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Baseball | Questionaires

  • YOGI BERRAThe dynamic catcher provides responses in blue ink to a handful of questions Questionnaire signed: "Lawrence Peter Berra", 1p, 8½x11. No place, no date. Questionnaire with six typed questions answered by Berra in holograph.

    Sale Price $324.00


  • BILL DICKEY CREDITS HIS FIRST MANAGER, MILLER HUGGINS, WITH "HAVING THE MOST INFLUENCE IN DEVELOPING [MY] TALENTS TO CHAMPIONSHIP QUALITY"     BILL DICKEY. Partly printed Document Signed: "Bill Dickey", 1p, 8½x11. No place, no date. Questionnaire with six typed questions answered by Dickey in holograph.

    Sale Price $450.00


  • BOBBY DOERRHandwritten response to questions about the pennant-winning 1946 Boston Red Sox Questionnaire signed: "Bob Doerr", 1 page, 8¼x10¾. Doerr responds to a series of questions about the 1946 Boston Red Sox. In full: 1) "1946 was probly [sic] the most fun year I had.

    Sale Price $488.75


  • MONTE IRVINDetailed handwritten response to questions about why his Giants won the pennant in 1951 Questionnaire signed: "Monte Irvin", 2 pages, 5x8½. His handwritten response to two typed questions about the 1951 season.

    Sale Price $1,742.50


  • TED KLUSZEWSKI Ted Kluszewski writes about his hero and his biggest thrill in baseball. Printed Questionnaire filled out and signed: "Ted Kluszewski", 1p, 8½x11. No place, no date. First year in Majors: "1948". Baseball hero when a youngster: "Lou Gehrig". Favorite park: "Crosley Field".

    Sale Price $288.00


  • GRAHAM McNAMEE His handwritten response to a series of typed questions, followed by his signed autograph note at bottom of page Questionnaire signed: "Graham McNamee", 1 page, 8½ x 11, overall 7¼ x 10½ image.

    Sale Price $288.00


  • PHIL RIZZUTOHandwritten response to a play in the 1947 World Series: "amazing how a great defensive play turns a game around" Questionnaire signed: "Phil Rizzuto", 1 page, 8½x10½. Asked for comment on

    Sale Price $324.00


  • RIGGS STEPHENSON. Questionaire signed: "Riggs Stephenson", 1p, 7x10½. Magazine photo of Stephenson (b/w, 1¾x2½) affixed at top. Stephenson has handwritten responses to a series of typed questions,

    Sale Price $252.00


  • RIGGS STEPHENSON. Questionnaire filled out and signed: "Riggs Stephenson", 1p, 8½x11. Riggs Stephenson (1898-1985) answers eight typed questions including ones relating to his baseball

    Sale Price $270.00


  • BOBBY THOMSONLengthy, handwritten responses to two typed questions, remembering the 1951 season and claiming his team was more fundamentally sound than many playing today Questionnaire signed: "Bobby Thomson", 1 page, 8½x11.

    Sale Price $324.00


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