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William F. Cody Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: February 26, 1846 in Scott County, Iowa
Died: January 10, 1917 in Denver, Colorado
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William Frederick Cody (1846-1917) earned the name "Buffalo Bill" for killing thousands of buffalo as a hired hunter in 1867 and 1868. Cody began his Wild West career herding cattle at age nine. Five years later, he became the Pony Express' youngest rider. Throughout the Civil War, Cody worked as a government scout, extracting from life and the West all that it had to offer. His western notoriety grew with his adventures, including those during the Sioux War, in which he purportedly fought a duel with Chief Yellow Hand. Cody's theatrical career was launched that same year with his re-enactments of such Indian battles. By 1883, he formed his first Wild West spectacle, becoming a master showman who toured internationally until 1903. In 1908, Cody teamed up with his old rival, "Pawnee Bill" Lillie for a combined "two Bills" show. Lillie called his show "Far East" because it included Japanese and Arab performers, as well as Western Americana. (Adopting the honorary rank of Colonel for himself, Cody addresses Lillie by the lower rank of Major.) In 1913, financial circumstances forced Cody to sell his own show and join the Sells Floto show.
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1914-The-Indian-Wars (Producer), 1917-The-Buffalo-Bill-Show (Other), 1914-The-Indian-Wars (in person), 1900-Buffalo-Bill's-Show-Parade (in person), 1900-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-Show (in person), 1894-Buffalo-Bill (in person), 2011-2012-60-Minutes (Other), 1980-Hollywood (Other), 1910-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-and-Pawnee-Bill's-Far-East (in person), 2006-2011-The-American-Experience (Other), 1898-Parade-of-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-Show,-No.-2 (in person), 2011-Diana-Vreeland:-The-Eye-Has-to-Travel (Other), 1930-The-Indians-Are-Coming (Writer), 1915-The-Circus-Girl's-Romance (in person), 1912-The-Life-of-Buffalo-Bill (in person), 1902-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-Show (in person), 1900/II-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-Parade (in person), 1898-Indian-War-Council (in person), 1897-Buffalo-Bill-and-Escort (in person), 2003-Arena (Writer), 1931-Battling-with-Buffalo-Bill (Writer), 1926-Fighting-with-Buffalo-Bill (Writer), 1914-Sitting-Bull:-The-Hostile-Sioux-Indian-Chief (in person), 1913-The-Wild-West-Comes-to-Town (in person), 1901-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-Parade (in person), 1900/I-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-Parade (in person), 1950-Fifty-Years-Before-Your-Eyes (Other), 1909-Les-aventures-de-Buffalo-Bill (Writer), 1909-Les-aventures-de-Buffalo-Bill (Producer), 1914-The-Adventures-of-Buffalo-Bill (Producer), 1914-The-Adventures-of-Buffalo-Bill (Other), 1914-The-Adventures-of-Buffalo-Bill (Performer), 1914-The-Adventures-of-Buffalo-Bill (in person), 1917-The-Adventures-of-Buffalo-Bill (in person), 1903-Buffalo-Bill's-Parade (in person), 1903-Buffalo-Bill's-Street-Parade (in person), 1898-Parade-of-Buffalo-Bill's-Wild-West-Show,-No.-1 (in person), 2008-Red-and-White:-Gone-with-the-West (Other), 1995-Biography (Other)
Theater Credits
The-Man-Who-Owns-Broadway - Performer (October 11, 1909 - January 29, 1910)

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