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Will Rogers Sr. Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: November 4, 1879 in Oologah, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
Died: August 15, 1935 in Point Barrow, Territory of Alaska (now Alaska)
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Will Rogers (1879-1935), who employed homespun humor in a successful monologue to accompany his rope act with various Wild West and vaudeville shows, later starred with the Ziegfeld Follies and appeared in silent movies and early talkies. Rogers, who was killed in a plane crash with aviator Wiley Post in 1935, was immortalized in the 1952 film biography The Story of Will Rogers, in which he was portrayed by his son, Will Rogers, Jr., who would also impersonate his father in the films Look for the Silver Lining (1949) and The Eddie Cantor Story (1953).
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1935-Life-b_egins-at-40 (Performer), 1934-David-Harum (Performer), 1931-A-Connecticut-Yankee (Performer), 1930-So-This-Is-London (Performer), 1924-Our-Congressman (Performer), 1924-The-Cake-Eater (Performer), 1923-Uncensored-Movies (Performer), 1923-Hustlin'-Hank (Performer), 1923-Jus'-Passin'-Through (Performer), 1921-Doubling-for-Romeo (Performer), 1921-An-Unwilling-Hero (Performer), 1920-Guile-of-Women (Performer), 1920-Jes'-Call-Me-Jim (Performer), 1919-Almost-a-Husband (Performer), 1927-With-Will-Rogers-in-Dublin (Writer), 1924-Our-Congressman (Writer), 1924-The-Cake-Eater (Writer), 1921-Doubling-for-Romeo (Writer), 1919-Almost-a-Husband (Writer), 1916-Roaring-Camp (Writer), 1916-Roaring-Camp (Sound), 1963-Men-of-Our-Time (in person), 1928-Reeling-Down-the-Rhine-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1927-Prowling-Around-France-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1927-Hunting-for-Germans-in-Berlin-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1927-Hiking-Through-Holland-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1927-With-Will-Rogers-in-Dublin (in person), 1923-Hollywood (in person), 2009-Make-'Em-Laugh:-The-Funny-Business-of-America (Other), 2001-Slaphappy (Other), 1993-Mo'-Funny:-Black-Comedy-in-America (Other), 1992-Legends-of-Comedy (Other), 1992-Literary-Visions (Other), 1990-Babe-Ruth:-The-Man,-the-Myth,-the-Legend (Other), 1975-Brother-Can-You-Spare-a-Dime (Other), 1965-Hollywood-My-Home-Town (Other), 1957-The-Golden-Age-of-Comedy (Other), 1940-If-I-Forget-You (Other), 1939-For-Auld-Lang-Syne (Other), 1937-Lest-We-Forget (Other), 1935-Steamboat-Round-the-Bend (Performer), 1935-Doubting-Thomas (Performer), 1934-Judge-Priest (Performer), 1933-Mr.-Skitch (Performer), 1933-State-Fair (Performer), 1932-Down-to-Earth (Performer), 1932-Business-and-Pleasure (Performer), 1931-Ambassador-Bill (Performer), 1929-They-Had-to-See-Paris (Performer), 1929-Happy-Days (Performer), 1927-Tiptoes (Performer), 1924-Don't-Park-There (Performer), 1922-The-Headless-Horseman (Performer), 1922-One-Glorious-Day (Performer), 1921-Boys-Will-Be-Boys (Performer), 1920-Cupid-the-Cowpuncher (Performer), 1920/II-Water,-Water,-Everywhere (Performer), 1934-Judge-Priest (Sound), 1932/I-Screen-Snapshots (in person), 1927-With-Will-Rogers-in-Paris (in person), 1921-Screen-Snapshots,-Series-1,-No.-17 (in person), 2000-Jeff-Foxworthy's-Comedy-Classics (Other), 1996-The-Roaring-Twenties (Other), 1996-America's-Music:-The-Roots-of-Country (Other), 1988-The-1930's:-Music,-Memories-&-Milestones (Other), 1963-Hollywood-and-the-Stars (Other), 1961-Biography (Other), 1961-The-Legend-of-Rudolph-Valentino (Other), 1957-The-Jackie-Gleason-Show (Other), 1952-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (Other), 1950-Fifty-Years-Before-Your-Eyes (Other), 1939-The-Movies-March-On (Other), 1935-In-Old-Kentucky (Performer), 1934-Handy-Andy (Performer), 1933-Doctor-Bull (Performer), 1932-Too-Busy-to-Work (Performer), 1930-Lightnin' (Performer), 1927-A-Texas-Steer (Performer), 1924-Gee-Whiz,-Genevieve (Performer), 1924-A-Truthful-Liar (Performer), 1924-Jubilo,-Jr. (Performer), 1924-High-Brow-Stuff (Performer), 1924-The-Cowboy-Sheik (Performer), 1924-Two-Wagons:-Both-Covered (Performer), 1922-Fruits-of-Faith (Performer), 1922-The-Ropin'-Fool (Performer), 1921-A-Poor-Relation (Performer), 1920-Honest-Hutch (Performer), 1919-Jubilo (Performer), 1918-Laughing-Bill-Hyde (Performer), 1927-A-Texas-Steer (Writer), 1924-The-Cowboy-Sheik (Writer), 1924-Two-Wagons:-Both-Covered (Writer), 1922-The-Ropin'-Fool (Writer), 1933-Doctor-Bull (Sound), 1922-The-Ropin'-Fool (Producer), 1931-Screen-Snapshots-Series-10,-No.-6 (in person), 1927-Exploring-England-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1927-Winging-Around-Europe-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1924-Big-Moments-from-Little-Pictures (in person), 1999-The-20th-Century:-A-Moving-Visual-History (Other), 1997-20th-Century-Fox:-The-First-50-Years (Other), 1993-John-Ford (Other), 1984-Going-Hollywood:-The-'30s (Other), 1976-The-Biggest-Little-Star-of-the-30's (Other), 1961-Hollywood:-The-Golden-Years (Other), 1957-The-Steve-Allen-Plymouth-Show (Other), 1953-Screen-Snapshots:-Men-of-the-West (Other), 1953-Screen-Snapshots:-Out-West-in-Hollywood (Other), 1947-Screen-Snapshots-Series-27,-No.-1:-Hollywood-Cowboys (Other), 1938-Personality-Parade (Other), 1935-Screen-Snapshots-Series-15,-No.-4 (Other), 1935-The-County-Chairman (Performer), 1931-Young-as-You-Feel (Performer), 1924-Going-to-Congress (Performer), 1920-The-Strange-Boarder (Performer), 1934-Stand-Up-and-Cheer! (Writer), 1927-Roaming-the-Emerald-Isle-with-Will-Rogers (Writer), 1924-Going-to-Congress (Writer), 1928-Over-the-Bounding-Blue-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1927-Roaming-the-Emerald-Isle-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1927-With-Will-Rogers-in-London (in person), 1927-Through-Switzerland-and-Bavaria-with-Will-Rogers (in person), 1922-Screen-Snapshots,-Series-3,-No.-12 (in person), 2004-Broadway:-The-American-Musical (Other), 1995-2001-Biography (Other), 1994-1997-American-Masters (Other), 1984-The-Great-Standups (Other), 1980-Hollywood (Other), 1962-The-Roy-Rogers-&-Dale-Evans-Show (Other), 1961-1962-The-DuPont-Show-of-the-Week (Other), 1954-Screen-Snapshots:-Hollywood-Stars-to-Remember (Other), 1934-Hollywood-on-Parade-No.-B-13 (Other)
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The-Will-Rogers-Follies - Other (May 1, 1991 - September 5, 1993), Will-Rogers'-USA - Other (May 6, 1974 - May 11, 1974), Three-Cheers - Performer (October 15, 1928 - April 13, 1929), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1925 - Performer (July 6, 1925 - September 19, 1925), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1924 - Performer (June 24, 1924 - March 7, 1925), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1922 - Performer (June 5, 1922 - June 23, 1923), Ziegfeld-Midnight-Frolic-[1921] - Performer (November 17, 1921 - March 1922), Ziegfeld-Nine-O'Clock-Review - Performer (September 1919 - Closing date unknown), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1918 - Performer (June 18, 1918 - Closing date unknown), Ziegfeld-Follies-of-1917 - Performer (June 12, 1917 - September 4, 1917), Ned-Wayburn's-Town-Topics - Performer (September 23, 1915 - November 20, 1915), Hands-Up - Performer (July 22, 1915 - September 3, 1915), The-Wall-Street-Girl - Performer (April 15, 1912 - June 1, 1912)
  • WILL ROGERS, SR Will Roger, Sr. signs a piece of paper. Signature: "Will Rogers", 4¼x1½ piece of paper. Will Rogers (1879-1935), who employed homespun humor in a successful monologue to accompany his rope act with various Wild West and vaudeville shows, later starred with the Ziegfeld Follies and appeared in silent movies and early talkies.

