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Tony Larussa Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: October 04, 1944 in Tampa, Florida

MLB Debut: May 10, 1963 for the Kansas City Athletics
Last MLB appearance: April 6, 1973 for the Chicago Cubs

Career statistics

Batting average: .199
Hits: 35
Runs batted in: 7
Games managed: 5,097
Win–loss record: 2,728–2,365
Winning %: .536

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014

Film Credits | show moreshow less
2012-2012-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 2011-Late-Show-with-David-Letterman (in person), 1991-2011-Sunday-Night-Baseball (in person), 2010-Restoring-Honor (in person), 2009-2009-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 2007-2007-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 2006-ESPN-Outside-the-Lines-Nightly (in person), 2005-MLB-on-Fox-Pregame-Show (in person), 2004-2004-National-League-Championship-Series (in person), 2003-2003-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 1998-Arli$$ (in person), 1990-1990-American-League-Championship-Series (in person), 1989-1989-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 2012-Face-the-Nation (in person), 2012-Fox-and-Friends (in person), 2009-2011-Prime-9 (in person), 2006-2006-National-League-Championship-Series (in person), 2002-2004-ESPN-SportsCentury (in person), 1992-1992-American-League-Championship-Series (in person), 1990-1990-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 1989-1989-American-League-Championship-Series (in person), 1988-1988-World-Series-Video:-Los-Angeles-Dodgers-vs-Oakland-A's (in person), 2004-Beyond-the-Glory (Other), 1987-Will-to-Win:-The-1987-Oakland-A's-Highlights (in person), 2005-60-Minutes-Wednesday (in person), 2000-2000-National-League-Championship-Series (in person), 2005-2005-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 2004-2004-World-Series (in person), 1998-Race-for-the-Record (in person), 1990-1990-World-Series (in person), 1988-1988-American-League-Championship-Series (in person), 1984-1984-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 1983-1983-American-League-Championship-Series (in person), 2006-ESPN-25:-Who's-#1 (in person), 2005-Costas-Now (in person), 2005-60-Minutes (in person), 1996-1996-National-League-Championship-Series (in person), 1991-1991-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 1989-1989-World-Series (in person), 1988-The-1988-Oakland-Athletics:-A-Bashing-Success (in person), 1987-1987-MLB-All-Star-Game (in person), 2008-The-Smoking-Gun-Presents:-World's-Dumbest (Other), 2006-2007-Rome-Is-Burning (Other), 2005-60-Minutes (Other), 2009-2013-Mike-&-Mike (in person), 2002-2002-National-League-Championship-Series (in person)

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