Cosmonauts | Signatures

  • ANATOLIY FILIPCHENKO Signature of the Soviet cosmonaut, a veteran of two Soyuz missions. Signature: "A Filipchenko" in Russian, 5x3 card. Typed caption at lower margin: "Anatoly (sic) Filipchenko: Soyuz 7, 16". read more...

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  • YEVGENI KHRUNOV Signature of the Soviet cosmonaut who participated in the first docking of manned space vehicles. Signature: "Y. Khrunov" in Russian, 5x3 card. Typed caption at lower margin: "Eugenie (sic) Khrunov: Soyuz 4, 5". Yevgeni Khrunov (1933-2000) was in the first cosmonaut Air Force group of 20 chosen in 1960. read more...

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  • ALEXEI LEONOV Signature of the Soviet cosmonaut who was the first man to walk in space Signature: "A. Leonov" in Russian, 5x3. Typed caption at lower margin: "Alexei Leonov: Voshko 2 (First Space Walk), Soyuz 19". On March 15, 1965, Alexei Leonov (b. read more...

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  • VLADIMIR SHATALOV Signature of the Soviet cosmonaut who flew aboard three Soyuz missions, including the first docking of two manned space vehicles. Signature: "V. Shatalov" in Russian, 5x3 card. Typed caption at lower margin: "Vladimir Shatalov: Soyuz 4, 8, 10". read more...

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  • GEORGI SHONIN His signature in Cyrillic, with typed caption in English, on a 5x3 card Signature: "Georgi Shonin" in Cyrillic script, 5x3 index card. Typed caption at lower edge: "Georgi S. Shonin: Soyuz 6". Georgi Shonin (1935-1997) was the commander of Soyuz 6 (1969), his only space mission. read more...

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  • ANATOLY SOLOVYEV The cosmonaut's signature in green ink on this 5¾x4 post card. Signature: "Anatoly Solovyev", in blue ink, 5¾x4. Cosmonaut Anatoly Solovyev (b. 1948) was a senior pilot and group commander in the Soviet Air Force before entering the cosmonaut program in 1976. read more...

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  • GHERMAN TITOV Cyrillic signature of the cosmonaut, still the youngest human to travel in space Signature: "Titov" (in Cyrillic), 6x4 card. Gherman Titov (1935-2000) was the second Soviet cosmonaut in space (following Yuri Gagarin). read more...

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  • ALEKSEI YELISEYEV Signature: "Aleksei Yeliseyev", 5x3 card. ALEKSEI YELISEYEV (b. 1934) is a Soviet cosmonaut, flying on three Soyuz missions: Soyuz 5, Soyuz 8, and Soyuz 10. He received multiple awards for his work with the space programs, and after retirement, went on to teach at the Bauman Higher Technical School. Lightly toned. read more...

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