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W. C. Fields Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: January 29, 1880 in Darby, Pennsylvania
Died: December 25, 1946 in Pasadena, California
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W.C. Fields (1879-1946) began entertaining as an amusement park juggler at the age of fourteen. He was a vaudeville headliner before he was twenty and toured Europe in 1901, giving a command performance at Buckingham Palace. His Broadway debut in The Ham Tree (1905) was followed by appearances in the Ziegfeld Follies (1915-1921) and in George White's Scandals (1933). Fields starred in Poppy on Broadway (1923) and the next year made his first film, Janice Meredith (1924). Fields' style, verbal rather than visual, and irascible con-man philosophy made him a favorite, especially with the advent of sound, where his raspy voice provided the final touch to his comedy. He starred in movies including My Little Chickadee (1940) and Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941). Fields' mistress from 1932 until his death was starlet Carlotta Monti, who often performed under the name of Carlotta Douglas, as shown here. Her tell-all memoir, W. C. Fields and Me, was the basis for the 1976 film. Fields was never divorced from his wife, Harriet "Hattie" Hughes, though they were permanently separated in 1904. Consequently, Monti was passed over in the settlement of Fields' estate. Fields often referred to himself ironically as "The Great Man", and his character is called that in a later film, Never Give a Sucker an Even Break (1941).
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2005-The-Great-Man:-W.C.-Fields (Other), 1940-Cavalcade-of-the-Academy-Awards (Other), 2003-Living-Famously (Other), 1997-American-Masters (Other), 1996-Bob-Hope:-Hollywood's-Brightest-Star (Other), 1999-Hidden-Hollywood-II:-More-Treasures-from-the-20th-Century-Fox (Other), 2004-Broadway:-The-American-Musical (Other), 1941-Never-Give-a-Sucker-an-Even-Break (Performer), 1940-My-Little-Chickadee (Performer), 1936-Poppy (Performer), 1935-Man-on-the-Flying-Trapeze (Performer), 1935-David-Copperfield (Performer), 1934-Six-of-a-Kind (Performer), 1933-Tillie-and-Gus (Performer), 1933-The-Barber-Shop (Performer), 1933-The-Pharmacist (Performer), 1933-The-Fatal-Glass-of-Beer (Performer), 1932-If-I-Had-a-Million (Performer), 1931-Her-Majesty,-Love (Performer), 1928-Fools-for-Luck (Performer), 1928-Tillie's-Punctured-Romance (Performer), 1927-The-Potters (Performer), 1941-Never-Give-a-Sucker-an-Even-Break (Writer), 1940-My-Little-Chickadee (Writer), 1935-Man-on-the-Flying-Trapeze (Writer), 1933-Tillie-and-Gus (Writer), 1933-The-Barber-Shop (Writer), 1933-The-Pharmacist (Writer), 1933-The-Fatal-Glass-of-Beer (Writer), 1933-The-Singing-Boxer (Writer), 1935-Man-on-the-Flying-Trapeze (Director), 1935-Man-on-the-Flying-Trapeze (in person), 1944-Sensations-of-1945 (in person), 1933-How-to-Break-90-#3:-Hip-Action (in person), 1979-The-Hollywood-Clowns (Other), 1976-That's-Entertainment,-Part-II (Other), 1974-Milton-Berle's-Mad-Mad-Mad-World-of-Comedy (Other), 1961-The-DuPont-Show-of-the-Week (Other), 1990-Hollywood-Heaven:-Tragic-Lives,-Tragic-Deaths (Other), 1984-Going-Hollywood:-The-'30s (Other), 1997-The-Silver-Screen:-Color-Me-Lavender (Other), 1976-America-at-the-Movies (Other), 1939-You-Can't-Cheat-an-Honest-Man (Performer), 1934-Mrs.