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Born: January 1, 1909 in Covington County, Mississippi
Died: December 17, 1992 in Los Alamitos, California
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Dana Andrews (1909-1992) appeared in such films as The Ox-Bow Incident (as the innocent lynching victim, 1943), Laura (1944), The Best Years of Our Lives (1946) and Airport 1975. He also starred in the television series Bright Promise (1969-1970) and made a number of made-for-TV movies. Andrews was President of the Screen Actors Guild from 1963-1965.
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1982 The Love Boat (Performer), 1978 A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud (Performer), 1976 Ellery Queen (Performer), 1974 Ironside (Performer), 1970 The Name of the Game (Performer), 1968 The Devil's Brigade (Performer), 1967 No Diamonds for Ursula (Performer), 1964 Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (Performer), 1962 The DuPont Show of the Week (Performer), 1962 Madison Avenue (Performer), 1958-1960 Playhouse 90 (Performer), 1958 Enchanted Island (Performer), 1956 While the City Sleeps (Performer), 1948 Deep Waters (Performer), 1946 The Best Years of Our Lives (Performer), 1945 State Fair (Performer), 1944 Wing and a Prayer (Performer), 1943 The Ox-Bow Incident (Performer), 1942 Berlin Correspondent (Performer), 1941 Swamp Water (Performer), 1996 100 Years of Horror: Demons (in person), 1987 The 4th Annual American Cinema Awards (in person), 1972 Cinema (in person), 1964 The Presidency: A Splendid Misery (in person), 1958-1962 What's My Line (in person), 1960 I've Got a Secret (in person), 1978 AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Henry Fonda (in person), 2010 A History of Horror with Mark Gatiss (Other), 2005 From Page to Screen to Stage: Rodgers & Hammerstein's State Fair (Other), 1992 Fonda on Fonda (Other), 1980 The Pilot (Performer), 1978 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (Performer), 1978 Good Guys Wear Black (Performer), 1977 The Last Hurrah (Performer), 1976 The Last Tycoon (Performer), 1975 Take a Hard Ride (Performer), 1975 The First 36 Hours of Dr. Durant (Performer), 1974 Airport 1975 (Performer), 1971 The Failing of Raymond (Performer), 1969 Family Affair (Performer), 1967 The Ten Million Dollar Grab (Performer), 1965 The Loved One (Performer), 1962 Checkmate (Performer), 1961 The Barbara Stanwyck Show (Performer), 1958 The Fearmakers (Performer), 1957 Zero Hour! (Performer), 1955 Strange Lady in Town (Performer), 1955 Smoke Signal (Performer), 1954 Duel in the Jungle (Performer), 1951 I Want You (Performer), 1951 Sealed Cargo (Performer), 1950 Where the Sidewalk Ends (Performer), 1947 Daisy Kenyon (Performer), 1947 Boomerang! (Performer), 1944 Laura (Performer), 1944 Up in Arms (Performer), 1941 Ball of Fire (Performer), 1940 Kit Carson (Performer), 1996 100 Years of Horror: Sorcerers (in person), 1983 The Horror of It All (in person), 1981 Good Morning America (in person), 1972 The David Frost Show (in person), 1971 Mantrap (in person), 1971 The Mike Douglas Show (in person), 1996 100 Years of Horror: Witchcraft and Demons (Other), 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years (Other), 1961 Here's Hollywood (in person), 1982-1983 Falcon Crest (Performer), 1978 The American Girls (Performer), 1975 A Shadow in the Streets (Performer), 1967 The Cobra (Performer), 1967 Hot Rods to Hell (Performer), 1966 The Frozen Dead (Performer), 1965 Battle of the Bulge (Performer), 1965 Brainstorm (Performer), 1965 In Harm's Way (Performer), 1964 Ben Casey (Performer), 1957 Curse of the Demon (Performer), 1954 Three Hours to Kill (Performer), 1954 Elephant Walk (Performer), 1950 Edge of Doom (Performer), 1949 The Forbidden Street (Performer), 1948 No Minor Vices (Performer), 1948 The Iron Curtain (Performer), 1947 Night Song (Performer), 1946 Canyon Passage (Performer), 1944 The Purple Heart (Performer), 1943 Crash Dive (Performer), 1943 December 7th (Performer), 1940 Sailor's Lady (Performer), 1973 This Is Your Life (in person), 1961 The National Sports Awards (in person), 1959 The 13th Annual Tony Awards (in person), 1956 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Goes a Fishin' (in person), 1960 General Electric Theater (Performer), 1985 All-Star Party for 'Dutch' Reagan (in person), 1982 Showbiz Goes to War (Other), 1959 The Story on Page One (Other), 1985 Prince Jack (Performer), 1980 Ike: The War Years (Performer), 1978 Born Again (Performer), 1972 Innocent Bystanders (Performer), 1971 Rod Serling's Night Gallery (Performer), 1966 Johnny Reno (Performer), 1965 Spy in Your Eye (Performer), 1965 Town Tamer (Performer), 1965 Crack in the World (Performer), 1965 The Satan Bug (Performer), 1962-1963 Alcoa Premiere (Performer), 1962-1963 The Dick Powell Theatre (Performer), 1963 Twilight Zone (Performer), 1960 The Crowded Sky (Performer), 1957 Spring Reunion (Performer), 1956 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (Performer), 1956 Comanche (Performer), 1952 Assignment: Paris (Performer), 1951 The Frogmen (Performer), 1949 My Foolish Heart (Performer), 1949 Sword in the Desert (Performer), 1945 A Walk in the Sun (Performer), 1945 Fallen Angel (Performer), 1943 The North Star (Performer), 1941 Belle Starr (Performer), 1941 Tobacco Road (Performer), 1940 The Westerner (Performer), 1940 Lucky Cisco Kid (Performer), 1961 The Annual National Sports Awards (in person), 1960 To Tell the Truth (in person), 1952-1958 The Ed Sullivan Show (in person), 1960 Person to Person (in person), 1974 Fred Astaire Salutes the Fox Musicals (Other), 2009 Clandestine (Other), 1982 Henry Fonda: The Man and His Movies (Other)

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