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Born: November 13, 1955 in New York City, New York
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Whoopi Goldberg (b. 1955), though best known as an outspoken comedienne, is also a talented dramatic actress. By virtue of her distinctive appearance and a persona that is both no-nonsense and empathic, Goldberg has emerged as one of the most recognizable celebrities of the '80s and '90s. She received an Academy Award nomination for The Color Purple (1985), and then won Best Supporting Actress for Ghost (1990). Her other films include Sister Act (1992), Jumpin' Jack Flash (1986), How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) and Girl, Interrupted (2000).
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2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Performer), 1986 Doctor Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce (Writer), 2013 Howard Stern on Demand (in person), 2013 Power of Love: Quincy Jones & Sir Michael Caine's 80th Birthday (in person), 2005-2014 The View (in person), 2013 Watch What Happens: Live (in person), 2014 A Day Late and a Dollar Short (Performer), 2013 Coach (Producer), 1997 Mother Goose: A Rappin' and Rhymin' Special (Performer), 1990 That's What Friends Are for: Arista's 15th Anniversary Concert (in person), 2013 Greatest Stand Up Comedians (Other), 2007-2008 The O'Reilly Factor (Other), 2012-2013 Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (Performer), 1999 Alegría (Performer), 1998 Hollywood Squares (Producer), 1991 The 15th Annual Women in Film Crystal Awards (in person), 2013 Miracle Rising: South Africa (in person), 2011-2012 The Chew (in person), 1986 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Billy Wilder (in person), 2008 Sex: The Revolution (Other), 1996 Classic Stand-Up Comedy of Television (Other), 2004 TV in Black: The First Fifty Years (Other), 2013 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Mel Brooks (in person), 2013 Betty White's 2nd Annual 90th Birthday (in person), 2004-2005 Live with Kelly and Michael (in person), 1991 Victory & Valor: Special Olympics World Games (in person), 2012 The Announcement (Other), 2009 Late Night with the Loose Women (Other), 2013 Dance Moms (in person), 2010 Lost: The Final Season - b_eginning of the End (in person), 2009 Dreams Come True: A Celebration of Disney Animation (in person), 2007 Nuremberg: The 60th Anniversary Director's Cut (in person), 2003 Daytona 500: The Great American Race Pre-Race Show (in person), 2000 Here's to You, Charlie Brown: 50 Great Years (in person), 1986 Doctor Duck's Super Secret All-Purpose Sauce (in person), 2003 Anderson Cooper 360° (Other), 1997 Classic Albums: Paul Simon - Graceland (Other), 1995 50 Years of Funny Females (Other), 2006 The 78th Annual Academy Awards (in person), 2005 Movies That Shook the World (in person), 2005 The Aristocrats (in person), 2004 Sesame Street Presents: The Street We Live On (in person), 2003 Richard Pryor: I Ain't Dead Yet, #*$#@!! 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(Performer), 1999 The Deep End of the Ocean (Performer), 1998 A Knight in Camelot (Performer), 1998 Saturday Night Live (Performer), 1996 The Associate (Performer), 1996 The Sunshine Boys (Performer), 1995 Theodore Rex (Performer), 1994 Star Trek: Generations (Performer), 1992 The Player (Performer), 1989 CBS Schoolbreak Special (Performer), 1988 Whoopi Goldberg: Fontaine... Why Am I Straight (Performer), 1987 Fatal Beauty (Performer), 1988 Whoopi Goldberg: Fontaine... Why Am I Straight (Writer), 2009 Head Games (Producer), 2009 Stream (Producer), 2005 Sketch Off (Producer), 2001 Call Me Claus (Producer), 2001 What Makes a Family (Producer), 1999 The Mao Game (Producer), 2012 Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together (in person), 2012 Independent Lens (in person), 2012 The Colbert Report (in person), 2012 Under African Skies (in person), 2011 The Muppets (in person), 2011 The 77th Annual Drama League Awards (in person), 2011 Wetten, dass.. 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Uncensored: Banned by the Media (Other), 2005-2006 Corazón de... 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True Hollywood Story (Other), 2008 Del corto a Hollywood (Other), 1992 Oscar's Greatest Moments (Other), 2012 666 Park Avenue (Performer), 2011 A Little Bit of Heaven (Performer), 2009 The Cleaner (Performer), 2009 Madea Goes to Jail (Performer), 2008 Snow Buddies (Performer), 2006 Everyone's Hero (Performer), 2006 Homie Spumoni (Performer), 2004 Littleburg (Performer), 2003 Good Fences (Performer), 2003 Freedom: A History of Us (Performer), 2002 Madeline: My Fair Madeline (Performer), 2001 The Hollywood Sign (Performer), 2000 More Dogs Than Bones (Performer), 1998 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (Performer), 1998 How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Performer), 1998 The Nanny (Performer), 1997 Cinderella (Performer), 1997 In the Gloaming (Performer), 1997 Tracey Takes On... (Performer), 1996 Bogus (Performer), 1994 Animated StoryBook: The Lion King (Performer), 1994 The Lion King (Performer)
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Sister Act - Production (April 20, 2011 - August 26, 2012), Xanadu - Performer (July 10, 2007 - September 28, 2008), Whoopi - Performer (November 17, 2004 - January 30, 2005), Ma Rainey's Black Bottom - Performer (March 6, 2003 - April 6, 2003), Thoroughly Modern Millie - Production (April 18, 2002 - June 20, 2004), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Performer (April 18, 1996 - January 4, 1998), Whoopi Goldberg - Performer (October 24, 1984 - March 10, 1985)

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