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Born: December 19, 1944 in Norfolk, Virginia
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2012 The Soul Man (Performer), 2010 The Cost of Heaven (Performer), 2009 Roommates (Performer), 2000 Alley Cats Strike (Performer), 1998 Linc's (Performer), 1997 Touched by an Angel (Performer), 1995 Out-of-Sync (Performer), 1995 Simon & Simon: In Trouble Again (Performer), 1994 Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad (Performer), 1992 You Must Remember This (Performer), 1990 It (Performer), 1987 Matlock (Performer), 1983 Teachers Only (Performer), 1977 Maude (Performer), 2000 The Contender (Producer), 1999 Blue Moon (Producer), 1998 Linc's (Producer), 1995 Out-of-Sync (Producer), 2000 The Contender (Director), 2012 Sunset Strip (in person), 2010 The Brian McKnight Show (in person), 2009 Straight from the Horses Mouth (in person), 2008 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (in person), 2008 The Bonnie Hunt Show (in person), 2008 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (in person), 2008 Tavis Smiley (in person), 1985-1990 Ebony/Jet Showcase (in person), 1989 The Arsenio Hall Show (in person), 1988 The 14th Annual People's Choice Awards (in person), 1985-1987 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (in person), 1986 Soul Train (in person), 1979 The Alan Hamel Show (in person), 1989 The Pat Sajak Show (in person), 1983 Breakaway (in person), 2006 That '70s Show (Other), 2013 Habeas Corpus (Performer), 1988 The 9th Annual American Black Achievement Awards (in person), WKRP in Cincinnati (Writer), 2007 State of the Black Union: Jamestown - Memorable Moments (in person), 2006 That's So Raven (Performer), 2005 The Reading Room (Performer), 2003 You Wish! (Performer), 1994-1999 Sister, Sister (Performer), 1993 Say a Little Prayer (Performer), 1992-1993 Highlander (Performer), 1990 Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer (Performer), 1987-1988 Frank's Place (Performer), 1982 Benson (Performer), 1979 You Can't Take It with You (Performer), 1977 Lou Grant (Performer), 1977 Bumpers (Performer), 1976 Mother, Jugs & Speed (Performer), 1974 That's My Mama (Performer), 2002 Paul Mooney: Analyzing White America (Producer), 1999 Asunder (Producer), 1987-1988 Frank's Place (Producer), 1999 Asunder (Director), 1998-1999 Linc's (Director), 1988 Frank's Place (Writer), 1985-1987 Simon & Simon (Writer), 2002 Inside TV Land: African Americans in Television (in person), 1989 21st NAACP Image Awards (in person), 1985-1988 Lou Rawls Parade of Stars (in person), 1988 Memories Then and Now (in person), 1985 The 6th Annual Black Achievement Awards (in person), 1983-1984 Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (in person), 1980-1981 The Alan Thicke Show (in person), 1976 Easy Does It... Starring Frankie Avalon (in person), 1971 The David Frost Show (in person), 1993 Mo' Funny: Black Comedy in America (Other), 2013 Blues in the Night (Director), 2013 Blues in the Night (Writer), 2005 Preaching to the Choir (Performer), 1988 Living the Dream: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (in person), 1990 The 42nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (in person), 2010-2012 Treme (Performer), 1992 Mastergate (Performer), 1992 The New WKRP in Cincinnati (Performer), 1990 ABC TGIF (Performer), 1983-1987 Simon & Simon (Performer), 1977 What's Happening!! (Performer), 1977 The Richard Pryor Show (Performer), 1977 The Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. Show (Performer), 1976 Rhoda (Performer), 2010 The Enduring Legacy of Pocahontas Island (Producer), 1998 About Sarah (Producer), 1995 Once Upon a Time... When We Were Colored (Producer), 1995 Once Upon a Time... When We Were Colored (Director), 1995 Once Upon a Time... When We Were Colored (Writer), 2009 TV One's Roast and Toast: John Witherspoon (in person), 2008 Late Show with David Letterman (in person), 2004 Macked, Hammered, Slaughtered and Shafted (in person), 2003 CBS at 75 (in person), 2003 E! True Hollywood Story (in person), 1999 Intimate Portrait (in person), 1997 Save Our Streets (in person), 1994 Will You Marry Me (in person), 1992 Color Adjustment (in person), 1988 The 40th Annual Emmy Awards (in person), 1987 CBS All-American Thanksgiving Day Parade (in person), 1987 1987 CBS Cotton Bowl Festival Parade (in person), 1984 Battle of the Network Stars XVII (in person), 1983 Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (in person), 1983 Just Men! (in person), 1981 Battle of the Network Stars X (in person), 1980 Solid Gold (in person), 1977 The Richard Pryor Show (in person), 2002 Las Vegas Warrior (Performer), 2007 Paul Mooney: Jesus Is Black - So Was Cleopatra - Know Your History (Other), 2013 Troop 491: the Adventures of the Muddy Lions (Producer), 2007 State of the Black Union: Jamestown - The First 400 Years (in person), 2004 TV in Black: The First Fifty Years (Other), 2007/I Trade (Performer), 2004-2006 That '70s Show (Performer), 2003 For Real (Performer), 1992 Just Deserts (Performer), 1991 Zorro (Performer), 1990 The Fourth War (Performer), 1989 Snoops (Performer), 1989 Dead Bang (Performer), 1985 Code Name: Foxfire (Performer), 1978-1982 WKRP in Cincinnati (Performer), 1978 ABC Weekend Specials (Performer), 1997 Spirit Lost (Producer), 1989 Snoops (Producer), 2003 For Real (Director), 2003 For Real (Writer), 2011 Way Black When: Primetime (in person), 2008 D.L. Hughley Breaks the News (in person), 2008 Moviemaking in Virginia: Take 3 (in person), 2007 Entertainment Tonight (in person), 2005-2006 TV Land's Top Ten (in person), 2005 50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up (in person), 2005 Black in the 80s (in person), 2001 The Mark Twain Prize: Whoopi Goldberg (in person), 1990 22nd NAACP Image Awards (in person), 1989 The 10th Annual Black Achievement Awards (in person), 1988 The 2nd Annual Soul Train Music Awards (in person), 1987 CBS Summer Playhouse (in person), 1984 CBS All-American Thanksgiving Day Parade (in person), 1981 Battle of the Network Stars XI (in person), 1981 Games People Play (in person), 1979-1980 The Hollywood Squares (in person), 1979 Family Feud (in person), 1978 Battle of the Network Stars V (in person), 1987 The Wil Shriner Show (in person), 2013 Troop 491: Adventures of the Muddy Lions (Performer), 2013 Troop 491: Adventures of the Muddy Lions (Producer), 1977 Fernwood Tonight (Performer)

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