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Tammy Grimes Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: January 30, 1934 in Boston, Massachusetts
Died: October 30, 2016 in Englewood, New Jersey
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Tammy Grimes (1934-2016) was a Tony Award-winning American actress. She studied drama at Stephens College in Missouri and New York's Neighborhood Playhouse before making her off-Broadway debut in The Littlest Revue (1959). Grimes developed a flamboyant, kooky on-stage persona with a resonant voice, which suited her well on stage. She has a total of 12 Broadway appearances with two Tony Award-winning performances, as Molly Tobin in The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1960-1962, 532 performances) and as Amanda Prynne in Private Lives (1970). She also has over 50 movies and TV shows to her credit, including the short-lived sitcom The Tammy Grimes Show, which lasted three seasons.
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1999-The-Portrait (Performer), 1995-A-Modern-Affair (Performer), 1990-Mathnet (Performer), 1989-Long-Ago-and-Far-Away (Performer), 1985-The-Stuff (Performer), 1983-A-Matter-of-Cunning (Performer), 1974-The-Wide-World-of-Mystery (Performer), 1970-NBC-Children's-Theatre (Performer), 1969-Arthur!-Arthur! (Performer), 1969-The-Outcasts (Performer), 1967-Three-Bites-of-the-Apple (Performer), 1963-Route-66 (Performer), 1998-Beyond-Titanic (in person), 1983-Great-Performances (in person), 1963-1974-The-Merv-Griffin-Show (in person), 1969-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 1976-That-Was-the-Year-That-Was---1976 (Performer), 2003-Broadway:-The-Golden-Age,-by-the-Legends-Who-Were-There (in person), 1959-1960-The-Jack-Paar-Tonight-Show (in person), 1983-Loving (Performer), 1998-High-Art (Performer), 1997-Trouble-on-the-Corner (Performer), 1990-Square-One-TV (Performer), 1988-Mr.-North (Performer), 1986-The-Equalizer (Performer), 1983-An-Invasion-of-Privacy (Performer), 1978-Somebody-Killed-Her-Husband (Performer), 1978-Tartuffe (Performer), 1974-'Twas-the-Night-Before-Christmas (Performer), 1974-The-Snoop-Sisters (Performer), 1972-Play-It-As-It-Lays (Performer), 1967-Tarzan (Performer), 1964-Mr.-Broadway (Performer), 1960-Sunday-Showcase (Performer), 1957-Kraft-Theatre (Performer), 1955-The-United-States-Steel-Hour (Performer), 2002-Life-and-Times (in person), 1993-The-47th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1983-American-Playhouse (in person), 1967-You-Don't-Say (in person), 1967-The-Smothers-Brothers-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1962-The-Andy-Williams-Show (in person), 1989-Slaves-of-New-York (Performer), 1985-Royal-Match (Performer), 1984-St.-Elsewhere (Performer), 1983-No-Big-Deal (Performer), 1980-The-Practical-Princess (Performer), 1980-CBS-Library (Performer), 1979-The-Runner-Stumbles (Performer), 1973-The-Horror-at-37,000-Feet (Performer), 1970-The-Other-Man (Performer), 1966-The-Tammy-Grimes-Show (Performer), 1964-Destry (Performer), 1957-Studio-One-in-Hollywood (Performer), 1996-The-50th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 1970-1979-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1978-Just-Crazy-About-Horses (in person), 1971-The-Irv-Kupcinet-Show (in person), 1967-1968-The-Joey-Bishop-Show (in person), 1964-The-Celebrity-Game (in person), 1963-The-Garry-Moore-Show (in person), 1984-A&E-Stage (in person), 1970-The-24th-Annual-Tony-Awards (in person), 2005-Breathe (Performer), 1994-Backstreet-Justice (Performer), 1990-The-Young-Riders (Performer), 1986-America (Performer), 1985-My-Little-Pony:-Escape-from-Catrina (Performer), 1982-The-Last-Unicorn (Performer), 1980-Can't-Stop-the-Music (Performer), 1979-You-Can't-Go-Home-Again (Performer), 1979-The-Love-Boat (Performer), 1973-The-Borrowers (Performer), 1971-Love,-American-Style (Performer), 1965-The-Trials-of-O'Brien (Performer), 1964-Burke's-Law (Performer), 1963-The-Virginian (Performer), 1960-Dow-Hour-of-Great-Mysteries (Performer), 1960-Play-of-the-Week (Performer), 1970-1972-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1970-The-Dick-Cavett-Show (in person), 1961-1968-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1967-Italy's-in-Season (in person), 1966-The-Hollywood-Palace (in person), 1966-The-Danny-Kaye-Show (in person), 1965-The-Dean-Martin-Comedy-Hour (in person), 1961-Here's-Hollywood (in person), An-Artist's-Emblem (Performer), 2014-Broadway:-Beyond-the-Golden-Age (in person)
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Orpheus-Descending - Performer (September 24, 1989 - December 17, 1989), 42nd-Street - Performer (August 25, 1980 - January 8, 1989), Trick - Performer (March 4, 1979 - March 11, 1979), Tartuffe - Performer (September 25, 1977 - November 20, 1977), California-Suite - Performer (June 10, 1976 - July 2, 1977), A-Musical-Jubilee - Performer (November 13, 1975 - March 1, 1976), Private-Lives - Performer (December 4, 1969 - May 30, 1970), The-Only-Game-in-Town - Performer (May 20, 1968 - June 1, 1968), High-Spirits - Performer (April 7, 1964 - March 27, 1965), Rattle-of-a-Simple-Man - Performer (April 17, 1963 - July 6, 1963), The-Unsinkable-Molly-Brown - Performer (November 3, 1960 - March 10, 1962), Look-After-Lulu - Performer (March 3, 1959 - April 4, 1959), The-Littlest-Revue - Performer (May 22, 1956 - June 17, 1956)

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