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Born: March 15, 1899 in Shannonbridge, Offaly, Ireland
Died: May 26, 1979 in Solana Beach, California
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George Brent (1899-1979) was an Irish actor who worked in American films and television for over fifty years. He began his career in Hollywood in 1930 and signed a contract with Warner Brothers. He soon became a Hollywood leading man and a frequent male co-star of Bette Davis. The two worked opposite each other in thirteen films including Front Page Woman (1935) and My Reputation (1936). Brent, a known womanizer had a relationship with Davis and was later married to three actresses, Ruth Chatterton, Constance Worth and Ann Sheridan. In the late 1940's Brent strayed into "B" pictures and in 1953 he retired from film, at which time he began appearing in television series.
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1956-1957 Wire Service (Performer), 1957 El coyote (Performer), 1955 Science Fiction Theatre (Performer), 1955 Stage 7 (Performer), 1953-1954 The Ford Television Theatre (Performer), 1953 The Revlon Mirror Theater (Performer), 1952 Man Bait (Performer), 1951 FBI Girl (Performer), 1949 Bride for Sale (Performer), 1946 Tomorrow Is Forever (Performer), 1944 Experiment Perilous (Performer), 1941 International Lady (Performer), 1939 The Rains Came (Performer), 1938 Jezebel (Performer), 1938 Gold Is Where You Find It (Performer), 1937 Submarine D-1 (Performer), 1937 Mountain Justice (Performer), 1936 More Than a Secretary (Performer), 1936 Snowed Under (Performer), 1935 In Person (Performer), 1935 The Goose and the Gander (Performer), 1933 Baby Face (Performer), 1933 Lilly Turner (Performer), 1932 They Call It Sin (Performer), 1931 Charlie Chan Carries On (Performer), 1938 Swingtime in the Movies (in person), 2000 Boom! Hollywood's Greatest Disaster Movies (Other), 1983 Bette Davis: A Basically Benevolent Volcano (Other), 1983 Hollywood Out-takes and Rare Footage (Other), 1937 Breakdowns of 1937 (in person), 1936 Breakdowns of 1936 (in person), 1933 Hollywood on Parade No. A-13 (in person), 1978 Born Again (Performer), 1960 The Chevy Mystery Show (Performer), 1956 Crossroads (Performer), 1956 Celebrity Playhouse (Performer), 1955 Studio 57 (Performer), 1955 Fireside Theatre (Performer), 1953 Tangier Incident (Performer), 1949 Illegal Entry (Performer), 1948 Angel on the Amazon (Performer), 1948 Luxury Liner (Performer), 1946 Temptation (Performer), 1946 Lover Come Back (Performer), 1946 My Reputation (Performer), 1942 In This Our Life (Performer), 1940 South of Suez (Performer), 1940 The Man Who Talked Too Much (Performer), 1939 The Old Maid (Performer), 1938 Secrets of an Actress (Performer), 1936 Give Me Your Heart (Performer), 1935 Stranded (Performer), 1934 The Painted Veil (Performer), 1934 Stamboul Quest (Performer), 1933 42nd Street (Performer), 1932 The Crash (Performer), 1932 Miss Pinkerton (Performer), 1932 Week-End Marriage (Performer), 1931 Ex-Bad Boy (Performer), 1931 Once a Sinner (Performer), 1935 A Dream Comes True (in person), 1939 Land of Liberty (Other), 1956 Death of a Scoundrel (Performer), 1953-1956 Schlitz Playhouse (Performer), 1955 Climax! (Performer), 1953 Mexican Manhunt (Performer), 1952 Montana Belle (Performer), 1949 The Kid from Cleveland (Performer), 1947 Christmas Eve (Performer), 1947 Slave Girl (Performer), 1947 The Corpse Came C.O.D. (Performer), 1945 The Affairs of Susan (Performer), 1942 Silver Queen (Performer), 1942 You Can't Escape Forever (Performer), 1942 The Gay Sisters (Performer), 1940 Adventure in Diamonds (Performer), 1939 Wings of the Navy (Performer), 1938 Racket Busters (Performer), 1937 God's Country and the Woman (Performer), 1936 The Case Against Mrs. Ames (Performer), 1935 Front Page Woman (Performer), 1935 Living on Velvet (Performer), 1935 The Right to Live (Performer), 1933 From Headquarters (Performer), 1932 The Purchase Price (Performer), 1932 The Rich Are Always with Us (Performer), 1932 So Big! (Performer), 1931 The Lightning Warrior (Performer), 1931 Fair Warning (Performer), 1930 Under Suspicion (Performer), 1935 Things You Never See on the Screen (in person), 1938 Out Where the Stars b_egin (Other), 1959 Rawhide (Performer), 1954 Crown Theatre with Gloria Swanson (Performer), 1949 Red Canyon (Performer), 1947 Out of the Blue (Performer), 1945 The Spiral Staircase (Performer), 1942 Twin Beds (Performer), 1941 They Dare Not Love (Performer), 1941 The Great Lie (Performer), 1941 Honeymoon for Three (Performer), 1940 'Til We Meet Again (Performer), 1940 The Fighting 69th (Performer), 1939 Dark Victory (Performer), 1937 The Go Getter (Performer), 1936 The Golden Arrow (Performer), 1935 Special Agent (Performer), 1934 Desirable (Performer), 1934 Housewife (Performer), 1933 Female (Performer), 1933 The Keyhole (Performer), 1933 Luxury Liner (Performer), 1931 Homicide Squad (Performer), 1924 The Iron Horse (Performer), 1955 The George Gobel Show (in person), 1938 Breakdowns of 1938 (in person)
Theater Credits
Love, Honor and Betray - Performer (March 12, 1930 - May 1930)

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