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Born: June 5, 1895 in Hendrysburg, Ohio
Died: September 12, 1972 in Laguna Beach, California
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Boyd (1895-1972) first starred as Hopalong Cassidy, a western hero who dressed in black and rode a white horse ("Topper"), in 66 features filmed between 1935 and 1948. He personally acquired the television rights to the films and edited the features into 30 and 60-minute segments. The series proved so popular that Boyd filmed an additional 52 episodes for television in 1951-1952. Hopalong Cassidy was televised on NBC from 1949-1951 and was syndicated from 1952-1954. In 1952, the year he signed this document, Boyd was also also seen in a cameo as "Hoppy" in The Greatest Show on Earth (1952), which was directed by Cecil B. DeMille, who had launched Boyd's career as a matinee idol when he cast Boyd as the romantic lead in The Volga Boatman (1926). In 1956, Boyd would be DeMille's first choice to play Moses in The Ten Commandments, but Boyd turned down the role, thinking that his association with "Hoppy" would hurt the film.
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1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up (Other), 1952 Law of the Trigger (Other), 1951 Prairie Vengeance (Other), 1997 L.A. Confidential (Other), 1951 Border Justice (Other), 2001 Biography (Other), 2000 Golden Saddles, Silver Spurs (Other), 1952 Hopalong Cassidy (Other), 1930 The Voice of Hollywood No. 12 (in person), 1991 Robert Mitchum: The Reluctant Star (Other), 1989 The Best of Gleason 3 (Other), 1947 Unexpected Guest (Performer), 1943 Colt Comrades (Performer), 1942 Undercover Man (Performer), 1941 Secrets of the Wasteland (Performer), 1941 Stick to Your Guns (Performer), 1940 Santa Fe Marshal (Performer), 1939 Renegade Trail (Performer), 1937 Texas Trail (Performer), 1936 Heart of the West (Performer), 1935 Bar 20 Rides Again (Performer), 1935 Racing Luck (Performer), 1935 The Eagle's Brood (Performer), 1934 Port of Lost Dreams (Performer), 1933 Emergency Call (Performer), 1931 The Big Gamble (Performer), 1928 Skyscraper (Performer), 1925 Steel Preferred (Performer), 1922 On the High Seas (Performer), 1922 Saturday Night (Performer), 1921 Brewster's Millions (Performer), 1921 Paying the Piper (Performer), 1920 Something to Think About (Performer), 1920 Why Change Your Wife (Performer), 1918 Old Wives for New (Performer), 1947 Unexpected Guest (Producer), 1923 Hollywood (in person), 1954 Stage Coach War (Other), 1946 Fool's Gold (Performer), 1946 Fool's Gold (Producer), 1951 Danger Trail (Other), 1976 Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch (Other), 1947 The Marauders (Producer), 1947 Dangerous Venture (Producer), 1940 Screen Snapshots: Seeing Hollywood (in person), 1939 Screen Snapshots Series 18, No. 9 (in person), 1961 Silents Please (Performer), 1954 Tournament of Roses (Performer), 1948 Silent Conflict (Performer), 1947 The Marauders (Performer), 1947 Dangerous Venture (Performer), 1944 Mystery Man (Performer), 1944 Lumberjack (Performer), 1943 False Colors (Performer), 1943 Border Patrol (Performer), 1942 Lost Canyon (Performer), 1941 Riders of the Timberline (Performer), 1940 Hidden Gold (Performer), 1939 Law of the Pampas (Performer), 1939 Silver on the Sage (Performer), 1938 Pride of the West (Performer), 1938 Heart of Arizona (Performer), 1938 Partners of the Plains (Performer), 1936 Hopalong Cassidy Returns (Performer), 1936 Go-Get-'Em, Haines (Performer), 1936 Three on the Trail (Performer), 1936 Call of the Prairie (Performer), 1935 Hop-a-long Cassidy (Performer), 1933 Lucky Devils (Performer), 1932 Carnival Boat (Performer), 1931 Beyond Victory (Performer), 1931 The Painted Desert (Performer), 1930 Officer O'Brien (Performer), 1929 High Voltage (Performer), 1929 The Flying Fool (Performer), 1929 Lady of the Pavements (Performer), 1928 The Cop (Performer), 1928 The Night Flyer (Performer), 1926 Jim, the Conqueror (Performer), 1926 Her Man o' War (Performer), 1926 Eve's Leaves (Performer), 1925 Forty Winks (Performer), 1924 Tarnish (Performer), 1923 Michael O'Halloran (Performer), 1922 