Famous Women

  • BELLA ABZUG Bella Abzug signs a card. Signature: "Bella S. Abzug/New York", 3½x2 card. Bella Abzug (1920-1998) was the first Jewish Congresswoman, representing New York as a Democrat (1971-1977). She waged unsuccessful primary campaigns for U.S. Senate and for mayor of New York City. read more...

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  • BELLA ABZUG. Photograph signed: "Bella Abzug". B/w, 8x10. Bella Abzug was the first person elected to Congress on a platform of women's rights and peace and was the first Jewish Congresswoman. read more...

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  • HELEN ADAM The poet pens a letter to a fan revealing that she is “still writing” and includes a list of her books in print. Extremely rare! Autograph Letter signed: "Helen Adam", 3p, 6x9, separate sheets. New York, New York, 1985 March 2. read more...

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  • This is one of the most extraordinary aviation artifacts we've ever seen. It's a swatch of the silvery cotton skin of the Graf Zeppelin, attached to a card signed by Clara Adams, the first woman to fly across the Atlantic on the aircraft. Adams had a number of aviation firsts - she was also a passenger on the inaugural flights of the China Clipper and Hindenburg - making this piece doubly significant. Accompanied by a wax paper envelope that's also been signed by Adams; according to her notations on this envelope, this swatch of skin was a "Very rare and very precious ITEM!" read more...

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  • CLARA ADAMS B/w German picture postcard of the Dornier Do-X Flugshiff (flying boat), signed by Clara Adams, the first woman to fly in this model of plane Picture post card signed "Clara Adams". 5¾x4 card. Captioned in German, translated: "Dornier Flying Ship Do X with 12 engines at 500 horsepower in flight". read more...

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  • JUDY AGNEW (MRS. SPIRO AGNEW). TLS: "Judy Agnew", 1p, 6¼x9. Annapolis, Maryland, 1968 November 21. On embossed letterhead of "Government House" to Mr. Danny Franklin, Sunnyslope, Arizona. read more...

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  • MADELEINE ALBRIGHT The first female U.S. Secretary of State poses for official photograph, signs name in silver ink Inscribed photograph signed: "To Irene,/ Best Wishes/ Madeleine Albright" in silver ink. Color, 8x10. Madeleine Albright (b. read more...

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  • LOUISA MAY ALCOTT The author pens her signature on this 3x1½ sheet, framed to an overall zise of 21x17¼! Signature: "L.M. Alcott.", 3x1½. The early education of author Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) was read more...

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  • SHANA ALEXANDER. Photograph inscribed and signed: "To Tony/Best Wishes/Shana/ Alexander". B/w, 5x7 overall, image 4¼x5¼ (one surface). Publicity photo by Alex Gotfryd for her book, Nutcracker: Money, Madness, Murder by Dell Books. read more...

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  • MARYON PITTMAN ALLEN Handwritten note by the Alabama Senator, writing about The Lord's Prayer Autograph Note signed: "Mr. Friseat-/The 'saying' which guides me is: 'They Will Be Done'--part of the Lord's/Prayer. It was very hard for me to/ accept, but I have. Thank you for/writing./Maryon Allen/2-16-79 ", 6x4½. read more...

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  • [JOSEPHINE ALMOND (MRS. JAMES LINDSAY ALMOND, JR.)]. Reproduction of an Autograph Note with facsimile signature: "Josephine and Lindsay Almond", 1p, 6¼x9. No place, no date. read more...

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  • MARY AMES Signed, 4-page autograph poem titled "Not Dead" Autograph Poem signed: "Mary Clemmer Ames", 4 pages (integral leaf), 6½x8 folded, 13x8 open flat. Her 14-verse, handwritten poem titled "Not Dead," signed on final page. No place, no date. read more...

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  • CAROL M. ANDRUS (MRS. CECIL D. ANDRUS) Signed black and white photo of the twice-served First Lady of Idaho Photograph signed: "Carol M. Andrus" as First Lady of Idaho. B/w, 8x10 overall, image 7½x9 (one surface). Carol M. read more...

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  • MAYA ANGELOU The best-selling author and Black rights activist pens a letter to comedienne Phyllis Diller about a recent television special. Autograph letter signed: "Maya", 1 page, 6¼x3¾. Piedmont Triad Area, (North Carolina), 2003 April 17. read more...

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  • MAYA ANGELOU Handwritten letter from the celebrated author to comedienne Phyllis Diller, reminiscing old times of their youth. Autograph letter signed: "Maya", 1 page, 6¼x4¾. No place, 1993 July 9. On card imprinted with her name to comedienne and actress Phyllis Diller. read more...

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  • MAYA ANGELOU Inscribed signature from the Best-selling author and poet. Inscribed signature: "Mark Summers/Joy/Maya Angelou", 5x3 card. Maya Angelou's (1928-2014) autobiographical books, such as I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (1970) and The Heart of a Woman (1981), recount her struggle for identity as a Black woman in a hostile world. read more...

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  • MAYA ANGELOU Signed typed letter from the celebrated poet to comedienne and long-time friend Phyllis Diller, thanking Diller for bringing, "so much laughter to our nation and the world." Typed Letter Signed: "Maya Angelou", 1 page, 7¼x10½. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1994 August 17. read more...

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  • ANITA "THE LIVING DOLL" A 1x2½ clipped photograph of the circus performer, signed in blue ink as simply "Anita". An extremely rare signature! Printed Photograph signed in Ink: "Anita", in blue ink, Sepia 1x2½. Although not much is known about her past, Anita "The Living Doll" (b. read more...

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  • [CLAYRE TENNANT ANSTRUTHER]. Autograph Letter, signed in unknown hand [illegible], 2p, 3¾x6, front and verso. 1 Manchester Square, 1903 January 1. On imprinted stationery to "Dear Mrs. Anstruther read more...

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  • [CLAYRE TENNANT ANSTRUTHER]. Partly Printed DS: "G.C." in unknown hand, 5x8. London, 1903 February 7. On letterhead of "Fortnightly Review" from Chapman & Hall, Ltd., Proprietors to "Hon. Mrs. Anstruther". Begins: "Sir" (imprinted). read more...

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  • SUSAN B. ANTHONY: A STRAND OF HER HAIR. An authenticated, ½-inch strand of Anthony's hair, shadow box double-matted with an unsigned book photo of Anthony (b/w, 6¼x8½), a 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar coin (the first year they were in circulation) and explanatory plaque, to an overall size of 20x16. read more...

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  • ELIZABETH ARDEN. Signature: "Elizabeth Arden", 5x3 card. Former Canadian nursing student Florence Nightingale Graham created and popularized the American beauty industry after opening her first salon with Elizabeth Hubbard on New York's Fifth Avenue in 1910. read more...

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  • ELIZABETH ARDEN Make-up pioneer Elizabeth Arden signed this typed letter in 1960, thanking the recipient for "the enchanting little roses". Typed letter signed "Elizabeth Arden" in blue ink. 1 page, 8x10, with thin white border. March 15, 1960. Addressed to Miss Nell Stadler. read more...

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  • ELIZABETH ARDEN. TLS: "Elizabeth Arden", 1p, 7¼x10½. New York, 1962 June 8. On company letterhead to Mr. Peter B. Shikes. In full: "Thank you very much for your nice letter asking for my autograph. read more...

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