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  • BALLINGTON BOOTHThe founder of both the Salvation Army and the Volunteers of America agrees to speak at a forum sponsored by a Universalist church Autograph Quotation signed: "For God and country/ Faithfully/ Ballington Booth/ Dec. 1896.", in black ink, 4½x1¾.

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  • FREDERICK BOOTH-TUCKER. AQS: "Frederick de L. Booth Tucker/The Salvation Army". In full: "'The Cross & the Crowd.'", 5½x3. Dated: "(Apr. 2, 1900.)" at lower left margin. Frederick St.

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  • ESTEVÃO LEÃO BOURROULThe founder of the Catholic Party in Brazil signs this postcard, adding an autograph quotation in French Autograph Quotation on Picture Postcard Signed: In French,

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  • JAMES FREEMAN CLARKE The Massachusetts minister and nineteenth-century social activist pens phrase from his days at Harvard College, signs name in black ink Autograph quotation signed: ""Alteri Seculo"/ James Freeman Clarke/ Jamaica Plain/ Massachusetts/ May 16th 1875" in black ink. 3½x2¼ clipping.

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  • JAMES FREEMAN CLARKE The New England minister and social activist writes and inspiring Latin quote, signs name in black ink Autograph quotation signed: "James Freeman Clarke" in black ink. 1 page, 4½x7. March, 1886. Original mailing envelope included, postmarked March 22, 1886 in Jamaica Plains, Massachusetts.

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  • ROBERT COLLYER Handwritten quote by the minister and social reformer Autograph Quotation signed: "I am glad to be next to the man/who comes before me/Robert Collyer", 8¼x5¾. English-born Robert Collyer (1823-1912) worked as a blacksmith while preaching in the Methodist Church, moving to the US in 1850.

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  • CHARLES DEEMS The Church of Strangers pastor quotes Jesus, signs his name in black ink Autograph quotation signed: "Remember the saying of the Lord Jesus,/ "It is more blessed to give than to/ receive."/ Charles F. Deems/ Pastor of the Church of the Strangers" in black ink. 1 page, 4½x3½.

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  • JOHN HAYNES HOLMES. Typed Quotation signed: "John Haynes Holmes - 1951", 5¼x3½ card. In full: "Our world is disintegrating inwardly, as it is collapsing outwardly, because it has neither a structure of thought nor an ideal of life in things basic to man's experience upon this planet.

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  • FRANCIS MURPHYThe temperance advocate and lecturer signs this handwritten card with his phrase used to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages Autograph quotation signed: “Living the Gospel of the Worlds [illegible] 'With malice toward none with charity for all,' Is the need of the age.

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  • DAVID SWING Professor & clergyman Swing writes of his "good principle" Autograph Quotation signed: "Exact justice to all/who differ with you/is a good principle-/Yours David Swing". 3x1¾ card. American clergyman, David Swing (1830-1894) graduated from Miami University and then study theology at Lane Seminary.

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  • HERMANN CARDINAL VOLK Postcard photo in cardinal's robe, signed on verso in 1973, with a quotation in German Autograph Quotation in Postcard Photograph signed: "'Gottes alles in allen/Mainz-24.III,73/+ Giovanni Card. Volk" ["God all in everything"]. B/w 4x5¾ picture postcard. Signed on verso.

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