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Spring Byington Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: October 17, 1886 in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Died: September 7, 1971 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
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 Spring Byington (1886-1971) was an American actress of radio, stage, and screen, most famously lending her talent to the CBS sitcom December Bride. Byington began acting in school, participating in amateur productions, eventually joining the Elitch Garden Stock Company at the age of 14. After her mother passed in 1907, she took her inheritance and moved to New York to pursue acting professionally, joining a theatre company that toured Buenos Aires, Argentina just a year later. She would continue to do theatre work for a long period of time afterwards, appearing in 21 Broadway plays between 1924 and 1934. Although she did film work for a number of years, including an Academy Award nominated role in the film You Can't Take It With You (1938), it was her work on the sitcom December Bride that would forever cement her name in television history. Today, she is highly regarded as one of the founding women of television comedy, often compared to Lucille Ball, whose company Desilu produced the sitcom.
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1984-Going-Hollywood:-The-'30s (Other), 2004-In-the-Good-Old-Summertime-Intro (Other), 2008-Wrangler:-Anatomy-of-an-Icon (Other), 1937-The-Jones-Family-in-Borrowing-Trouble (Performer), 1965-Dr.-Kildare (Performer), 1964-The-Greatest-Show-on-Earth (Performer), 1961-1963-Laramie (Performer), 1961-Dennis-the-Menace (Performer), 1960-Alfred-Hitchcock-Presents (Performer), 1960-Goodyear-Theatre (Performer), 1956-Studio-57 (Performer), 1953-Make-Room-for-Daddy (Performer), 1951-Bannerline (Performer), 1950-Devil's-Doorway (Performer), 1950-Louisa (Performer), 1950-The-Reformer-and-the-Redhead (Performer), 1947-Cynthia (Performer), 1946-Faithful-in-My-Fashion (Performer), 1946-A-Letter-for-Evie (Performer), 1945-Thrill-of-a-Romance (Performer), 1945-Salty-O'Rourke (Performer), 1943-Presenting-Lily-Mars (Performer), 1942-Roxie-Hart (Performer), 1940-Young-as-You-Feel (Performer), 1939-The-Jones-Family-in-Hollywood (Performer), 1939-Everybody's-Baby (Performer), 1937-Green-Light (Performer), 1936-Dodsworth (Performer), 1936-Back-to-Nature (Performer), 1936-The-Voice-of-Bugle-Ann (Performer), 1935-Ah,-Wilderness! (Performer), 1935-Way-Down-East (Performer), 1935-Werewolf-of-London (Performer), 1959-Westinghouse-Desilu-Playhouse (in person), 1956-The-Vic-Damone-Show (in person), 1956-The-George-Gobel-Show (in person), 1939-Land-of-Liberty (Other), 1997-Once-Upon-a-Dream:-The-Making-of-Walt-Disney's-'Sleeping-Beauty' (Other), 1964-Bob-Hope-Presents-the-Chrysler-Theatre (Performer), 1963-Mister-Ed (Performer), 1960-The-Detectives (Performer), 1960-Please-Don't-Eat-the-Daisies (Performer), 1956-The-20th-Century-Fox-Hour (Performer), 1956-Strange-Stories (Performer), 1952-No-Room-for-the-Groom (Performer), 1951-The-Bigelow-Theatre (Performer), 1951-According-to-Mrs.-Hoyle (Performer), 1950-1951-Pulitzer-Prize-Playhouse (Performer), 1949-The-Big-Wheel (Performer), 1949-In-the-Good-Old-Summertime (Performer), 1947-Singapore (Performer), 1946-Dragonwyck (Performer), 1945-The-Enchanted-Cottage (Performer), 1944-The-Heavenly-Body (Performer), 1942-The-Affairs-of-Martha (Performer), 1942-Rings-on-Her-Fingers (Performer), 1941-Arkansas-Judge (Performer), 1940-Lucky-Partners (Performer), 1940-On-Their-Own (Performer), 1939-A-Child-Is-Born (Performer), 1939-Quick-Millions (Performer), 1939-Chicken-Wagon-Family (Performer), 1938-A-Trip-to-Paris (Performer), 1938-Love-on-a-Budget (Performer), 1938-The-Buccaneer (Performer), 1937-The-Road-Back (Performer), 1937-Clarence (Performer), 1936-The-Girl-on-the-Front-Page (Performer), 1936-Palm-Springs (Performer), 