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  • JOEY A. (GIUSEPPE ANTONIO DOTO) ADONIS Income tax form filled out and signed in text by the mobster, stating how much net income he filed taxes on in 1929 and listing his parents as dependents Document Signed in Text: "Joseph Doto" New York State Income Tax Resident Return form, 1929.

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  • SHEIKH SHAMS ALDEIN AL FASSI Controversial Beverly Hills resident; involved in lawsuit touching Saudi royal family. Telegram, unsigned, 1 page, 8½x11. Los Angeles, California, 1978 June 12. Western Union Mailgram to actress/comedienne Phyllis Diller, Los Angeles, California.

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  • RATNA ASSAN. Photograph signed: "Ratna/Assan". B/w, 9¾x8 overall, image 9½x4 (one surface). Numerous strands of Assani's hair affixed to blank lower margin with transparent tape. Ratna Assan appeared in the TV series Anna and the King (1972) and in the film Papillon (1973). She posed in the February 1974 issue of "Playboy" magazine.

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  • FIDEL CASTRO and JUAN ORTAThe Cuban dictator signed this 4¾x7 black and white photograph that includes a letter signed by his private secretary Photograph signed: "Fidel Castro/ Hab. Nov 19, 59" as Prime Minister. B/w, 4¾x7. Fine condition.

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  • JAY COOKE The financier signs on this bill of exchange twice! dated 1871 Bill of Exchange Signed: "Jay Cooke & Co" twice on verso, 1p, 9x4¼. San Francisco, California, 1871 January 19. Wells, Fargo & Co. Bill of Exchange. No. 370554. Payable to Fred D. Stuart Jr. for $50 in U.S.

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  • EDWARD PRENTISS COSTIGAN The Democratic Party Politician signs a pass to allow the entrance to the fifth session of a gallery to Dr. David J. Binsman Pass Signed: “Edward P. Costigan” in black ink. 4x2¾. Dated: April 2, 1932.

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  • JOHN DEAN Shown with his wife Maureen on the cover of People Magazine Magazine, unsigned. People magazine for September 9, 1974. Color, 8¼x11. 64 pages. John and Maureen Dean are shown on the cover. Article titled "John and Mo Dean in California". John Dean (b.

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  • JOHN W. DEAN His ink signature bearing a photocopy of a news article about his life post-Watergate Special Cover signed: "John Dean", 6¼x4½. Ink signature on an envelope bearing a photocopy of an undated news article (with photo) about the lives of John Dean and his wife Maureen in Los Angeles, where he was a successful investment banker.

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  • JOHN D. EHRLICHMAN The former key Nixon aide signs a bloc of stamps honoring the National Capital Sesquicentennial Stamps signed: "John D. Ehrlichman", 4x4¼, Bloc of eight 3-cent US stamps honoring the National Capital Sesquicentennial, signed in the lower margin.

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  • FRANCES FARMER. Signature: "Frances/Farmer", 2¾x¾, mounted with photograph, b/w, 7x9, matted to 11x15. Frances Farmer (1913-1970) had a reputation as a talented, but demanding and rebellious, actress who battled the studios, alcohol and other addictions and mental illness.

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  • LYNN JOSEPH FRAZIER Lynn Joseph Frazier filled out and signed this pass to admit someone to the U. S. Senate Chamber's reserved gallery in 1940. Annotated pass signed "Lynn J Frazier" as U. S. Senator in blue ink. Pencil notations on verso in unknown hand.

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  • MONIQUE GABRIELLE. Lip Print signed: "Monique Gabrielle", 5½x3½ card. Model and actress Monique Gabrielle, born Katherine Gonzalez in 1963, was "Penthouse" Pet of the Month in December 1982.

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  • H.R. HALDEMAN. Original Ink Drawing Mount signed: "Bob Haldeman". B/w, 6x10 overall, drawing 4x7¼ (two surfaces). By unknown artist. On February 21, 1975, H.R. "Bob" Haldeman, Nixon's Chief of Staff, was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury in the Watergate cover-up.

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  • JEAN HARRIS. ALS: "Jean Harris" at bottom of 8½x11 photocopy of news article about 14-year-old David Coxon, a victim of Down's syndrome. To David. In full: "I read this with great interest, and great admiration. I'm sorry I haven't the kind of picture you want but this thing which I've enclosed [not present] is from an old magazine.

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  • Signed postcard photo of Hess in his Nazi uniform, accompanied by a series of 1987 letters concerning a petition for his release from Spandau Prison. Among the 6 letters are two typed letters in English signed by Hess' son Wolf, and a copy of a letter from Canada's Foreign Secretary (and former Prime Minister) Joe Clark, declining to involve Canada.