    Sale Price $342.00


  • WILL ROGERS SR Will Rogers sends an autograph note in pencil. Autograph note signed: "Will Rogers", 6½x2 album leaf. No place, no date. In full: "I'll sneak in here by Bill Nxe. Who I would like to have met. This is the best cast I was ever in.

    Sale Price $405.00


  • WILL ROGERS SR.A signed black and white publicity photograph of the popular stage and screen actor and homespun philosopher Photograph signed: "Will Rogers". B/w, 7¼x9¼.

    Sale Price $637.50


  • WILL ROGERS, SR. Black and white candid shot of Will Rogers, Sr. holding a polo mallet and helmet Photograph signed: "Will Rogers". B/w, 8x10. Will Rogers (1879-1935), who employed homespun

    Sale Price $1,200.00


  • WILL ROGERS, SR Small black and white with brown hue book photograph of Will Rogers, Sr. Book Photograph signed: "Will Rogers". B/w with brown hue, 3½x6. American humorist Will Rogers (1879-1935) first made a

    Sale Price $1,360.00


  • WILL ROGERS, SR Will Roger, Sr. signs a card to a collector. Inscribed Signature: "To/William A. Temple/Sincerely/Will Rogers", 5¼x3¼ card. Will Rogers (1879-1935), who employed homespun humor in a

    Sale Price $342.00


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