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  • FIDEL CASTROHe signs a color postcard photo of the eternal flame at Havana's Museum of the Revolution. The postcard also bears a printed Castro quotation. Postcard signed: "Fidel Castro Ruz" on front. Color, 8¾x5¼.

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  • GARY COLEMAN Postcard photo, wearing a railroad hat, inscribed, and signed twice Postcard Photograph inscribed and signed: "Your friend/Gary Coleman" and on verso "Dear Trinia, Thank you for your letter. Sincerely, Gary Coleman". B/w 3½x5½ picture postcard. Los Angeles postmark with illegible date.

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  • BELLA DARVI 3½x5½ postcard image of the troubled actress. Extremely rare! Postcard Photograph inscribed and signed: "To Louis/Bella/Darvi". B/w, 3½x5½. Bella Darvi

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  • MAX EASTMAN In 1957, Eastman handwrote this postcard to a friend in North Hollywood, California, apologizing for his not writing because he felt "sad and preoccupied" Autograph postcard signed "Max" in pencil. 5 ½ x 3, on postcard imprinted "Max Eastman Chilmark Massachusetts". 1957.

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  • CARL FURILLOSigned b/w picture post card of a smiling Carl Furillo from the chest up in a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform Picture post card signed "Carl Furillo" in blue ink. Blue ink notations on verso in unknown hand. B/w, 3½x5¼ overall, 3x5 image, one surface. Blank message side.

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  • VALERIE HOBSON Film heroine who stood by her husband in spy scandal Postcard Photograph signed: "Sincerely/Valerie Hobson". B/w, 3½x5½. British actress Valerie Hobson (1917-1998) made poor marriage choices, on and off screen. She was The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and also of The Werewolf of London (1936).

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  • CHARLEY JOHNS Pursued the "Lavender Scare" at Florida universities. Postcard signed: "Starke, Fla./April 22 - 74/Best Regards/Charley E. Johns/Governor of Fla. 1953 to 1955", 5½x3¼. Postal card with imprinted 6-cent stamp and additional 2-cent stamp, cancelled (no postmark visible).

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  • SMEAD JOLLEY Signed 3½x5½ photo, shown in uniform, gripping bat Photograph signed: "Smead Jolley". B/w, 3½x5½. Smead Jolley (1902-1991) was born 40 years too soon. A fine hitter for both average and power, he hit .305 and slugged .

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  • JENNY JUGO Signed postcard photo, shown on stage in dance pose Postcard Photograph signed: "Jenny Jugo". Sepia, 3½x5¼. Un-mailed postcard with no writing on verso. Austrian actress Jenny Jugo (1904-2001),

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  • PAT KIRKWOODSigned b/w picture post card of Kirkwood from the shoulders up in a black mesh dress Picture post card signed "Sincerely/Pat Kirkwood" in blue ink. B/w, 3¼x5½. English photo post card, no message on verso.

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  • LILLIE LANGTRY Signed b/w British Rotary Photograph Series picture post card of actress Lillie Langtry from the knees up in a gown and fringed shawl and wearing a pearl necklace Picture Postcard signed: "Lillie Langtry". B/w, 3½x5½, overall, 3¼x5 image, one surface.

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  • JEFFREY LEONARD Signed picture post card (3½x5½) of the 1987 NCLS MVP, shown for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Picture postcard signed: "Jeff Leonard", in blue ink. B/w, 3½x5½. Jeffrey Leonard (b.

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  • HENRI PETAIN (French Marshal/Premier). Postcard Photo unsigned. B/w, 3½x5½. 6-cent Indochina stamp affixed, postmarked Hanoi, July 17 1942. Addressed on verso (unknown hand).

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  • GEORGE RAFT Black and white picture postcard, in sea captain's uniform. Picture postcard inscribed and signed: "To/John/George Raft". B/w, 3½x5½. Shown in his title role in the film Johnny Angel (1945). Actor George Raft (1895-1980), who was best known for his tough-guy roles, frequently played gangsters.

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  • GEORGE RAFT Brawn and white with brown hue picture postcard of George Raft in profile. Postcard Photograph signed: "George Raft". B/w with brown hue, 3½x5½. British postcard, not filled in on verso. Name and "Paramount Pictures" imprinted at lower margin.

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  • GERALD A. REGAN. Picture Post Card signed: "Gerald A. Regan" on verso. Color, 5½x3½. Front depicts the "Shield of the Arms/of the Province of/Nova Scotia". Captioned at upper left margin on verso. 10-cent Canadian stamp afixed, not postmarked. Gerald A.

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  • HARRISON A. WILLIAMS, JR. Color post card photograph of the four-term New Jersey Senator who was convicted for taking bribes as a result of the Abscam sting operation. Post Card Photograph signed: "With best wishes/Harrison A Williams Jr/U.S.S." as U.S. Senator from New Jersey. Color, 3½x5½.

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