 1960 Spectacular (in person), 1960 The Royal Variety Show (in person), 1957 The World Our Stage (in person), 1995 Behind the Scenes with 'Thunderball' (Other), 1995 The Goldfinger Phenomenon (Other), 1969 Rio 70 (Performer), 1961 Dentist on the Job (Performer), 1961 Nearly a Nasty Accident (Performer), 1961 A Weekend with Lulu (Performer), 1958 Further Up the Creek (Performer), 1955 The Love Match (Performer), 1954 And So to Bentley (Performer), 1951 Parent-Craft (Performer), 2005 Crumpet! A Very British Sex Symbol (in person), 2002 Heroes of Comedy (in person), 2000 Behind the Scenes with 'Goldfinger' (in person), 1998 What's a Carry On (in person), 1966/II Around the World Under the Sea (in person), 1966 The World of Inner Space (in person), 1956 Val Parnell's Startime (in person), 1957 Your Past Is Showing (Performer), 1956 Panic in the Parlor (Performer), 2006 Premiere Bond: Opening Nights (Other), 1962 Our Man in the Caribbean (Other), 1962-1968 The Saint (Performer), 1966/I Around the World Under the Sea (Performer), 1964 Goldfinger (Performer), 1964 Rhino! (Performer), 1959 Carry on Nurse (Performer), 1956 Charley Moon (Performer), 1954 Doctor in the House (Performer), 2002 James Bond: A BAFTA Tribute (in person), 2000 Legends (in person), 1984 Looks Familiar (in person), 1963 This Is Your Life (in person), 1954 Prince Valiant (Stunt work), 1965 The Incredible World of James Bond (Other), 1998 A Perfect Carry On (Other), 1979 That's Carry On (Other), 1965 Agatha Christie's 'Ten Little Indians' (Performer), 2004 MythBusters (Other), 2000 The Bond Sound: The Music of 007 (Other), 2002 Bond Girls Are Forever (Other), 1967 Eight on the Lam (Performer), 1967 The Scorpio Letters (Performer), 1965 The Naked Brigade (Performer), 1963 The Girl Hunters (Performer), 1958 Carry on Sergeant (Performer), 1957 Doctor at Large (Performer), 1957 Mostly Maynard (Performer), 1956 Three Men in a Boat (Performer), 2005 What Did ITV Do for Me (in person), 2004 Rolling in Rio (in person), 2003 MythBusters (in person), 2002 Premiere Bond: Die Another Day (in person), 1982 Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny (in person), 1960 Juke Box Jury (in person), 1955-1956 Great Scott, It's Maynard (in person), 1960 Carry on, Const_able (Performer), 1997 The Secrets of 007: The James Bond Files (Other), 1993 Laugh with the Carry Ons (Other), 1961 No Place Like Homicide! (Performer), 2013 Channel 4 News (in person)

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