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Woody Herman Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: May 16, 1913 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Died: October 29, 1987 in Los Angeles, California
Beginning in 1936, Herman (1913-1987, born Woodrow Charles Wilson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) led a succession of popular bands, each called "The Thundering Herd".
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2013-Gangster-Squad (Sound), 2008-Revolutionary-Road (Sound), 2003-The-Human-Stain (Sound), 2000-Joe-Gould's-Secret (Sound), 1944-On-Approval (Sound), 1943-Wintertime (Sound), 1968-The-Woody-Woodbury-Show (in person), 1968-The-Pat-Boone-Show (in person), 1965-Fanfare (in person), 1963-The-Keefe-Brasselle-Show (in person), 1958-The-Big-Record (in person), 1957-Timex-All-Star-Jazz-Show (in person), 1949-Herman's-Herd (in person), 1943-Wintertime (in person), 1999-Louis-Prima:-The-Wildest! (Other), 1977-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (Sound), 1957-The-Lux-Show (Sound), 1952-1957-The-Jackie-Gleason-Show (Performer), 1981-A-Gift-of-Music (in person), 1970-The-Tonight-Show-Starring-Johnny-Carson (in person), 1969-The-David-Frost-Show (in person), 1969-The-Joey-Bishop-Show (in person), 1949-Floor-Show (in person), 1947-Rhapsody-in-Wood (in person), 1963-1967-The-Ed-Sullivan-Show (in person), 1959-The-Steve-Allen-Plymouth-Show (in person), 1987-In-the-Mood (Sound), 1960-Startime (Sound), 1947-New-Orleans (Sound), 1945-Earl-Carroll-Vanities (Sound), 1942-What's-Cookin' (Sound), 1938-Woody-Herman-&-His-Orchestra (Sound), 1947-New-Orleans (Performer), 1945-Earl-Carroll-Vanities (Performer), 1942-What's-Cookin' (Performer), 1947-New-Orleans (Sound), 1947-New-Orleans (in person), 1977-All-You-Need-Is-Love (in person), 1964-Here's-Edie (in person), 1960-Startime (in person), 1957-The-Jerry-Lewis-Show (in person), 1955-Producers'-Showcase (in person), 1944-Sensations-of-1945 (in person), 1938-Woody-Herman-&-His-Orchestra (in person), 1978-Big-Band-Bash (in person), 2001-Pearl-Harbor (Sound), 1997-Midnight-in-the-Garden-of-Good-and-Evil (Sound), 1995-The-Grass-Harp (Sound), 1987-Mascara (Sound), 1946-Headline-Bands (Sound), 1935-Convention-Girl (Performer), 1974-Frank-Sinatra:-The-Main-Event (Sound), 1985-Macy's-Thanksgiving-Day-Parade (in person), 1981-The-Nashville-Palace (in person), 1980-The-Val-Doonican-Music-Show (in person), 1964-1977-The-Mike-Douglas-Show (in person), 1973-Super-Bowl-VII (in person), 1966-The-Danny-Kaye-Show (in person), 1964-The-Bell-Telephone-Hour (in person), 1962-The-Lively-Ones (in person), 1948-Winter-Meeting (in person), 1946-Headline-Bands (Other)

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