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Born: November 25, 1920 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Died: July 3, 2016 in Tucson, Arizona
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NOEL NEILL (1920-2016) is an American actress with over 70 TV shows and movies to her credit. Neill made her film debut in 1940. As a child, she wanted to be a journalist like her father. Ironically, her most famous character was a newspaper employee: Lois Lane, Superman's love interest and a journalist at the Daily Planet. She was the first actress to portray Lois Lane, appearing as the character in the 1948 film Superman. Neill reprised the role in Atom Man vs. Superman (1950) and the television show Adventures of Superman (1953-1958). She has made appearances in several superhero productions, including cameos in Superman Returns (2006) and Superboy (1988-1992). Other credits include a series of 1940s Bobby-soxer films that starred Freddie Stewart.
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1993 The Famous Monsters 1993 World Convention Souvenir Video (in person), 1954 Public Defender (Performer), 2006 Superman Returns (Performer), 2004 Hindsight Is 20/20... (Performer), 1978 Superman (Performer), 1954 Stamp Day for Superman (Performer), 1952 The Greatest Show on Earth (Performer), 1951 Submarine Command (Performer), 1951 Whistling Hills (Performer), 1951 The Lone Ranger (Performer), 1950 The Cisco Kid (Performer), 1950 Atom Man vs. Superman (Performer), 1948 When My Baby Smiles at Me (Performer), 1948 Glamour Girl (Performer), 1946 College Queen (Performer), 1946 The Blue Dahlia (Performer), 1944 Here Come the Waves (Performer), 1943 Lady of Burlesque (Performer), 1942 Henry and Dizzy (Performer), 1942 Miss Annie Rooney (Performer), 2006 In a Single Bound (in person), 2000 Biography (in person), 1980 The Making of 'Superman: The Movie' (in person), 1988 Superman 50th Anniversary (Performer), 1953-1958 Adventures of Superman (Performer), 1953 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Performer), 1952 Montana Incident (Performer), 1951 Fireside Theatre (Performer), 1951 An American in Paris (Performer), 1949 The James Brothers of Missouri (Performer), 1949 The Sky Dragon (Performer), 1948 Adventures of Frank and Jesse James (Performer), 1948 Music Man (Performer), 1948 Campus Sleuth (Performer), 1948 The Big Clock (Performer), 1947 Sarge Goes to College (Performer), 1947 Over the Santa Fe Trail (Performer), 1946 High School Hero (Performer), 1946 Freddie Steps Out (Performer), 1945 You Hit the Spot (Performer), 1945 Bring on the Girls (Performer), 1944 Henry Aldrich's Little Secret (Performer), 1943 Young Ideas (Performer), 1942 The Remarkable Andrew (Performer), 1941 Henry Aldrich for President (Performer), 1940 Mad Youth (Performer), 2009 Sketch of Life (in person), 2002 TV Road Trip (in person), 1973 Superman (Other), 1954 Superman's Peril (Other), 1954 Superman and the Jungle Devil (Other), 1991 Superboy (Performer), 1954 Superman Flies Again (Other), 2014 Near Myth: The Oskar Knight Story (in person), 2006 Requiem for Krypton: Making 'Superman Returns' (in person), 1954 Superman in Scotland Yard (Other), 1954 Superman in Exile (Other), 2004 Surge of Power (Performer), 1952 Racket Squad (Performer), 1949 Forgotten Women (Performer), 1948 Beyond Glory (Performer), 1948 Superman (Performer), 1948 Are You with It (Performer), 1948 Man or Mouse (Performer), 1947 Brick Bradford (Performer), 1947 The Hal Roach Comedy Carnival (Performer), 1947 The Fabulous Joe (Performer), 1947 Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman (Performer), 1946 Tars and Spars (Performer), 1944 Fun Time (Performer), 1944 Standing Room Only (Performer), 1943 Let's Face It (Performer), 1943 Prairie Chickens (Performer), 1943 Salute for Three (Performer), 1942 She's in the Army (Performer), 2005 TV Land Confidential (in person), 1998 E! Mysteries & Scandals (in person), 2006 Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman (in person), 1952 Invasion U.S.A. (Performer), 1954 The Lawless Rider (Performer), 1951 Abilene Trail (Performer), 1949 Red, Hot and Blue (Performer), 1949 Son of a Badman (Performer), 1949 The Cactus Cut-Up (Performer), 1949 Gun Runner (Performer), 1948 Smart Politics (Performer), 1947 Vacation Days (Performer), 1946/I Junior Prom (Performer), 1946 The Well-Groomed Bride (Performer), 1945 The Stork Club (Performer), 1945 Duffy's Tavern (Performer), 1944 Rainbow Island (Performer), 1944 Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (Performer), 1944 Are These Our Parents (Performer), 1941 Miss Polly (Performer), 2010 Heroic Ambition (in person)

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