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Born: November 12, 1840 in Paris, France
Died: November 17, 1917 in Meudon, France
The French sculptor Rodin (1840-1917) is best known for The Thinker (1880) and The Kiss (1886).
  • AUGUSTE RODIN Signature of the French sculptor, hinged onto a board of black velvet to an overall size of 7½x6 Signature: "Aug Rodin", 3x2 card. Hinged onto a board of black velvet to an overall size of 7½x6. French sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) is one of the rare artists whose name and works are recognized by the general public.

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN He writes a brief letter on his calling card to his friend - poet Charles Morice Autograph Letter Signed: "Rodin", 3x1¾ calling card, front and verso. No place, no date. Imprinted: "A. Rodin" on front.To poet and author Charles Morice. In French, translated.

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  • AUGUSTE RODINThe sculptor pens a letter to his teacher congratulating him on recent successes Autograph Letter signed: "Aug Rodin" in black ink, 1½p, 4¾x6¾, separate sheets. 77 rue de Varenne (Paris), 1911 August 29. To "dear Teacher and Friend".

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN Signed autograph letter on his personal calling card, attached to a larger page bearing 4 French stamps honoring Rodin Autograph Letter signed: "Aug. Rodin", 3½x2 calling card. In French, loosely translated: "To Monsier St.

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN. ALS: "Auguste Rodin", 2¼p, 6½x8½. 25 Via Gregoriana, Rome, 1915 February 5. To Mrs. Mary W. Harriman. In French, with translation.

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN. ALS: "A Rodin", 1p, 4½x7. 182 Rue de L'Université, 1899 July 9. In French, with translation. Begins: "My Dear Friend". In full: "With pleasure I will come to you. I also like Bonnetain. I wish to be free and go to see you on Sunday if possible.

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN. ANS: "Aug Rodin", 1p, 3¾x5¼. In French with English translation. In full: "for a sculpture ordered for the place and exclusively. Masbre 10-12 thousand francs. To you I present my respect.

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN. Manuscript LS: "Aug Rodin", 1¾p, 4¾x6¾, front and verso. 182 Rue de l'Universite, 1907 January 29. To Mr. Gustave Kahn. In French, fully translated. In full: "I thank you for your letter and for the care you took to have several copies of it sent to me.

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN Signed Manuscript Letter in French (1906), thanking a German author for sending him a book of poetry in German (which Rodin couldn't read) Manuscript Letter signed: "Aug. Rodin", 2 pages, 5x6½ folded, 10x6½ opened flat. 12 Rue de l'Universite, (Paris), 1906 October 12.

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  • AUGUSTE RODIN. Postcard Photograph signed: "Auguste Rodin". B/w, 3½x5½ mounted to 4x6¼ card (two surfaces). Depicts Rodin's Head of a Woman. The French sculptor is best known for The Thinker (1880) and The Kiss (1886). Image has silvered. Rectangular shading from prior mounting. Surface wear in background.

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