-Wiggs-of-the-Cabbage-Patch (Performer), 1932-The-Dentist (Performer), 1930-The-Golf-Specialist (Performer), 2008-The-Fatal-Glass-of-Fields (Writer), 1939-You-Can't-Cheat-an-Honest-Man (Writer), 1932-The-Dentist (Writer), 1930-The-Golf-Specialist (Writer), 1944-Song-of-the-Open-Road (in person), 1944-Follow-the-Boys (in person), 2001-Slaphappy (Other), 2009-Make-'Em-Laugh:-The-Funny-Business-of-America (in person), 1975-Brother-Can-You-Spare-a-Dime (Other), 1964-The-Big-Parade-of-Comedy (Other), 1983-Hollywood-Out-takes-and-Rare-Footage (Other), 1965-Hollywood-My-Home-Town (Other), 1949-Down-Memory-Lane (Other), 2009-To-Oz!-The-Making-of-a-Classic (Other), 1992-Legends-of-Comedy (Other), 1934-You're-Telling-Me! (Performer), 1933-Alice-in-Wonderland (Performer), 1932-Million-Dollar-Legs (Performer), 1927/I-Running-Wild (Performer), 1925-Sally-of-the-Sawdust (Performer), 1924-Janice-Meredith (Performer), 1915-His-Lordship's-Dilemma (Performer), 1915-Pool-Sharks (Performer), 1934-The-Old-Fashioned-Way (Writer), 1934-You're-Telling-Me! (Writer), 1933-Too-Many-Highballs (Writer), 1915-Pool-Sharks (Writer), 1915-Pool-Sharks (Director), 1934-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-B-7 (in person), 1933-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-A-9 (in person), 1935-Mississippi (Performer), 1934-The-Old-Fashioned-Way (Performer), 1986-W.C.-Fields:-Straight-Up (Other), 2009-The-Yellow-Brick-Road-and-Beyond (Other), 2000-W.C.-Fields:-6-Short-Films (Other), 1969-Hollywood:-The-Selznick-Years (Other), 1965-Wayne-and-Shuster-Take-an-Affectionate-Look-At... (Writer), 1965-Wayne-and-Shuster-Take-an-Affectionate-Look-At... (Other), 2008-Mel-Blanc:-The-Man-of-a-Thousand-Voices (Other), 1994-1999-Biography (Other), 1952-Screen-Snapshots:-Memories-of-Famous-Hollywood-Comedians (Other), 1940-The-Bank-Dick (Performer), 1938-The-Big-Broadcast-of-1938 (Performer), 1934-It's-a-Gift (Performer), 1933-International-House (Performer), 1927-Two-Flaming-Youths (Performer), 1926-So's-Your-Old-Man (Performer), 1926-It's-the-Old-Army-Game (Performer), 1925-That-Royle-Girl (Performer), 1940-The-Bank-Dick (Writer), 1938-The-Big-Broadcast-of-1938 (Writer), 1934-It's-a-Gift (Writer), 1930-The-Family-Ford (Writer), 1926-It's-the-Old-Army-Game (Writer), 1943-Show-Business-at-War (in person), 1927-A-Trip-Through-the-Paramount-Studio (in person)
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Ballyhoo-of-1930 - Performer (December 22, 1930 - February 21, 1931), Earl-Carroll's-Vanities-[1928] - Performer (August 6, 1928 - February 2, 1929), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1925 - Performer (July 6, 1925 - September 19, 1925), Poppy - Performer (September 3, 1923 - June 28, 1924), George-White's-Scandals-[1922] - Performer (August 28, 1922 - November 11, 1922), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1921 - Performer (June 21, 1921 - October 1, 1921), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1920 - Performer (June 22, 1920 - October 16, 1920), Ziegfeld-Girls-of-1920 - Performer (March 8, 1920 - May 1920), Ziegfeld-Midnight-Frolic-[1919] - Performer (October 2, 1919 - Closing date unknown), Ziegfeld-Nine-O'Clock-Review - Performer (September 1919 - Closing date unknown), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1918 - Performer (June 18, 1918 - Closing date unknown), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1917 - Performer (June 12, 1917 - September 4, 1917), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1916 - Performer (June 12, 1916 - September 16, 1916), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1915 - Performer (June 21, 1915 - September 18, 1915), The-Ham-Tree - Performer (August 28, 1905 - November 11, 1905)

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