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  • LOREN ACTON He fills out and signs a short questionnaire, submitting answers such as, "My favorite food is...Thai" Questionnaire signed: "Loren W. Acton", 6½x3¾ card. Acton responds to a series of questions: favorite animal - "?"; favorite food - "Thai"; favorite movie - "Fantasia"; favorite music - "Hayden" read more...

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  • ROBERT BALLARD The explorer who uncovered the RMS Lusitania signed this slip of paper that features some questions answered by him Questionnaire signed: "Robert Ballard", 6½x3¾ card. read more...

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  • KARL FRIEDRICH BENZ The co-founder of the automobile manufacturer that evolved into Mercedes-Benz signs this questionnaire Questionnaire Signed: "Ladenburg 26 Juli 1925 Dr. C. Benz" in black ink, 1p, 5½x8¾. Stamped July 20, 1925. read more...

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  • NORMAN E. BORLAUG Nobel Peace Prize winner Norman Borlaug, the Father of the Green Revolution, signed this short questionnaire and printed answers to three questions it. Questionnaire signed: "Norman E. Borlaug", with name printed "Norman E Borlaug" below signature. Black ink notations in unknown hand and label on verso. read more...

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  • RICHARD J. ROBERTS Questionnaire card on personal tastes filled out and signed by Richard J. Roberts, who shared the 1993 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine Questionnaire signed: "R. J. Roberts", 6½x3¾ card. His handwritten responses to a series of printed, personal questions: My favorite animal is "yak" read more...

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  • FRANCIS M. ROGALLO Inventor of the hang-glider Questionnaire signed: "Francis M. Rogallo", 6½x3¾ card. His handwritten responses to a series of printed, personal questions: favorite animal read more...

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