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Westbrook Pegler signed this acid, sarcastic letter, typed on his personalized stationery from King Features Syndicate, to fellow columnist Louis Sobol in 1954.

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Westbrook Pegler signed this acid, sarcastic letter, typed on his personalized stationery from King Features Syndicate, to fellow columnist Louis Sobol in 1954. In it, he compares his treatment in the courts - probably the libel suit brought against him by Quentin Reynolds - to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.
Typed letter signed "Peg". 1 page,7¼x10½, on Pegler's personalized stationery from King Features Syndicate. Dec. 15, 1954. Addressed to Louis Sobol c/o New York Journal-American, New York City. In full: "Dear Lou: I knew that in reasonable time you would provide, in your column, absolute proof of my comment, under cross-examination, to which you took exception in the way of the whole brood of professional belly-achers who moan for 'minorities' but lynch any loyal American who is dedicated to Truth, Human Dignity and the Constitution. Whoever has the manhood to strike back at this encroaching evil is 'paranoid' and 'psychopathic'. You made the quite expectable charge that I had 'blown my stack'. In plainer words, I am insane. I wonder if the Jews were 'paranoid' and 'psychopathic' and whether it would have been correct and humane to sneer that they had blown their stacks when they were squawking to Heaven that Hitler was doing them dirt. The anti-Jews used to resort to such sneers but I have never agreed with them. If you were consistent you would now concern yourself with equal ardor and fury to rebuke those who have duplicated in the courts of the United States the desperate plight of the Jew in the People's Courts of Adolf Hitler. I know now, from personal experience in my own country, what a leering mockery a Jew had to endure in the guise of Justice in the Nazi Courts. As to Sinatra, you know his record as well as I do. I have contempt for any 'newspaperman' who abuses his prerogative and trust to exalt this man and exculpate him in his endless escapades. And you know very well you do not speak for any substantial portion of American newspapermen. I watched a whole corps of Broadway-Hollywood journalists making social time with the Hollywood riffraff when Browne and Bioff were riding high and never saw a syllable on the subject from any of them. That comes under the subject of checking the facts'. Sincerely". The legal problems that Pegler mention are possibly a libel suit brought against him by QUENTIN REYNOLDS (1902-1965).Pegler reportedly called Reynolds, a war correspondent during World War II, "yellow" and an "absentee war correspondent". Reynolds won his suit against Pegler. "Browne and Bioff" were GEORGE BROWNE, the Chicago Mafia-controlled president of the International Alliance of Theatrical State Employees in Hollywood, and his enforcer WILLIAM MORRIS BIOFF (1900-1955). Pegler exposed their racketeering in Hollywood and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1941 for his reportage. New York journalist LOUIS SOBOL (1896-1986) wrote a gossip-oriented entertainment column for 40 years, initially focused on the Broadway stage but also covering film and TV personalities for the New York Journal American. American journalist WESTBROOK PEGLER (1894-1969), born James Westbrook Pegler, wrote popular syndicated columns from the 1930s to the 1950s and won the Pulitzer Prize in 1941 for reporting on racketeering in Hollywood labor unions. He began his career while still in high school, working for the United Press, and subsequently reported for the United News (1919-1925) and the Chicago Tribune (1925-33) before becoming a syndicated columnist, eventually reaching around 10 million subscribers. Pegler had a biting and sarcastic writing style, which he used to oppose both fascism in Europe and the New Deal in America and a frequent critic of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. He became increasingly conservative as his career progressed, eventually targeting the Supreme Court, labor unions, the wealthy, the tax system and, finally, Jews, and was successfully sued for libel by one of his targets, Quentin Reynolds, in 1954. His columns ended in 1962, and he was even dropped from American Opinion, the magazine of the right-wing John Birch Society, for his anti-Semitic views. Lightly toned, soiled and creased. Pen skipped while writing signature. Discoloration in center of letter and near left and top edges. Paper clip impressions near top edge. Folded four timed and unfolded. Otherwise in fine condition.

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