Wyndham Standing Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: August 23, 1880 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: February 1, 1963 in Los Angeles, California
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1947 If Winter Comes (Performer), 1947 The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (Performer), 1944 Meet the People (Performer), 1944 Passport to Destiny (Performer), 1943 A Guy Named Joe (Performer), 1941 They Dare Not Love (Performer), 1941 Rage in Heaven (Performer), 1940 The Son of Monte Cristo (Performer), 1940 Waterloo Bridge (Performer), 1939 Miracle at Lourdes (Performer), 1938 Kidnapped (Performer), 1933 Design for Living (Performer), 1932 Silent Witness (Performer), 1931 Dracula (Performer), 1930 Hell's Angels (Performer), 1926 The Canadian (Performer), 1926 White Heat (Performer), 1925 The Dark Angel (Performer), 1923 Daytime Wives (Performer), 1922 The Inner Man (Performer), 1922 Smilin' Through (Performer), 1922 Bride's Play (Performer), 1921 The Iron Trail (Performer), 1920 My Lady's Garter (Performer), 1919 The Hushed Hour (Performer), 1919 Eyes of the Soul (Performer), 1919 The Marriage Price (Performer), 1919 The Woman on the Index (Performer), 1918 The Hillcrest Mystery (Performer), 1917 The Soul of a Magdalen (Performer), 1917 The Auction of Virtue (Performer), 1915 Both Sides of Life (Performer), 1947 Green Dolphin Street (Performer), 1947 The Late George Apley (Performer), 1947 The Arnelo Affair (Performer), 1942 Laugh Your Blues Away (Performer), 1942 Counter-Espionage (Performer), 1941 Free and Easy (Performer), 1940 Pride and Prejudice (Performer), 1940 Escape to Glory (Performer), 1939 The Amazing Mr. Williams (Performer), 1939 Bulldog Drummond's Bride (Performer), 1939 The Man in the Iron Mask (Performer), 1935 East of Java (Performer), 1934 Limehouse Blues (Performer), 1934 Sadie McKee (Performer), 1929 Widecombe Fair (Performer), 1929 The Flying Squad (Performer), 1928 The Port of Missing Girls (Performer), 1926 If Youth But Knew (Performer), 1925 The Unchastened Woman (Performer), 1925 The Reckless Sex (Performer), 1925 The Early Bird (Performer), 1924 Flames of Desire (Performer), 1924 Vanity's Price (Performer), 1924 Secrets (Performer), 1923 Forgive and Forget (Performer), 1923 The Lion's Mouse (Performer), 1921 The Journey's End (Performer), 1919 The Isle of Conquest (Performer), 1919 A Temperamental Wife (Performer), 1919 The Witness for the Defense (Performer), 1917 Exile (Performer), 1916 The Wolf Woman (Performer), 1916 Bullets and Brown Eyes (Performer), 2006 The Woman with the Hungry Eyes (Other), 1930 Such Is the Law (Other), 1948 B.F.'s Daughter (Performer), 1947 Merton of the Movies (Performer), 1947 The Sea of Grass (Performer), 1945 Week-End at the Waldorf (Performer), 1945 The Great John L. (Performer), 1944 The Woman in the Window (Performer), 1944 Mrs. Parkington (Performer), 1942 This Above All (Performer), 1940 The Long Voyage Home (Performer), 1939 The Night of Nights (Performer), 1939 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police (Performer), 1936 Mary of Scotland (Performer), 1935 Clive of India (Performer), 1934 You Belong to Me (Performer), 1934 The Girl from Missouri (Performer), 1934 The Key (Performer), 1933 A Study in Scarlet (Performer), 1927 The City Gone Wild (Performer), 1927 Thumbs Down (Performer), 1925 Soiled (Performer), 1925 The Teaser (Performer), 1924 The Rejected Woman (Performer), 1923 The Hypocrites (Performer), 1922 Isle of Doubt (Performer), 1920 A Modern Salome (Performer), 1919 The Miracle of Love (Performer), 1919 Paid in Full (Performer), 1918 The Life Mask (Performer), 1918 Rose of the World (Performer), 1917 The Silence Sellers (Performer), 1917 To the Death (Performer), 1917 The Waiting Soul (Performer), 1915 The Supreme Test (Performer), 1915 A Mother's Atonement (Performer), 1915/I Business Is Business (Performer), 1947 Lured (Performer), 1947 Ivy (Performer), 1946 The Secret Heart (Performer), 1946 The Locket (Performer), 1944 Marriage Is a Private Affair (Performer), 1943 Madame Curie (Performer), 1943 Appointment in Berlin (Performer), 1942 They All Kissed the Bride (Performer), 1941 How to Hold Your Husband - BACK (Performer), 1941 Smilin' Through (Performer), 1941 Meet John Doe (Performer), 1939 Rulers of the Sea (Performer), 1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (Performer), 1939 They Shall Have Music (Performer), 1936 Beloved Enemy (Performer), 1934 Imitation of Life (Performer), 1934 British Agent (Performer), 1930 Billy the Kid (Performer), 1930 The Eternal Triangle (Performer), 1929 Power Over Men (Performer), 1928 The Price of Divorce (Performer), 1924 Pagan Passions (Performer), 1923 The Gold Diggers (Performer), 1923 Little Johnny Jones (Performer), 1921 The Marriage of William Ashe (Performer), 1920 Blackmail (Performer), 1920 Earthbound (Performer), 1920 Lifting Shadows (Performer), 1919 Out of the Shadow (Performer), 1918 The Glorious Adventure (Performer), 1917 Law of the Land (Performer), 1916 Redeeming Love (Performer), 1916 The Beggar of Cawnpore (Performer), 1916 The Bugle Call (Performer), 1915 Extravagance (Performer)

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