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  • [E. HOWARD HUNT] An unsigned People magazine cover featuring E. Howard Hunt as "The spy whom Nixon feared" Magazine unsigned, 62 pages, 8x11. A People magazine from May 20, 1974 featuring the image of Howard E. Hunt.

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  • FRANK JAMES Payment receipt, filled out and signed by him in pencil (1908) ADS: "Frank James" in text in pencil, 1 page, 8x3½. No place, 1908 July 3. In full: "Received of Frank James $11.76/for 98 Post." Also signed: "Hollis Pallady".

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  • FRANK JAMES 8x6 receipt handwritten and signed by him in pencil, also signed by the payee (1908) Autograph Document signed: "Frank Jank", 1 page, 8x6. No place (probably Oklahoma), 1908 July 14.The outlaw brother of Jesse James has written, in pencil on lined paper, a receipt for "H. J.

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  • MARTIN KAMEN Reprint of Kamen's autobiography A Cupful of Luck, a Pinchful of Sagacity from a 1986 issue of Annual Review of Biochemistry, signed "Best regards" by Kamen in 1991. Article signed: "Best Regards/Martin D. Kamen/-1991", 35 pages, 5¾x8½.

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  • MARTIN KAMEN Two unsigned biographies of Kamen from Today's Chemist and the Encyclopedia of Science & Technology Magazine article unsigned. 5 pages, 8½x11, bound with 1 staple. Titled: Nuclear and Biochemical Pioneer: Martin D. Kamen by George B. Kaufman, photocopied from Today's Chemist, 1990, Vol. 3 No.

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  • MARTHA MITCHELL The outspoken wife of Attorney General John Mitchell is featured on the cover of this People magazine. Magazine, unsigned. People magazine for March 11, 1974. Color, 8¼x11. 62 pages. Shown on the cover. Article titled "The Story of Her Breakup with John". John N.

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  • ELIOT NESS and ROBERT STACKThe original "untouchable" Prohibition agent and the actor who played him on the popular television show The Untouchables signed items in this collectionComprises: 1) Check signed: "Eliot Ness" in blue ink. 8x3. Union Bank of Commerce check.

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  • ISAAC C. PARKER Isaac C. Parker approves a $1000 bond for a defendant accused of bribery. Partly Printed Document endorsed: "Approved June 11.'95/I.C. Parker/Judge" as Judge of the U.S. District Court for Western Arkansas at left margin, 1p, 8½x14. Fort Smith, Arkansas, 1895 June 11.

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  • JAMES EARL RAY Convicted assassin of Martin Luther King, Jr. pens a statement on an 8x6½ page about the book Flare Up Autograph Statement Signed : "Ray", 1p, 8x6½. No place (prison), 1977 August 11.In full: "The Book is a good investigative report but goes into much boring detail.

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  • VICE PRESIDENT A. ISAAC ROJAS (ARGENTINA) COMBINATION The Navy Admiral who served as Vice President of Argentina signs this note on a postcard to Roland Sensini Combination: (1) Postcard Photograph inscribed and signed on verso: "For Mr. Roland Sensini, very/cordially/A.I. Rojas/6II73" in Italian.

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  • PETE ROSE and A. BARTLETT GIAMATTI. Giamatti Suspends Rose from Baseball Comprises: (1) Typed Letter Signed: "Bart Giamatti" as President of Yale University, 1p, 6½x8½. New Haven Connecticut, 1979 September 5.

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  • PETE ROSE Pete Rose signs a menu with his lifetime major league hit total. Menu signed: "Pete Rose/#4256", 6p, 9¼x11½. No date, but after the end of his playing career (1986), since he signed with his lifetime major league hit total

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  • These incredibly rare documents are a handwritten, dated and signed account of Nazi Germany's forced labor and mass deportation operations by Germany's chief of slave labor recruitment. They were written by Sauckel for his lawyer during his trial before the International Military Tribunal in Nuremburg after World War II. They are important documentation of the 20th century's worst war and of some of the worst atrocities ever recorded in human history. They are also a typical example of the defense used by many defendants in the postwar Nuremberg trials: they were only following orders. This defense failed to sway Sauckel's tribunal; he was found guilty of war crimes and later hanged.

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  • Combination of the American detective who pursued Billy the Kid and Butch Cassidy, featuring his signed autograph letter and its original signed mailing envelope--dated 8 days before his death! Two items.

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  • LILI ST. CYRThe burlesque model and actress signed this advertisement from the Samoa Room, Castaways Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada Advertisement signed: "Love, Lili St. Cyr", 1p, 15x10. Las Vegas, Nevada, no date. Paper placemat advertising three nightly shows of Lili St.

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