Manslaughter (Performer), 1922 Moran of the Lady Letty (Performer), 1921 Fool's Paradise (Performer), 1921 Exit the Vamp (Performer), 1921 After the Show (Performer), 1921 A Wise Fool (Performer), 1920 A City Sparrow (Performer), 1920 The City of Masks (Performer), 1919 Was He Guilty (Performer), 1948 Silent Conflict (Producer), 1950 Bar 20 Rides Again (Other), 1947 Screen Snapshots Series 27, No. 1: Hollywood Cowboys (in person), 1984 Going Hollywood: The '30s (Other), 1953 Wide Open Town (Other), 2008 Spisok korabley (Other), 1953 Screen Snapshots: Out West in Hollywood (Other), 1950 Heart of the West (Other), 1938 Personality Parade (Other), 2003 50 Greatest TV Animals (Other), 1955 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Bronc Busters (Other), 1952-1954 Hopalong Cassidy (Performer), 1948 False Paradise (Performer), 1948 Sinister Journey (Performer), 1947 Hoppy's Holiday (Performer), 1944 Forty Thieves (Performer), 1943 Riders of the Deadline (Performer), 1943 Leather Burners (Performer), 1941 Outlaws of the Desert (Performer), 1941 Wide Open Town (Performer), 1941 Border Vigilantes (Performer), 1941 In Old Colorado (Performer), 1941 Doomed Caravan (Performer), 1940 Stagecoach War (Performer), 1940 The Showdown (Performer), 1939 Range War (Performer), 1938 In Old Mexico (Performer), 1938 Bar 20 Justice (Performer), 1938 Cassidy of Bar 20 (Performer), 1936 Federal Agent (Performer), 1933 Flaming Gold (Performer), 1932 Men of America (Performer), 1929 His First Command (Performer), 1929 The Leatherneck (Performer), 1928 Power (Performer), 1927 Dress Parade (Performer), 1927 The Yankee Clipper (Performer), 1926 The Volga Boatman (Performer), 1924 Triumph (Performer), 1923 Enemies of Children (Performer), 1922 The Young Rajah (Performer), 1922 Nice People (Performer), 1922 Bobbed Hair (Performer), 1921 The Affairs of Anatol (Performer), 1921 Moonlight and Honeysuckle (Performer), 1921 Forbidden Fruit (Performer), 1921 The Jucklins (Performer), 1920 The Six Best Cellars (Performer), 1952-1954 Hopalong Cassidy (Producer), 1948 False Paradise (Producer), 1948 Sinister Journey (Producer), 1947 Hoppy's Holiday (Producer), 1932 Men of America (Director), 1932 Men of America (in person), 1930 Screen Snapshots Series 10, No. 5 (in person), 1930 Screen Snapshots Series 9, No. 13 (in person), 1989 The Siskel & Ebert 500th Anniversary Special (Other), 1952 Battle of the Buttes (Other), 1953 Little Smokey: The True Story of America's Forest Fire Preventin' (Performer), 2001 Hopalong Cassidy: Public Hero #1 (Other), 1976 It's Showtime (Other), 1950 Three on a Trail (Other), 1922 A Trip to Paramountown (in person), 1987 The West That Never Was (Other), 1939 Land of Liberty (Other), 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth (Performer), 1948 Strange Gamble (Performer), 1948 Borrowed Trouble (Performer), 1948 The Dead Don't Dream (Performer), 1946 The Devil's Playground (Performer), 1944 Texas Masquerade (Performer), 1943 Bar 20 (Performer), 1943 Hoppy Serves a Writ (Performer), 1941 Twilight on the Trail (Performer), 1941 Pirates on Horseback (Performer), 1940 Three Men from Texas (Performer), 1939 Sunset Trail (Performer), 1938 The Frontiersmen (Performer), 1937 Hopalong Rides Again (Performer), 1937 Rustlers' Valley (Performer), 1937 North of the Rio Grande (Performer), 1937 Hills of Old Wyoming (Performer), 1937 Borderland (Performer), 1936 Trail Dust (Performer), 1936 Burning Gold (Performer), 1934 Cheaters (Performer), 1931 Suicide Fleet (Performer), 1927 Two Arabian Knights (Performer), 1927 The King of Kings (Performer), 1927 Wolves of the Air (Performer), 1926 The Last Frontier (Performer), 1925 The Road to Yesterday (Performer), 1925 The Midshipman (Performer), 1924 Feet of Clay (Performer), 1924 Changing Husbands (Performer), 1923 The Temple of Venus (Performer), 1923 Adam's Rib (Performer), 1948 Strange Gamble (Producer), 1948 Borrowed Trouble (Producer), 1948 The Dead Don't Dream (Producer), 1946 The Devil's Playground (Producer), 1951 Screen Snapshots: Hopalong in Hoppy Land (in person), 1949 The Milton Berle Show (in person)

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