1935-The-Great-Impersonation (Performer), 1933-Little-Women (Performer), 1956-The-Tennessee-Ernie-Ford-Show (in person), 1962-Here's-Hollywood (in person), 1958-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (Other), 1949-Some-of-the-Best:-Twenty-Five-Years-of-Motion-Picture-Leadership (in person), 1968-The-Flying-Nun (Performer), 1965-Kentucky-Jones (Performer), 1954-1959-December-Bride (Performer), 1954-The-Rocket-Man (Performer), 1950-Please-Believe-Me (Performer), 1948-B.F.'s-Daughter (Performer), 1947-Little-Mister-Jim (Performer), 1947-My-Brother-Talks-to-Horses (Performer), 1946-Meet-Me-on-Broadway (Performer), 1944-I'll-Be-Seeing-You (Performer), 1944-Reward-Unlimited (Performer), 1943-Heaven-Can-Wait (Performer), 1942-The-War-Against-Mrs.-Hadley (Performer), 1941-When-Ladies-Meet (Performer), 1941-Ellery-Queen-and-the-Perfect-Crime (Performer), 1941-The-Devil-and-Miss-Jones (Performer), 1940-My-Love-Came-Back (Performer), 1939-The-Story-of-Alexander-Graham-Bell (Performer), 1938-Down-on-the-Farm (Performer), 1938-Jezebel (Performer), 1938-Penrod-and-His-Twin-Brother (Performer), 1938-The-Adventures-of-Tom-Sawyer (Performer), 1937-Hot-Water (Performer), 1937-A-Family-Affair (Performer), 1936-The-Charge-of-the-Light-Brigade (Performer), 1936-Educating-Father (Performer), 1936-Every-Saturday-Night (Performer), 1935-Love-Me-Forever (Performer), 1930-Papa's-Slay-Ride (Performer), 1957-The-Lux-Show (in person), 2004-Love-Find-Andy-Hardy-Intro (Other), 1967-I-Dream-of-Jeannie (Performer), 1966-Batman (Performer), 1960-The-Tab-Hunter-Show (Performer), 1954-The-Ford-Television-Theatre (Performer), 1952-Because-You're-Mine (Performer), 1951-Angels-in-the-Outfield (Performer), 1950-Walk-Softly,-Stranger (Performer), 1950-The-Skipper-Surprised-His-Wife (Performer), 1947-It-Had-to-Be-You (Performer), 1947-Living-in-a-Big-Way (Performer), 1945-Captain-Eddie (Performer), 1942-The-Vanishing-Virginian (Performer), 1941-Meet-John-Doe (Performer), 1940-Laddie (Performer), 1940-The-Blue-Bird (Performer), 1939-Too-Busy-to-Work (Performer), 1938-You-Can't-Take-It-with-You (Performer), 1938-Safety-in-Numbers (Performer), 1937-It's-Love-I'm-After (Performer), 1937-Hotel-Haywire (Performer), 1937-Big-Business (Performer), 1937-Penrod-and-Sam (Performer), 1937-Off-to-the-Races (Performer), 1936-Theodora-Goes-Wild (Performer), 1936-Stage-Struck (Performer), 1935-Broadway-Hostess (Performer), 1935-Mutiny-on-the-Bounty (Performer), 1935-Orchids-to-You (Performer), 1959-Sleeping-Beauty (Other), 1969-The-Joey-Bishop-Show (in person), 1957-What's-My-Line (in person)
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Piper-Paid - Performer (December 25, 1934 - January 1935), Jigsaw - Performer (April 30, 1934 - June 1934), No-Questions-Asked - Performer (March 5, 1934 - March 1934), The-First-Apple - Performer (December 27, 1933 - March 1934), When-Ladies-Meet - Performer (May 15, 1933 - May 1933), When-Ladies-Meet - Performer (October 6, 1932 - March 4, 1933), We-Are-No-Longer-Children - Performer (March 31, 1932 - April 1932), Ladies-of-Creation - Performer (September 8, 1931 - November 1931), Once-in-a-Lifetime - Performer (September 24, 1930 - September 1931), I-Want-My-Wife - Performer (March 20, 1930 - March 1930), Ladies-Don't-Lie - Performer (October 10, 1929 - October 1929), Jonesy - Performer (April 9, 1929 - July 1929), Be-Your-Age - Performer (March 4, 1929 - March 1929), To-Night-at-12 - Performer (November 13, 1928 - January 1929), The-Merchant-of-Venice - Performer (January 16, 1928 - March 1928), Skin-Deep - Performer (October 17, 1927 - October 1927), The-Great-Adventure - Performer (December 22, 1926 - January 1927), Puppy-Love - Performer (January 27, 1926 - May 1926), Weak-Sisters - Performer (October 13, 1925 - November 1925), Beggar-on-Horseback - Performer (March 23, 1925 - April 1925), Beggar-on-Horseback - Performer (March 12, 1924 - August 23, 1924)

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