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The young Harvard man prepares for his last year of college in letter to his sweetheart, signs name in black ink Autograph letter signed: "Will" in black ink. 6 pages, 4½x7 folded, 7x9 flat. September 22, 1895.

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The young Harvard man prepares for his last year of college in letter to his sweetheart, signs name in black ink
Autograph letter signed: "Will" in black ink. 6 pages, 4½x7 folded, 7x9 flat. September 22, 1895. In full: "My dear Peachy:-/ Old Grandpa read with interest/ the verses which you sent;/ They were indeed most excellent,/ and much on pleasure, bent./ I would to God, those wishes,/ which you on your paper wrote,/ Might be carried out to the letter/ omitting the sail on the boat./ The night would be turned into morning/ and my dear little Peachy would say,/ As I pressed a kiss on her "tu"- lips/ "Now Grandpa, Elleway Opta!/ Well, Det, the crisp and bracing air of autumn has come and gone - Today the heat is almost unbearable. Just one week ago today I was glad enough to sit by the gate-fire and occasionally play a game of Poker with it, but to day such a game would be entirely out of the question. This morning we all went to Church - for a wonder the Church was quite cool and had not the sermon been so lengthy, I would have enjoyed it very much; even talking it as it was, it wasn't half bad. Yes darling, my vacation is rapidly drawing to a close. I expect to leave Wednesday for no. 4 Perkins Hall and in the "suit by and by" will commence my College duties for another year. I suppose Football will be the absorbing topic for the next two months - hope a game can be arranged with Yale -there seems to be some prospect for one, providing we'll promise to hurt her "little" boys. Father was glad to hear your appetite had improved and undoubtedly attributed it to his Wild Cherry but his only son and heir has an opinion his own on the subject and thinks there can be no doubt but that Hire's Root Beer alone worked the miracle. Now let my grand-daughter speak for herself and by the way, how does she weight in Brooklyn, 85 or 115? I feel anxious to know as the force of gravity may cuse this great change and really, if it is so, it would be worth noting. Yes, old Grandpa though of Peachy many times during those moonlight nights of which you wrote - they were indeed grand and reminded me of two other moonlight nights on which the same moon and son but a far different star took part in. Does Peachy remember them? Now Peachy I shall expect good long letters while I am away at College - twice as long as when I'm home for then I have the benefit of "Mammy's" doncher know? Say, those plates were real sweet and were greatly appreciated. The "coon" was nearly tickled to death over her wedding presents. Oh, Peachy, when I go away I am going to take something that belongs to you and that you left here (it's of no "numerical" value) along with me. You could'ent guess what it is if you guessed till next June and perhaps its just as well, for you would nearly explode with laughter if you knew. I take it as a souvenir of something but what it is, nobody shall ever know. Lovingly yours". William H. Radcliffe (b. 1873) graduated from Harvard University in May 1896, and worked as an electrical engineer and professor. Radcliffe wrote Telephone Instruments, Their Operation, Arrangement and Management in 1913 and Home Study Course in Practical Electricity in 1916. Normal mailing folds. Toned. Light surface creases. Slightly soiled. Otherwise, fine condition.

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