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President Lech Walesa (Poland) Autographs, Memorabilia & Collectibles

Born: September 29, 1943 in Popowo, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland
Lech Walesa was President of Poland from December 22, 1990 to December 23, 1995. In 1980, he assumed leadership of the independent trade union, Solidarity. A moderate, he gained numerous concessions from the Polish Communist government before his arrest and internment in the military crackdown of 1981. Released in November 1982, he was awarded the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize for being the "Founder of Solidarity, campaigner for human rights". A leader in Poland's peaceful change from Communist rule to democracy in 1989, Walesa became increasingly critical of the Solidarity-led government of Premier Tadeusz Mazowiecki. In 1990, Walesa was elected President of Poland, defeating Mazowiecki, and resigned his Solidarity post. He unsuccessfully ran for reelection in 1995.
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2011-Prawdziwy-koniec-zimnej-wojny (in person), 2011-Jan-Pawel-II:-Szukalem-Was... (in person), 2005-They-Made-History (in person), 2002-XIX-Winter-Olympics-Opening-Ceremony (in person), 1989-The-Robert-F.-Kennedy-Human-Rights-Award-on-PBS (in person), 1988-Moonwalker (in person), 1981-Man-of-Iron (in person), 2010-Bye,-Bye-Dublin! (Other), 1995-Nocna-zmiana (Other), 2009-Ronald-Reagan:-Rendezvous-with-Destiny (in person), 2006-Hammer-&-Tickle (in person), 2004-Hannity-&-Colmes (in person), 2000-Bajland (in person), 1989-Walt-Disney's-Wonderful-World-of-Color (in person), 1981-Narodziny-Solidarnosci (in person), 2008-Jonathan-Meades---Magnetic-North (Other), 2006-La-imagen-de-tu-vida (Other), 1994-Tu-stoje... (Other), 2013-An-Interview-with-Lech-Walesa (in person), 2010-Macht-der-Wunder---Die-Geheimnisse-des-Vatikans (in person), 2007-New-Europe (in person), 2006-Karol-Wojtyla---Geheimnisse-eines-Papstes (in person), 2006-Plusy-dodatnie,-plusy-ujemne (in person), 2005-Solidarnosc,-Solidarnosc... (in person), 2004-Berlin-Mitte (in person), 2003-2003-World-Awards (in person), 1998-Cold-War (in person), 1983-Avant-la-bataille (in person), 1981-NBC-White-Paper (in person), 2011-Love,-Hate-&-Propaganda:-The-Cold-War (Other), 2005-Have-No-Fear:-The-Life-of-Pope-John-Paul-II (Other), 2005-Moj-tata-Maciek (Other), 2003-Polscy-noblisci (Other), 2002-Gladiators-of-World-War-II (Other), 1999-A-Force-More-Powerful (Other), 2013-My-w-Metropolii (Performer), 2013-My-w-Metropolii (in person), 2001-Der-Frieden-und-sein-Preis---Das-Vermachtnis-des-Alfred-Nobel (in person), 1999-Auschwitz:-Silent-Witness (in person), 1998-Zwyczajna-dobroc (in person), 1985-Panorama (in person), 1982-Robotnicy-'80 (in person), 1981-Solidarnosc (in person), 2011-The-Secret-History-of-Eurovision (Other), 2005-80s (Other), 2005-Travels-&-Traditions (Other), 2002-The-Burning-Wall (Other), 1994-The-Holocaust:-In-Memory-of-Millions (Other)

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