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THE PAINTED STALLION MOVIE CASTA book page giving a brief plot summary of The Painted Stallion signed by the director and three performers from the 1937 film Book Page signed: "William Witney", "Yakima Canutt", "Julia Thayer" and "Sammy McKim", 8¼x10¾.

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Condition: lightly creased, otherwise fine condition
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THE PAINTED STALLION MOVIE CASTA book page giving a brief plot summary of The Painted Stallion signed by the director and three performers from the 1937 film Book Page signed: "William Witney", "Yakima Canutt", "Julia Thayer" and "Sammy McKim", 8¼x10¾. The Painted Stallion, released in 1937, was a 12-episode serial, co-directed by William Witney, and starring Yakima Canutt, Julia Thayer and Sammy McKim. WILLIAM WITNEY (1915-2002) had been working on movie serials when he was called in to rescue one: The Painted Stallion (1937). At 21, he becameHollywood's youngest movie director of the era. Until he was called into military service in 1943, he produced a steady stream of successful action serials for Republic Pictures, featuring heroes like Zorro, the Lone Ranger, Dick Tracy, Red Ryder, Hawk of the Wilderness, Jungle Girl, and Captain Marvel (1941, the first comic superhero brought to the movie screen). Witney worked in tandem with co-director John English, who worked out the plots. Witney focused on the action scenes; he was the first who carefully choreographed his fights. When he returned from the army, the public taste for serials had diminished, so Republic Pictures, and William Witney, moved in a new direction: feature-length Westerns. In fact, Witney directed every Roy Rogers movie from 1946 to 1951. Witney turned to TV directing in the 1950s and sixties: crafting episodes for many series including Lassie, Zorro (of course), Mike Hammer, Wagon Train and Bonanza. He also found a new market for his action films: the drive-in movie, where teenagers were soon flocking to The Bonnie Parker Story (1958) and Paratroop Command (1959). At last, Witney attempted a genre he couldn't master: the beach party movie (The Girls on the Beach, 1965). Enjoying a long retirement, Witney had time to write his memoirs, appropriately titled: In a Door, Into a Fight! Out a Door, Into a Chase!: Moviemaking Remembered by the Guy at the Door. A rodeo champion, Enos Edward CANUTT (1894-1986) was nicknamed "THE MAN FROM YAKIMA".In 1917, he met Hollywood cowboy star Tom Mix, who recruited him as a stuntman. Canutt quickly became one of the leading fall guys in the industry, with a knack for horse spills and wagon wrecks. In the 1939 classic, Stagecoach, Canutt was not only the stunt supervisor, but he also appeared onscreen to take falls for a cowboy, an Indian, and even a woman. As he grew older, Canutt's injuries took their toll, but he made a successful transition from stuntman, to coordinator, to director. In 1966, Canutt received a special Academy Award for his lifetime of excellence as a stunt performer. His book, Stuntman, was published in 1979. Canutt was 91 when he died in 1986. Canutt and Burnette appeared together in at least 9 films - all Westerns - between 1939 and 1944: 5 starring Gene Autry, 3 with Roy Rogers, and 1 with Bob Livingston. Burnette played his Millhouse character in all nine, while Canutt did not appear in the credits at the time. His role as stunt double is much better appreciated now. JEAN CARMEN, who was originally billed as Julia Thayer, first starred as The Rider in the 1937 Republic serial of The Painted Stallion. She then reprised the role in the 1938 feature film of the same name. Ray Corrigan starred as Clark Stuart, and Hoot Gibson and Duncan Renaldo also appeared in both versions. Jean Carmen (1914-1993) had made her film debut in 1933 in Midshipman Jack. She was best known, however, for her roles in Westerns of the 1930s. She re-emerged as an actress and director in The Pawn (1968), now billed as Jean Carmen Dillow. Canadian actor SAMMY McKIM (1924-2004) was born in Vancouver, Canada. He appeared in over 60 films between 1935 and 1954, specializing in Westerns. Notable films include The Painted Stallion (1937), Gunsmoke Ranch (1937), The Old Barn Dance (1938) and New Frontier (1939). Lightly creased. Otherwise, fine condition.

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